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It's Fanime and you know what that means? We've posted our schedule! With love <3 - Trisha Angelique


Hey there! I'm thinking this is the most recent gathering post thread for Haikyuu since I think the last time you guys had a gathering was in 2018 - (I don't remember seeing one in 2019). Just wanting to check in with you guys. As the Shonen Jump Gathering Host and Sports Series host - I want to make sure I don't conflict with any of my fam :)

hi hi my fellow shonen jump title fam - just wanting to make sure to *bump* this up. as the shonen jump gathering host, i do not want to conflict with any of my fam :) so hopefully you guys will update soon! thanks!

*bump* ing all my shonen jump family gatherings! Shonen Jump Gathering host here! Just wanting to make sure you see this so you can update! I do not want to conflict with any of my fam :)

Hey One Piece fam - as the Shonen Jump Gathering Host, just wanting to check in with you guys with your gathering so I don't conflict with anyone! (I like how I'm seeing the same hosts over and over for certain series - I'm really surprised with how many of us tend to juggle multiple gatherings at once).

*bump* ing up so people can see.


Just wanting to bump this up... as the Shonen Jump gathering host I always make sure to not host my gathering in conjunction with other SJ titles so just wanting to check in with you guys! :)

hey so there are two demon slayer threads - just making sure you both know this as the other one (not this one) has been more active

omg when is this? please update! my schedule is filling up fast and I really just want to be here to see it real fast lololol

Hey there guys! Just wanting to *bump* this up here too! CWF will be hosting another Wrestling Gathering! Hopefully before the show at least lol.

Expect to hear from us soon! Thank you for your patience!

So just FYI - I usually wait a little for the cosplay gatherings list to roll out so I don't plan this gathering to coincide with any other major series gatherings (Demon Slayer, My Hero... I'm looking at you).

I'll probably submit this gathering AFTER the SECOND ROLL OUT list comes out.

Thanks everyone for your patience and understanding.

Just wanting to *bump* this up again -

FYI: I kind of wait for the list to roll out a bit before I submit this one just because I do not want this gathering to conflict with any major series that's also a sport and that might ALSO have a gathering for itself as well (Haikyuu people I'm always looking at you kids).

So thank you everyone for your patience and understanding. I will be submitting this gathering AFTER the SECOND ROLL OUT of Cosplay Gatherings lists come out.

Hey, just wanted to check in and ask, have you applied yet? There’s another host putting on a Three Houses-only gathering and that event has already been accepted for Sunday 3pm...

Yes! So this year, due to the increase of gatherings - instead of what I usually do where we vote for a time, place, location etc. - I've just gone ahead and applied for a Sunday slot as usual.

Because we are an anticipated group thats always large - I do have priority in the sense that the Cosplay Gatherings Department/Head has the right/authority to change/adjust the list accordingly in order to accommodate everyone.

Also I know the girl/host in charge of the Three Houses and we both agreed it would be a good idea this year to try to break it up to see if it alleviates the issues I've been having with this gathering having so many people are not being able to accommodate everyone.

Thank you for your patience and understanding. I encourage everyone to go to both gatherings!

Hello everyone! How has 2020 been treating you? It's time to bring back the sports! I'll be posting an update on this gathering shortly! See everyone soon~

Hello everyone! Happy 2020! I'm back and ready to roll! It's time to plan a gathering! Get Excited!

Hello everyone! It's 2020, I'm back and ready to ride!

As usually, there will be a poll to vote for this gathering's date/time - please make sure to check this thread and the pending FB event page for it.

Also - due to more FE stuff being available, we will definitely need to speed up the picture taking in order to accommodate everyone and requests.

Thank you everyone for your patience and understanding!


Hakaru Chan

*bump* do you guys want prizes? I'm still trying to figure out what prizes to give... maybe i can just give some 1 month CR trials lol...

*bumping* its only a week till the con and I'm already sleep deprived....

Sorry I answered this so late, but in the future, if you need help in getting another person to run this gathering, I can do it. :)

Hey! Sorry it took me a while to get back to you on this! I'd definitely love the help and you can definitely help me out this year! (since I want to be a part of the pictures since I'm cosplaying from a sport).

See you at the gathering!

Hello there! Thank you everyone for your patience! Time, Date and Location has been updated! If you have any questions - please msg on the FB event page as I can get to you faster! (I will periodically check the forums here).

I will check in here again a few days before Fanime.

Thanks everyone! See you soon!

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