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I been going to FANIME for 8 years now. (I feel old)
I started cosplaying about 5 years ago.

When my group of friends and I first attend...
We did what most attendee do. Line-con, eat, take pix, buy stuff, watch OVA, panel, game-room, hentai-night, home, repeat-ish. Saturday and Sunday we would attend music feast and masquerade. etc.
We're gamers, smash bro, Overwatch, Board-game. Etc.. Tend to spend many hours in game-room.

In the last few years as I gotten into Cosplay. I made a ton of new friends. And my schedule for FANIME change a lot.
The change I notice was, my camera went from DSLR to my Iphone for selfie with other cosplayer. I stopped going to panel, hentai-night, music feast, masquerade, and game-room.
Its...Breakfeast, redbull, shower, cosplay, gathering, lunch, shower, redbull, cosplay, gathering, photoshoot, dinner, shower, redbull, dance, sleep, repeat. Exception of Thurs-Fri for swap meet and dealer/artist alley at 10am. Get all my shopping done on Friday Morning.

I feel kinda bad as the only time I spend with my Original friends was Thursday to pick up badge & swap meet.
Just wondering how you guys balance it. Do you actually keep a schedule for FANIME? (I don't)
When Hotel reg open in 2017 I was lucky enough to book a suite at the Marriott but decided against it a month later for a lower room floor at the Hilton.

The reason is everyday I have 2 cosplay. 1 for noon, 1 for evening. I return to my room 5+ times a day for break or meet up with friends.
My friends/roomate is the same. We want/need the room and we enjoy some spoils once in a while.

So I'm wondering is having a suite worth it? They tend to be on the highest floor. I'm not too big of a fan of elevator-con. 
If anybody willing to share Thursday or Friday or even both days for swap meet to help me out.
I should have enough to take up only half the space. I have a lot of things plan to make our swap meet unique and more fun. :)
For us Veteran,  Yes its THAT time again.
Thursday always seem to be 4-6 hours wait to pick up your badge.
This is NOT for the light heart, only true FANIME-Con-er and Dragon-born can endure such journey to Mordor!

But for your new people, HAVE FAITH! It's in a room this year that "may" hold EVERYONE IN-DOOR in year! (Last year people know what I'm talking about...)So here are my survival kit and tips I will share to all of you to survive the wait!

What to bring:
+ E-Card Printed out! And have it on your smart phone/laptops/tablet just in case!
+ Valid Photo I.D TO PICK UP BADGE!

Let's face it, its going to be at-least 3 hours, on average, 4-5 hours before you pick up your badge on Thursday.
So here's some item to pack to make it easier:

  • Fold-able Chairs/Canvas Chairs/Camping Chair ($10 at target)
    -You will be on your feet for many hours! Unless you enjoy sitting on the floor!
  • Smart Phones/Laptops/Tablets/PSP/DS/Music
    -Keep yourself entertain, battery save mode! Load it up with games or movies!
  • Extra Battery
    -Think your phone has enough power, na uh, think again!
  • A Jacket
    -My BIGGEST MISTAKE FROM LAST YEAR, Miss a day of FANIME cause i got sick
  • Comfy Clothes
    -Relax, Enjoy! If you want to cosplay on day-0 More POWER TO YA!
  • Food, A Meal , Water, Snacks!
    -Yes, you need a FULL MEAL, then some snacks, gotta keep up the energy! Water is important!
  • Money
    -Never hurts, use it on food if you forgot to bring food.
  • Friends
    -Forever Alone NO MORE! Help keep your place in line if you need to run to the bathroom.
    Needless to say, friends will make this trips MUCH easier. No friends? No problem! Talk to your neighbor in-front of you or behind you! Or look for this GREAT LOOKING GUY! (Bsan89)
  • A smile!
    -Enjoy DAY-Z ugh I mean DAY-0!!! It doesn't have to be as bad as I make it out to be.
    I always see it as a block party, and part of the con experience.

Well that's it, Not too shabby huh?
If anybody else got any Tips on surviving  Day-0 Please POST EM!
Good luck fellow survivor! May the odds ever be in your favor!
Gaming / Super Dungeon Explore 3D Board Event!
April 06, 2014, 08:39:39 PM
I'm bring over one of my favorite board game to FANIME this year.
Super Dungeon explore = Dungeon & Dragon + ANIME. Also a custom made 3D Board!
I will playing this every-night, so look for me if your down to play. A game can be anywhere from 30min to 2 hour!

The game is easy to learn and is pretty quick compare to most dungeon crawler.
Come join us! 2-8 players.

Live Programming and Events / When is SWAP Meet reg?
February 12, 2014, 11:49:25 PM
As title say, any idea when reg for swap meet is?

So to my understanding there is still some construction on the new convention center. (RIP Fountain)

How will this impact FANIME2013? if at all?

Beside the new building which is obviously close until 2014 (woot to FANIME2014!)
Is there anything else we should know about?

Gaming / Can I bring my own Table Top game?
May 13, 2013, 06:23:39 PM
 Are we allow to bring our own table top game?

Hopefully Im lucky enough to grab a large table to set up a table top game for my friends and I.

Its a Anime Table Top game, EASY TO Jump in, SUPER FUN!  ;D

We're also letting anyone from the con join in if they want. (if u have 30min-1hr to spare kekeke...)
I had a room at the Fairmont for sometime and I finally lucked out on Marriott as it is closer to the convention. Thanks FanimeHousing!

A few question after checking out their website.
I have a double bed room. (room for 3)
My rate is: "$122.00"

How do I do know if I get
-Free Internet? (Website said $15 a day)
-Is breakfast complementary?
-How much is parking? (I read parking charge per day?)

Also I never done Fanime Housing?
What do I do after getting the email that I been confirm for a room?

Sorry for the n00b question. Best to ask than not know.
Did I made a mistake to cancel fairmount? haha
I'm in desperate need for a "Firearm" prop for my "KILLZONE 2" cosplay

Like this:

My current "FAMUS" is NOT allow because its a airsoft gun.
Regardless it has moving part & its almost impossible for me to disable all of it.
So I will respect the rules.

Though I have no idea what to use to replace it when.
I could get those fake rubber combat knife if it comes down to it.

My name is Binh Thach.
I'm 19 years old going 20 on june 29. ^^
Again just like countless post below I apologize if this question is answer many many times.

This will be my 1st time going to any sort of convention what so ever. I can't wait dress up in my costume &
bring my camera along for the biggest event in my life time! I'm usually a uneventful person as I put my education above
everything else in my life.

I plan to bring over 10 ppl with me on Saturday. My question is:

*I want to get Saturday [1] day pass ticket ASAP. When can I do it? Thursday? Friday? Online?
(Can I stand in-line Thursday/Friday/ for Saturday ticket?)
*When the best time to come to Fanime on Saturday? Afternoon or morning or at night?

I'am actually organizing this event for my friends, I need to get the ticket ahead of time as we will arrive together.
This is extremely important to me as my friends haven't truly hang out for many months after a close friend pass away in December of last year.
In fact a few of them I have not seen I've graduated High-School. I'm extremely greatful for an event such like these to bring us together.
This is my 1st time to Fanime or any anime convention what so ever!
I'm extremely excited after countless months of studies. (SJSU)

Although I'm a bit out of tune with anime. Hoping this will inspire me to get into it again.
Last year for Halloween I made a "Killzone 2: Helghast Elite" Costume.

I know its not a "anime" costume. So if i bring it, is that a no no? LOL.
I think I seen Darth Vader at my friend picture from the east coast anime convention. lol.

Also I'm a bit confuse with the weapon policy.
I've mod the gun a bit. I left the orange tip just in case...

My gun is a "Famus Airsoft" rifle. I took out all the bb & batterys.
Its also painted a faded gray. I don't airsoft anymore. Can I paint over my orange tip?
And bring it to Anime as a prop with my costume?

Last but NOT least. if there's any improvement with my costume please suggest! ^^