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SO, I know this is early to start this thread but who is up for a Disney Gathering for Fanime 2015?
Oh hai friendz. Poland here. In case any of you missed the Gong Show, or just want to relive it, I made a 2-part compilation video of the Gong Show this year. I apologize if anything was excluded as my camera died a bit of the way in... also I frequently stood to dance because, eh, why not. Video number 2 also included the "Shit" song of the night towards the end lol

Anyways here are the links to Part 1 and Part 2 :

Also found these whilst browsing Youtube credit to Erin Allen: (Apollo Justice at Gong Show) (Careless Whisper at Gong Show)

side/side additional link: I also performed during AcoustiKaraoke if anyone is interested in checking that one out, if not, enjoy ze Gong Show vids and see you at next year's Gong Show!!! <3 <3 <3 ~ Poland  :
Hotel and Facilities / Fanime 2014 Hotel Review
May 27, 2014, 08:26:38 PM
Review your experiences for future con-goers!

Hotel Stayed:
Nights Stayed:
Helpfulness of Staff:
Pros of Hotel:
Cons of Hotel:
Would You Stay Again:
Is this thread up yet? Lol just wondering. Post your 2014 Fanime Missed Connections!

To the Super Mario cosplayers ahead of my friend and I at the con. Oh hai friendz! *waves*
Is there any chance that either the Hilton or the Marriott will be open for booking Thursday night thru Monday morning? Currently all that is listed as available is Saturday night with check-out being Sunday morning.

My friends are traveling from the central valley and will need to stay the weekend at a hotel in proximity to the con. Either St. Claire, Fairmont, Hilton, or Marriott.

Will there be more housing open later?
Certain events in my own life, plus having a few female friends who are expecting, have led me to inquire about this.

Any cosplays to stay away from? I know a few of them want to do Sailor Moon. Personally I feel like even though you have a belly it shouldn't prevent you from being able to enjoy the convention. I haven't really run into... actually ANY people at Fanime, who were cosplaying while expecting. I've seen some interesting stuff online though, especially from ComicCon where they even work in the belly to their cosplay lol.

Any thoughts, tips, or advice on this matter?  :) :)
EDIT: Roommates currently booked and full! See you all at Fanime 2014!
Gaming / Chivalry Medieval Warfare
January 16, 2014, 02:05:37 PM
Anyone else play this? It's too addictive lol. Essentially it's a game where you play as a knight and you sword fight and chop people's heads off. It's ridiculously addictive, I'm currently part of a clan for this game where we train each other a bit on how to better use the game's mechanics. I think on my Steam page it lists I've played 192 hours of Chiv lol.

For those looking for a fun game to pass the time I recommend it :)