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Gaming / Arcade Game List 2008
May 14, 2008, 02:02:17 AM
It's about a week to Fanime, so I figured I'd attempt a go at making an officialish thread for the question a good chunk of people in here will probably be asking: What arcade games have you got lined up for us?

Naturally, this post will be edited with details as they come out.

| Arcade Game List 2008 | Unconfirmed |

Fighting Games

Music/Rhythm Games
  • pop'n music 14 FEVER!

  • ESPgaluda II
  • Mushihimesama Futari

Gun Games

Puzzle Games

Redemption & Tabletop
Another thing in the universe reported via Engadget: the Emergency Party Button.

Jerry, I think we need to install something like this into your house. >3
So, as that last topic was more or less shot down due to the iffiness of having high school kids with some twenty-and-thirty-year-old somethings at the beach (sorry, Chibblz!), I'm making a thread for a different, less restrictive venue, in a different timeslot: July, after Anime Expo. (If you're still up for doing the June beach gathering, though: by all means, keep on posting in that thread!) Anyway, here's the unecessarily-formatted prep post as always:

[ it's not raging waters anymore! ]

(art by range murata oh my god you have no idea how hard it was for me to not use konomi yuzuhara)

Current Agenda
where + when

suggest something
current ideas: monterey, carmel-by-the-sea, santa cruz beach boardwalk

suggest something in july, after anime expo '08

you could be in this list
Preliminary thread for those of you who play pop'n music and love the characters so much that you've decided to cosplay a character from the series. More details will come soon.

Current List

Spiritsnare: Mutsuki (14 CS: Innocent 3)
Lisu: A. Michel (11 CS: Beat Rock 3)
Rokujou: Goku-Sotsu-Kun (14 AC: Enzetsu)
Kazuko: Hana-chan (13 AC: Melt)

If you're on the list and you need me to modify your info, contact me; if you're interested in joining us, post with the character you're going to cosplay!
-=Current Standings=-

Currently not up-to-date. Block sf-2 shows a win for Rika Furude of Higurashi no Naku Koro ni (1372 vs. 1367, +5 advantage).

Saimoe 2007 discussion goes here.

Saimoe 2006 thread (winner: Suiseiseki (Rozen Maiden))
Saimoe 2007 Site (English)

Preliminary Lists/Ranks
Prelim Lists/Ranks Eng ver.

Second Preliminaries - Rankings

Better introductory post to be edited in later. Until then, take a look at the 2006 thread, which basically explains everything anyhow.
I'm already somewhat depressed knowing Fanime's going to fade away in less than 24 hours.

Wax nostalgic about the con here. XD
Gaming / 2007 Arcade Game List! [Please Sticky]
May 16, 2007, 06:17:18 PM
It's a week before the con. Can anyone please enlighten us as to what's going to be there? :3

Thank you in advance.

Current Game List
(As always, this list is subject to change. Italicized are my comments. Acronyms that aren't DDR have been lengthened out, and titles complete.)

DDR Supernova
DDR Extreme
ParaParaParadise 2ndMIX
DanceManiax 2ndMIX J-Append
drummania V & GuitarFreaks V (sessioned)
Pop'n Music Animelo 2

Time Crisis 4
Ghost Squad
Big Buck Hunter

Capcom vs. SNK 2
Street Fighter 3: Third Strike
Hokuto no Ken (Fist of the North Star)
King of Fighters XI
Guilty Gear XX Accent Core
Melty Blood Act Cadenza Ver.B
Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection

Initial D 3
Wangan Midnight Maximum Tune 2

Air Hockey
Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo
DoDonpachi II
Pile Up (Win a Wii!!!)
Fancy Lifter
Chocolate Factory

lol the above pvc is made by kotobukiya

Anyhow, this thread is for posting random PVCs/figures/whatnot that look good and/or are on your purchase/wish list. :3 That way, we can potentially discover stuff that we probably wouldn't have seen whilst searching alone, and fawn over WanFes/Comiket exclusive stuff.
General Anime Chat / Moetan: THE ANIME
April 27, 2007, 07:28:39 AM
Yes, it's true.

This could be very interesting indeed. XD

Current (Subbed) Episode: 8: March 13th - 3% of Hope

LastElixir mentioned that this wasn't repped enough. And it's true: it hasn't. In addition to that, Chun does editing for the Hidamari project over at Shintani.

And by the way, oh god yoshinoya is hot
Registration / List of Registrants
March 28, 2007, 12:32:45 PM
Will there be a list of registrants posted up? If so, when will this be posted?

The reason why I ask is because I'd like to verify whether or not the group I signed up with actually got registered. ^^; Thanks.
General Anime Chat / Byousoku 5 Centimeter
February 25, 2007, 08:24:26 PM

Subs have been released for the first chapter of Makoto Shinkai's latest, Byousoku 5 Centimeter, or 5 Centimeters Per Second.

And it is gooood. A more detailed post will follow later this week.
Gaming / Tourneys on arcade cabs for 2007?
February 16, 2007, 07:06:36 PM
I think this question hasn't been addressed; if it has, well, my bad.

Anyhow: has whoever we're outsourcing arcades to (OnCampus Entertainment again?) approved the use of their arcade cabinets in tournaments for this year's con?
General Anime Chat / Loli Battle 2007 - Shana Wins!
February 15, 2007, 09:05:17 PM
Continuing on from the backup boards.

For The Unenlightened: Loli Battle is basically a character popularity contest to determine who's the most loli-icious loli there is in the world of contemporary anime -- that is, dating no later than 2005.

Loli Battle 2007

Shana (Shakugan no Shana) wins the tournament!

Current (Subbed) Episode: Series Complete

Continuing from where we left off on the backup boards.

Because Momo is a journalist and therefore is all kinds of awesome.
I've a rather challenging and relatively philosophical set of questions, a little something to think about if you haven't done so already.

Ignoring the language barrier present in most characters, if you could pick any one anime/manga/game character to hang out with,
  • Who would it be,
  • What would you do with that character,
  • ...and why would you choose that character?
  • Optionally, under what circumstances would you meet?
Along the same lines, if you could pick any character to hang out with for merely a day -- which changes quite a lot -- who would it be?
I figured I might as well bring the discussion out into the open, regardless of how late I was. XD This topic has, at least, been made in time for the final block, post-shuffle.

For those who don't know: the Anime Saimoe Tournament 2006 is basically a popularity contest to see which anime girl is the most appealing. Girls are first nominated to be in the tournament; from there, they are shufffled into three-person groups and have people vote on who they like in the group, based on anything they want. Votes because you love a character due to 'supporting contents', or fan-made content canon or otherwise, are encouraged; for example, a vote for Tsuruya because you like Churuya is acceptable...nyoro~n.

Update: The semifinal matches are as follows. Names are given in Japanese order when applicable. Dates are now fixed. :D

Final Round | Saturday, October 28

Suiseiseki (Rozen Maiden Traumend) - 2306
Fate Testarossa (Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha A's) - 2239

Past bracket results can be found here.

Let us begin discussion! Who do you want to see crowned champion? :D Fate. <3 If not, then Yuki. <3
The title says it all: perhaps we can organize one or more Cosplay Capture the Flag games.

I have several ideas concerning this:
  • There are two sides to the convention: a Hilton side and a Mariott side.
  • Both sides have infodesk booths to monitor the flag status, and can thus walkie-talkie the information over to Stage Zero, who can do a play-by-play recap to those passing by/those observing.
  • The pillars of the convention hall can be used as cover, thus making for an exciting game.
  • Optionally, teams can also be themed.
Any suggestions and/or objections? I think it'd be pretty fun.
General Anime Chat / [Discussion] Utawarerumono
April 13, 2006, 09:29:54 PM
Since it's been a week (and two days) since the first ep got released, I suppose some people have looked into the series. Oh, and since I forgot to make one for Fate (which I'm also horribly behind on XDDD), I suppose I might as well start now with Utawarerumono.

AnimeSuki download page

For those who've played the AVG, please keep spoilers to a minimum.

I thought the first episode was rather slow, but that's to be expected for a 26-episode series. As such, I expect the pacing to remain constant, or at least build up as it passes on.

The animation's fluid, except in certain parts (see: rain at the altar). Voiceacting is pretty awesome, and characters are...well, depends on the character. For example, Eruru's cute, but Nuwangi is a total dick, and I'll have to wait a bit until the protagonist's traits show a bit more.

It's a good start to the series, and I can't wait for episode two (hurry up hurry up hurry up YesY XD). Oh, and as an afterthought, I like the OP enough to rip it to my MP3 player. <3
Take a look at January 10's A+E section. Flip it over to the back.

There's a whole article about anime (leaning *so much* towards shounen -- I dare you guys to find one "recommendation" on that page that isn't), and Fanime is mentioned in the Branham High School Anime Club's activities. The piece, by Sarah Ho, touches upon four popular series -- Naruto, Bleach, FMA, and One Piece -- and, via a sidebar, talks about fansubs and where to get them, along with other anime club stuff.

If anyone can provide an online link to the article, I'd be grateful; if not, I'll be scanning it for your viewing pleasure soon, for those guys who are outside of the reach of the Mercury's home-delivering service.

So, what do you guys think?
With the release of Mario Kart DS came the Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection -- a free easy way to play DS games online.

However, in order to play with your friends, you need friend codes -- a result of Nintendo's policy of 'keeping it safe'. You know, for the kids.

Oh, come on.

And thus, this thread was born. Here, I'm going to compile a list of all willing participants for any NWC-enabled game. So, if you want someone to play with, go ahead and please post your friend code here. <3


Animal Crossing: Wild World

  • Spiritsnare: 3436-5809-7510 [Cyprian in Kerning -- blame my bro for Maple reference)]
  • Mordyan: 3221-8393-7758 [Mordyan in Twilight]
  • Thoth: 4318-4993-5824 [Thoth in Lolylops]
MarioKart DS

  • Spiritsnare: 300709 211911
  • shortpachoo: 201922 928840
  • Mordyan: 189039 301080
  • joshness: 545521 720898
  • Sunara Ishi: 442443 496666
  • Chloe: 249169 635831
  • Thoth: 433853 030540
  • Absolute0: 064485 814226
  • G.S. LXVIII: 536941 212262
  • Stormfalcon: 502570 658383
  • mDuo13: 360849 892939
Metroid Prime: Hunters

  • Absolute0: 541233 568058
Tetris DS

  • G.S. LXVIII: 641880 897304
  • Stormfalcon: 519135 104584
  • Gogetah: 595664 244701
  • gmontem: 15287980 44437000
Jump Ultimate Stars

  • Spiritsnare: 3565 7041 5608
  • Tsubasa: 3866 3310 0810
  • mduo13: Awaiting Entry
  • BP!: Awaiting Entry
  • Sunara: Awaiting Entry
  • Amol (zoxan): Awaiting Entry
  • LastElixir: 1632 9585 2791
More games will be added as they are enabled for Wi-Fi play and as users submit friend codes for said games.
Gaming / Dance Dance Fanime! 2006 DDR Tourney
June 13, 2005, 08:30:43 PM
EDIT: Updated Rules can be found here!! This applies to everything -- PA, Freestyle, Cosplay PA, and Cosplay Freestyle!


yes i was that bored to make a logo shush it's pretty

Welcome to the planning thread for the Fanime 2006 Dance Dance Revolution tourney!

To-do list -----

  • Gauge interest in the event.

  • Set a day/s for the tournament. <--

  • Set a time/s for the tournament. <--

  • Decide the events that will be done (eg: PA, Freestyle, Oni Survival, etc.)
  • Find/make rules for the tournament.

  • Find out which machine(s) is/are being brought over. If ITG is being brought over, make a new thread, perhaps...or move to Plan B. <--

Eleven months should be plenty time to wrap things up, and well in time for the con, so that's why the thread's here. Discuss and have fun~
I have a little idea. Maybe we can post our AIM screen-names and stay connected with each other. Maybe even once in a while, hold a buddy chat.

EDIT: I've went and started to compile a list of all members who have posted in this thread (either with s/ns attached to their post or in their profile), and have made at least 20 posts.

Darth_Diclonius EDIT: I decided to take the time and update the list since it's been almost a year and a half since it's last been updated. I added all the AIMs I found but also Y!IM, MySpace, MSN, and Skype. If the OP wants to modify the list she is more than welcome to. If anyone notices any errors let me know.

Spiritsnare's Addendum (5/7/09): This list is no longer self-maintained. Also, short_storiesgl has a more active thread here, although Darth_Diclonius may update this thread (or trash this and make a new one) at any time.


-zoxan-: disagreeablehead
~~Loktera~~: Loktera
Absolute0: H3R3T1K 3
AbsolutelyCursed: AstrayNova
Acid_Android: caminoarise
Akira Miyamoto: ShotgunRonin
Akito Starwind: Akito starwind
AngelKawaii: cutelilbttrfly5
AngieDesu: Angelica17400
anthonyapocalypse: vassaggo666
Arconna: InfestedScyther
Aru Sakayama: Nokkyu Ishikawa
Asa_Gohan: a0yuki
Auron-X: Tidus Darkwater
Ayanami Rei First Child: The Ayanami Rei
aznmagic2015: Aznmagic2015
Baker!-!: jbnblake
Barnes: CapeBarnes2k6
BDILN: l3375p4r74n
billgoku: ssjgoku6870
BloodyWhiteRose: BloodyWhiteRose
BP!: MightyBP89.
BrightHeart76: SlrSparks
britedarkness: britedarkness
Caelque: Iavas Aenil
Ced1106/Washu: Palo0303
Charming_Dorian: SephirothChicky -or- NecroVanilla
Chaye: Buttrflygirl89
ChenCzen: chenczen
Chibblz: AssassinChibblz -or- Chibblz
Chloe: Enfantin Chloe
Chun: FFOVGuardian
cocoavvie: kiwikitten16
Cody Pierce: Kittenfish0307
Croquet: PandemoniumRose
darkknightcecil: inyuyasha6
Darth_Diclonius: RazorToothWolf
DayDreamerNessa: daydreamernessa
Declinsion: Declinsion
Default: neataznyam
DJ Saturn: DJSaturnTheFinal
doorbell: denaiarunamida
Dshadowsakura: Dshadowsakura
E-Chan: aelia314
Emerge: emrgeazurethnder
EternalMalachi: DreamingEternal
felicity869: aimhatesj9
FinalShadows: XShadowsofFearX
fr33lanc3r: fuglyto
Fructose: HomicidalManiacV
G.S. LXVIII: VicViper11
Gainax Boy: Dreamer81382
glitch: glitch circuit
gmontem: Mmm Rainbow Roll -or- iheartgmontem
Graduisc: phr33styl4
Green_Tea: NSchizzle
grove: chaos deep
Gubaba: gubaba19
hakudoushi: orangecpepsi
Hakaru_chan: lillshortaymouse
Hatch Guy: desynced versi0n
Heartbreak_despair: valkurbelmont -or- zelphyier
hellangel: deathsythchell
HuggalotXOmocha: huggalotxomocha
Ichigo: THEichigo
ichigo_tsuki: ichigo0tsuki
ILuvHeijiHattori: HagarenNoHeiji -or- ILuvHeijiHattori
ip136: Deamh Binn
Itachi no Jutsu: aznpunkrockerguy
Jarakie: Insomniatic6787
Jehuty: Evolution 0421
Jerry: ranma23456
JohnnyAR: Sage of Ramen
joshness: joshness
JosiahWolfswood: JosiahWolfswood.
justkitteh: just kitteh
Jyunishinsho: DAVANTA
Kanchii: SharpieSnifferUM
Karisma Black: Garnets Dagger
KawaiiAngel: Messdupme101
Kazegami: PogiChoie
Kazuko: kawaii kazuko
Kegan_Flame: keganmonsterz
keisukesan: keisukedrifter
KindaRandomKris: KrisIsVeryShort
Koani: Koanifox –or- ItachiEbil
Kodoku: Limeto Bureku
Lactose: gravitisrainbow
LadyKaren: Ladykarenhmoon
LastElixir: despairsray7
lazlopanaflex: lazlopanaflex75
Leishu: MaohMoLin -or- LeishuLin
Leishu's Fanboy: DaOneAndOnlyNai
LinLinLucy: Shinji Kun 827
Lisu: LutzDemMadver -or- lisudecrauder
lying is an art form: aznpunkrockerguy
lyricaldanichan: lyricaldanichan
Makou/Tsukai Mori: ChielSensei -or- xNine Lifex
MeliCat: MeliNeko
Minagi-chan: MinagiPanChan
MiniKirk: jimkirk170103
misfits_cure: cutabovethewrist
mistakim33: xxgawonxx
Mizuki: [email protected]
Moogleborg: MoogleborgMPA -or- Kupoborg
Moondancer: Harperus
Mordyan: Mordyan
NachoManLance: l33tMasterLance
Nanashi: The Real Meowmix
narutosan17: narutosan17
Nina Star 9: nina star 9
Nino-kun: Tokiha Maiku
Ohsu: KonjouOhsu
OniCourseMusha: Onicoursemusha
Oopymmas2: Oopymmas2
otakuapprentice: OtakuxApprentice
Otakuya: SOSRBrigade
pockystix: xx Shinmeiryuu
protocol7: wickedayanami
pSyChOgArDeN: Tenshi Mayoke
Purity Alighieri: PurityAlighieri
quantbits: crutchiekeitaro
RaddaX2: OffBeatRomantic
RichieLikesMaids: RichieLikesMaids
Ruby: Punky Ki77en
rubymoonIII: chibilingxiaoyu
rude32: rudethirtytwo
Runewitt: Haunted8Ball
RyuHayabusa: RyuDOA2Hayabusa -or- DarthRyu666
sadistic-otaku: michellekhuu
saiko_koneko: d4klycut3
SeiloraFenixirati: Seilora
Shin Gouki: Eyedel
short_storiesgl: Wtf its ari
shortpachoo: shortpachoo
silent til night: whylistentoyou
Ska_Kitti: MommaVerch
Spiritsnare: SpiritsnareAlpha
Squeeky_Moonkin: giggle_paw
Stormfalcon: nStormfalcon
Sucrose: Semmonemily
Sunara Ishi: IshiJaguar
SweetNiar: IsabelGueribout -or- MagicalDroplet -or- NiarElemental
swordofthebezerk: swordofthebezerk
Tabbychan: supergurlz1n70v3
Taijiya Sango: Aelita725
Taka86: DriftTengoku240
TC_X0_Lt_0XTC X0 Lt 0X
tearraspades: tearraspades
Tetsunai: Tetsunai
The Pure of Heat Alchemis: Theeternlflame
the_Pink_Panther24: hammerandSickle0
thebrain2u: thebrain2u
Thoth: thoth2020
Umi.Ryuuzaki: EvilUmiRyuuzaki
uzutake: aznblaziken
Vanessa: vanessaayukawa
VictimX: VictimLessX
waffle-lover26: ShoelaceMonkey
wirewolf6: wirewolf6
XeNo: Xenochan22
XpHoBiaX: xxaceofspaidezxx
xXunyuuXx: xxunyuuxx
YoureMyHiro: YoureMyHiro
yukie utsumi: watermelonSURGE
yunnie2896: soralove22
Yunri-chan: jennychan22
Zain: ZigZagZain
Zerocide: Zerocidev8
ZIMdudeAlchemist: ZIMdude9876
zoupzuop2: zoupzuop2

MSN/Windows Live:

[email protected]
Darth_Diclonius: [email protected]
FinalShadows: [email protected]
Jerry: [email protected]
Moondancer: [email protected]
protocol7: [email protected]
Shin Gouki: [email protected]
shortpachoo: [email protected]
Squeeky_Moonkin: [email protected]
Tsukai Mori: [email protected]


Akito Starwind: Akito_starwind
Auron-X: Samurai_Akimoto
ichigo_tsuki: ichigo0tsuki
Kazuko: lilangel10036
Moondancer: [email protected]
shortpachoo: shortpachoo
Squeeky_Moonkin: chesh94
Sunara Ishi: ishi_jaguar
XeNo: Xenochan22




Chiri Kcrinh: chiri_kcrinh
XpHoBiaX: XpHoBiaX

# of people on list: about 113
Most # attendees ever at a chat (active or not): I think the record was about 25ish. I forgot. If we break 25, I'll post that up here.

You can be in here too if you post your screen name.

edit If anyone not on this list IMs you saying that they grabbed your SN from the Fanime BB, TAKE EXTREME CAUTION. Ask for his/her board name and doublecheck the info against the memberlist to make sure that he really is part of the FaniBB. If s/he hasn't posted, urge him/her to do so.

This is a public service announcement brought to you by the ever-lovely Spiritsnare. Thank you for your time. <3 This warning has been doubleposted to page 14 of the thread.