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Hotel and Facilities / Re: hotel confirmation
May 19, 2016, 05:00:56 PM
I received it too and Im sure by today or tomorrow, all hotels should have their information updated as the transfer from CMR Housing to the respective hotels only happened yesterday afternoon.
Quote from: Leutheria on May 13, 2016, 03:15:46 PM
So is the incidentals calculated into the estimated total or should I assume $100 in addition to the estimated that?

First time I've been in charge of a hotel.  :o

As Kyra_Maverick stated, its best to confirm directly but in my experience over the years incidentals are NOT calculated into the estimate provided in your convention hotel email confirmation. So for example, if you were provided an estimate of $389.56 for 3 nights and you were told there would be incidental fees of $100 per night, you would be paying $300.00 in addition to the $389.56 at check-in however the $300 will be returned to you upon check out as long as you don't use any paid amenities or damage the room. Hope this helps!
I believe the actual deposit is the "1 nights stay" and the "up to $100 per night" is for incidentals (room services, use of mini bar, movies ordered on demand etc). The "1 night's stay up to 48 hours before check in" is a new policy, I have been used to paying $50 per night for incidentals at The Marriott at check in.
It can be done with the Marriott, I did this last year with a friend of mine however my friend had to call in and alert the hotel concierge that I (2nd Guest Listed on the hotel reservation) would be checking in for us that day even though I was not the primary registrant. For us it was a bit difficult because the initial registration was setup using HIS payment information and for me to check in, they had to use MINE which created some slight complications.

Albeit, in your case, since your billing information is the one initially on file, it should not be a problem assuming WHEREVER you're staying maintains similar policies. I can't say how easy or difficult this might be with any other hotel.

As a last alternative, you can always make the formal request in writing to Fanime Housing (via the CMR housing site contact page) to change the primary hotel name to yourself and that relieves all ends. Good luck!
If these stories were published into a collective print, I would purchase said literature Sir. It's like following a mini-series, like a "behind the...." special or a great bar story you'd share with a friend!
Tony, please keep these up! Ive been attending since 2003 and this is like a walk down memory lane, but only its a review on the other side of the coin! I remember seeing Nami Tamaki and never considering the fact she could be a Diva and I remember being completely blown away by ZZ's performance, their stage presence was out of this world! Great reads!
I really enjoyed the Comedy Club, this was my first year attending and it was hilarious. I was skeptical prior to attending but every single comedian made me laugh authentically hard. Not just that, "heh, that was funny" kind of chuckle but really laugh. To every participant and the staff that ran it, thank you. Good times, gentlemen.
It really was an awesome gathering, I was very impressed with results of everyone's hard work and effort!

I wanted to express my sincere gratitude to all the attendees who were so very positive about my "MLP: Fanime Is Magic" DJ Set. I put alot of effort into that mix and my only goal was to compliment the gathering with some mood music. I hope everyone enjoyed themselves!
Registration / Re: wait time for day 0 after 6pm
May 23, 2012, 02:52:14 PM
It really depends, since registration is from 4-8pm Thursday, you may be in for a 30 to 60 minute waiti depending on the condition of the line. In years past, in the later part of the evening, the line would shorten a great deal allowing people to pass through quickly however last year staff was busy all the way up til 8PM. In fact I believe they had to cut off the line and even put in some extra work to make sure everyone remaining in line prior to 8pm was taken care of.
Gaming / Re: 2012 Arcade Game List?
May 22, 2012, 08:10:04 PM
Any updates on this yet?
Hey Everypony! Heh, Ive been looking for an excuse to use that phrase. This year Ive constructed a mobile DJ station, utilizing my own portable power source, professional grade controller/mixer, MB Pro and HD studio monitors (speakers) and I am currently planning on spinning all over the convention, popular mainstream, classics, fan favorites, anime titles etc. However, I put together a MLP mix, which I was planning on playing for fun just about anywhere however when I read about this gathering, I thought it might be cool to play my "MLP FIM: Fanime Is Magic" set there! I just wanted to gauge whether or not this would be okay with the majority of those involved.

I would hate to show up and ruin a perfectly awesome cosplay event/gathering, I'll be around the convention for limited periods of time throughout the weekend playing regardless but I really enjoy the series, community involved and would prefer to debut the mix there to start. Here's looking forward to a fun filled weekend!
Tell me what the mystery games are Craig!

Haha, I'm just joking, I know the rules however maybe this year I'll participate. I'm sure you've organized a great event!
Ive got a request: Can you stop being so awesome and super bad ass with your way cool self?  ;) ;D


Maybe play the old teenage mutant ninja turtles cartoon show theme song?
For years, it has been a common misconception that the Fanime Dance is actually a "Rave" however the term "Rave" is very vague being that it refers to general electronic music however electronic music has several genres and sub genres. Fortunately, for everyone the Fanime Dance is typically a mixture of different genres and styles ranging from typical Electronica to R&B however recent years the DJ selection has favored Electronica.

It may be listed as a "Casual" dance due to the dress code, in comparison to the Black and While ball which requires "Dress" attire. I hope this general information helps answer your question.
Quote from: Spiritsnare on May 21, 2009, 12:34:57 AM
Quote from: YoureMyHiro on May 20, 2009, 06:31:23 PM
Also, it should be noted that ITG2 UCLA cab is R23; therefore, all of you USB drive toting individuals will have your edits limited to 2 minutes regardless of length.

Wait, really? I totally remember it being r21 while I was down there, which was this January. And a lot of the hacked stuff is, likewise, more than two minutes.

I'm glad you were able to verify this, in my attempt gather information about the machine revision I was only able to reference a machine locator online and it stated it was R23 with custom songs preloaded.
Also, it should be noted that ITG2 UCLA cab is R23; therefore, all of you USB drive toting individuals will have your edits limited to 2 minutes regardless of length.
Quote from: konataFTW on May 06, 2009, 03:01:50 PM
Quote from: YoureMyHiro on May 05, 2009, 10:35:45 PM
As always, this is a great contribution to the Fanime forum community. I am looking forward to the final product this year.

Here is the image I would like:
R. Miyamoto

I think it's WAY too small just a quick heads up^^
Haha, thank you for pointing that out, I was working on an avatar that I had uploaded to my online image sharing account and did'nt realize that in my haste to upload my badge picture, I had confused the two. Thank you for pointing that out for me.
General Convention Discussion / Re: Your Fan Name
May 06, 2009, 03:18:23 PM
My Fan name is YoureMyHiro, Ive used this as a handle for who knows how long? I believe since the late 90's; however, those who know me personally usually just call me by my real name.

Or Awesome...mostly Awesome. ;)
Hotel and Facilities / Re: Hotel Deposits
May 06, 2009, 02:03:51 PM
Quote from: WaffoCellist on April 15, 2009, 03:30:57 PM
I did my homework...staying at the Marriott this year.

The Marriott charges a $100/per day deposit fee.  So if you spend 3 nights at the Marriott, expect to make a deposit of $300 on top of your daily rate charge.  If you use cash or debit, they will automatically charge you for the deposit fee and expect payment up front (yes, this will show up right away on your debit card).  Best bet is to charge on a credit card - the deposit just ends up as a hold on your account and clears after you check out - pending of course there are no damages to the room since you checked in.

I'll have to call them direct because last time I checked with them they told me there was a $50/Night incidental deposit, meaning 3 nights would be a deposit of $150 and it's been that way for the last 4 years that I stayed at the Marriott however if they have recently adjusted their policy by twice the amount, I would need reevaluate the room the split I have going. Still, I appreciate this heads up.
As always, this is a great contribution to the Fanime forum community. I am looking forward to the final product this year.

Here is the image I would like:
R. Miyamoto

Edit: Adjusted image URL as it was previously incorrect.