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I'm down for a second meet....leaning towards having StarNinger (whose name i keep forgetting) for the 1st meet and throwing on Oren Pierre for the unofficial meet.

upgraded star burger shipping to EMS....hoping it gets here in time for the con with a 5/16 release date.
WAHOO!  got my entry in....finals song might change, but prelims song is go go go!!
Is anyone watching ninninger?  Sooooo, starninger looks campy as all hell.  I have the starburger preordered, so MIGHT go as him...because this:
Just wanted to pop in and tell everyone to read the new rules googledoc very carefully.  Not only is there a time limit change for the prelims, but now one of your songs MUST be from an anime.  Just got confirmation of this in the other thread, so I wanted to make sure everyone else knew about it too.

Can't wait....have my songs picked out I think!
Quote from: Ska on April 25, 2015, 09:04:22 AM
Yes, one song choice must be from an anime. It is an anime convention, after all! It's your choice whether you want it to be your preliminary or finals song though.

Thanks for this clarification Ska, as this is a big change from before.  Can I suggest that you make this point clear at the beginning of the rules googledoc?  It was kind of hidden in the "which songs qualify" section and might not be obvious to someone just skimming the rules.

As for open mic karaoke, can we bring mp3 players to use for that?  I find it easier to just dump all my karaoke tracks into a playlist on my ipod rather than burning a CD and having to keep a written list of which song is which.

Thanks for answering all our questions!!
Quote from: Ska on April 22, 2015, 06:20:38 PM
Feel free to crop the song exactly to where you want to start and finish.

So, just to clarify....we can now sing whichever section of a song we like?  Previously, we HAD to start at the beginning of the song.

Also, one of our songs now MUST be from an anime (this is in the googledoc)?  We can't do 2 JPop songs?

Thanks.  Really looking forward to this year!!
I'll be at the gathering for sure (though not sure in what costume yet, lol)....even if I can only come up to Fanime for the day. 

Oren Pierre might have to make a return appearance, since I finally got my hands on a sengoku driver.  We'll see.
Hotel Stayed: Fairmont (King room)
Nights Stayed: Thurs-Mon (4 nights)
Amenities: super comfy bed, pool, nice view of Cesar Chavez park from my room, quiet (even in the landing path of the airport we heard no plane engines), GINORMOUS room, free wifi
Helpfulness of Staff: from the interactions I had, very.  check in and out were a breeze and housekeeping was great.
Roomshares?: nope, just me and the bf.
Pros of Hotel: QUIET, away from con enough to be able to step away when you want (and having a nice walk through the park in the AM was great), gorgeous view from the upper floors, close to food, close to my favorite parking locale, close to panels, separate vanity and mirror so i could keep my makeup/wig stuff out and not hog the bathroom sink area, tub AND shower, giant closet, and the room was just SO BIG.  made getting into my giant marie antoinette dress much easier.  also, the bar area downstairs is great for photos....we did a bunch around the central cushioned seat that came out great.
Cons of Hotel: we were missing an iron (had the board though), but I always bring my own so no big deal.  elevators were kind of a pain at checkout, but were pretty good all weekend.  you have not experienced elevator waits until you've been to dragoncon, so I have a pretty high wait tolerance, lol.  also the bar area got pretty crowded every night with the live music and blue hairs hogging all the tables. 
Would You Stay Again: if i go to fanime next year, hell yes.
Recommendations/Suggestions/Misc: join the president's club for free wifi!  for my bf's first fanime, he had a blast and really enjoyed the hotel.
Quote from: hakurei on May 20, 2014, 11:59:29 PM
Also can't wait to see your Oren! Wish I had picked Jounouchi instead of Micchy to cosplay...

a small preview....(glasses will be different)
omg you guys have no idea how excited i am to derp around as oren pierre.  i put my turban on today and laughed at myself for like 10 minutes.

ALSO!!  in true oren pierre fashion (c'est bon!) i will be bringing homemade cupcakes to the gaim meet....hope this trader joe's cake mix makes enough for everyone!  (they'll be yellow cake with chocolate frosting)
holy poopknockers!  well, i DID ask to go early lol. 

oh i know that feeling of not being able to find enough of the buttons you want!!!  (i did a captain hook costume that needed like 50 buttons total)  i tend to like etsy and ebay for bulk dome buttons (you need silver, right?) as opposed to buying locally.

looking at the weather forecast, i think i'm actually kind of happy i won't be in full PVC gear on saturday, LOL.
yes, i think 4PM for Gaim would be perfect.

UGH i don't think i can get malshina done (and wtf my hat base still hasn't gotten here)....i have a grant proposal due tomorrow afternoon, so i've spent the weekend working on that instead of sewing.  so i'll either be in Oren Pierre or might throw on Capt. Marvelous again for the toku meet.  more likely Oren since it means less changing clothes.
Can we get some more BoA songs?  Specifically:
The Shadow
Shout it Out

Koda Kumi - Show girl
Koda Kumi - Hashire!
Koda Kumi - TABOO
Crystal Kay - Suki
Crystal Kay - It's a crime
picked up the last major thing for oren: $3 purple pants from the thrift store!  got my durian lock seed, so i just need some sunglasses.  gonna troll you beat riders SO HARD.

now here's hoping i can get malshina done...
so fanime is having pickup from 3-8 on day 0....

i thought i saw 5-8 on CA's page for their day 0 this correct, or will they also be doing 3-8??
okay, i'm having trouble submitting my entry....i keep getting:

"Entry failed. Please double-check your information and try againYou have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use"

so far as i can tell, i've got everything in what's going on?

also, what does "(Check only if Karaoke version)" mean?  i'm providing my own karaoke tracks for my songs.....

EDIT: okay, i got it accepted....needed the album title to have a value (which was odd).  still curious about the check boxes since it wasn't clear what those were for...
HOORAY!!!!  i was getting worried since i hadn't heard anything!

now to pick that elusive second song...
Quote from: ewu on March 25, 2014, 08:55:41 PM
From what I can put together from the posts, you are looking for more information through other means of dissemination. I will pass that point on. Unfortunately, they are not optimized for our current model, but we will look into posting them there.

Thanks this point I think people would just like to know who the guests are and that events are actually happening, even if that means disseminating info via FB/Twitter/forums until the website goes live.  Anything is better than the info void we've been stuck in.
(not your fault, ewu...I know you're just the messenger)

I hate to say it, but this is all "too little, too late" for my taste.  I've seen hot mess conventions in FL (my previous home state) run more smoothly (at least they announced their guests well in advance and had useful websites) and be better organized.

After last year's fiascos I lost faith in reg and anything to do with the masq.....and this year has pretty much cemented my loss of faith in the rest of the con.  Convincing me otherwise at this point is going to be exceedingly difficult.  If I hadn't already bought a badge, I'd be canceling my hotel room and saving the money for Dragoncon (hell, I'm actually considering eating the $55 reg fee and doing this anyways).  At this point, I'm only attending for the AA and cosplay meetups I have planned to attend.

After this year, you have lost my business.  You might even lose it this year.  We'll see how the next few weeks go.  Sorry to be a bit harsh, but please get your sh*t together and give us some info about SOMETHING.