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Ideas and Suggestions / Fanime Photo Booth\Room Idea
February 08, 2010, 06:12:57 PM
So, I was reading an interesting topic in Serious Business regarding Peace Bonding and how cosplayers could be upset about not being able to pose with weapons that have been bonded to a sheeth or holster....and I got an idea. Now, this idea has probably been suggested in the past, but I don't recall the results of the here goes. ::)

(If you want to debate Peace Bonding, don't reply to my thread, but the one in Serious Business. Thanks.)

A staff run booth\room in which cosplayers can take solo or group photos in various poses. Photos are taken by staff members or a volunteer (or hired) professional photographer approved by Fanime. All photos are stored digitally and transferred to a nearby PC\laptop. Each photo set for each group or individual is stored in a different folder, each by number (possibly with a sub caption with the group leaders name.) The individuals are each given a piece of paper with their assigned number for reference.

Ideally the room\booth would be adjacent to an entrance for maximum exposure (lol a photo pun!)

Upon entering the room, the cosplayer(s) may have to sign a waver to agree that their photos can be used and distributed by Fanime. (Honestly, I'm not sure if this is necessary or not, since I'm no lawyer.) The forms should have their assigned number at the top for easy reference by staff.

Photos can then later be made availabe for purchase at con and later on the website. There should be certain prices for single photos and bargain prices for a set. Photos can be distributed via burned CDs, DVDs or sent via email. Possible options to later be available in various photo sized print outs (wallet and various picture frame sizes) that would be made available for pick up or sent by snail mail in the weeks following the con, most likely done by a professional photographer.

All photos could be subtly water-marked in a corner with a Fanime logo and the year of that particular Fanime. Photos would be made available for purchase to all con-goers and could even be purchased in a more expensive full day photo set or an even more costly combined set containing the photos from all days of that particular year's Fanime.

The main room for this should be on con grounds with a possible idea for admittance to badge holders only (but this could limit the intake of that's debatable.) Another room for this should be made available at the Black & White Ball (because many attendees of this event have already requested this option.)

Cosplayers would be singled out away from other staff and con-goers and thus could possibly be allowed to pose with weapons that they may not be allowed to wield normally on con-grounds, unpeace-bonded, whilst walking among the crowds. An official Rover Peacebonder could be assigned to this room to peacebond cosplayers as they left the booth (or re-bond them if they had to remove a ziptie for their photos.) Another Rover or two may need to be available to control lines if they become an issue.

Multiple photos taken for each person or group. They choose the one they like the most. It is printed via a nearby photo printer onto a normal photo sized piece of photo paper. It is then inserted into a nifty looking cardboard frame with the Fanime logo and current year and also a custom design around the frame that changes from year to year.

You could also provide an option to have photo ops with Fanime guests at certain times during the con in different rooms (as some guests have their own room at certain times anyways.) Photos could be inserted into the cardboard frame idea from above. These photos would cost more and the extra cash could go towards the guest (as an incentive) with a possible added higher fee for a signed photo with the guest. All photos would be made available for pickup later that day or the following day. Obviously the guest would have to sign them later if they agreed to this option.

Possibly take photos in front of a green screen so that photo backgrounds could be changed on the fly and chosen by the cosplayer themselves. (At a higher charge of course.)

An area set aside and enclosed where cosplayers could be supervised to pose for photos taken by other con-goers. Cosplayers would be allowed to pose with weapons that they may not be allowed to wield on con-grounds, unpeace-bonded, whilst walking among the crowds. They would only be allowed to do so here because of scrict supervision. An official Rover Peacebonder could be assigned to this room to peacebond cosplayers as they left the booth (or re-bond them if they had to remove a ziptie for their photos.) Another Rover or two may need to be available to control lines if they become an issue.

Since most of the participants posing for photos will most likely want their own copies of these taken with their own cameras or phones, then a trusted volunteer or small set of volunteers could be assigned to assist with this, so that there would not be a big threat of theft of your property whilst posing, yet you could still be assured to get a copy of your poses.

Liquid gets 10%.
Gaming / Final Fantasy XIII
January 14, 2010, 11:43:34 PM
Anyone else looking forward to this game come March? Holy crap, I sure as hell am....
Gaming / Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2
November 18, 2009, 12:52:37 PM
Anyone else playing this?
Anyone else playing this on their PC and not a lame console? <.<
Welcome to Male vs Female! Basically we start at 1000. Females have to +1 and males have to -1. If the females get to 2000 they win. If males get to 0 they win.

Rules: You can only post once per hour.

Example: You can post at 10:59 and then again at 11:00, as long as it was not twice within the 10 o'clock hour or the 11 o'clock hour.

The Count: 1000
Member Feedback / .
October 01, 2009, 03:09:41 PM
Forum Games / The Poetry Game
September 28, 2009, 01:57:37 PM
The Poetry Game

Back story: I met a guy online back in 1999 when I used to play Starcraft non-stop. He used to run his own low class poetry website. A handful of the people from the Starcraft clan I ran would post on his forums and post their own poetry. After a while he came up with a game for us all to play.

How to play: You write a poem based upon the word the above poster challenged you to write about. You don't have to have any writing skills. This is just for fun. The poem can be written in whatever style you'd like. It can be funny, inappropriate, serious, romantic, emo, rhyming, or anything you'd like it to be. After your poem is completed you then post a word below it to challenge the next person with.


Word: Mountain Dew

QuoteDo The Dew - Author: Liquid (2003)

Here is a Mountain Dew from me to you.
Still cold and bubbly, like the thoughts of you in my head.

It's so refreshing, just like you once were.
But you've lost the fizz. Now you're watered down and flat.

You took my love. Like how the Dew takes my seed.
Lowering my count so others can't have such fun.

Not much love left inside. Your acid tore me apart.
You drank your fill. You sucked my heart dry.

All that is left? Only the drops you can't reach.
Stuck on the lip of the can as you still desperately suck.

Hurray for Yellow #5! Cancer is my punishment.
I shouldn't have loved you. Now I slowly die.

You don't care. You obeyed your thirst.
You did the Dew. I hate you.

Word: Ambivalence

QuoteAmbivalence - Author: Liquid (2003)

Ambivalence has taken my innocence.
She doesn't feel as I do. She's given me pestilence.
Under evil influences she stabs at my heart,
Taking what's left of me as I fall apart.

She's pernicious with glee, slowly killing me.
Her eyes covered in darkness, it's all she sees.
Smiling with mischievous tendencies she won't hear me out.
She's believing her own fallacies as she too falls apart.

I'm delirious as I watch her sanity degrade.
She's in no dismay. In my blood she wades.
And as my consciousness fades, she is still oblivious.
Innocence gone, lost in her own ambivalence.
Forum Games / Superhero/Villian Hurt n' Heal!
September 21, 2009, 01:03:00 PM
Superhero/Villian Hunt 'n Heal:

Plays like Anime Manga Hurt 'n Heal, with a few minor changes.

1. Nominees start with 20 Points.
2. There can only be 24 total nominees. Once there are 24 nominees, no more can be added until one nominee is eliminated.
3. Nominees can be from Comics, Cartoons, TV Show, or Movies dealing with Super Heroes or Villians.
4. You can vote once every 20 Minutes.
5. You can Hurt and heal, hurt hurt, or heal heal one candidate. Or you can hurt or heal one each (two candidates per turn.)
6. If a character is in more than one Comic, Cartoons, Movie, or TV Show, it's still only one nominee, and is nominated for all things it is in. (i.e. Wolverine. Wolverine is in multiple comics, movies, and cartoons. He has had other names and alter-egos, but only the one entry is applicable.)

I will post five nominees to start off with that I've tried to pick from a wide range of genres. Some will probably be voted right off, others will be nominated to the list.

Also, if you post a character name, make sure ther isn't more than one game with a character of the same name (i.e. There are probably more than a few comics with characters named that have similar names).  If there is, post the name of the series in brackets after the character name.

Here's the starting list:

1.  Catwoman 20
2.  Superman\Clark Kent 20
3.  Spawn 20
4.  The Rhinoceros 20
5.  Aquaman 20
Things in the Universe / R.I.P. Patrick Swayze
September 14, 2009, 05:53:06 PM

QuotePatrick Swayze, the hunky actor who danced his way into viewers' hearts with "Dirty Dancing" and then broke them with "Ghost," died Monday after a battle with pancreatic cancer. He was 57.

"Patrick Swayze passed away peacefully today with family at his side after facing the challenges of his illness for the last 20 months," said a statement released Monday evening by his publicist, Annett Wolf. No other details were given.
Gaming / The Ideal MMO
August 25, 2009, 02:20:41 PM
So, I was chatting it up with some friends at work about MMOs. It seems like no game developer has really taken the ball and ran with it completely yet....but it'd be so easy (okay maybe not that easy) to pull in mass amounts of players if you had a great MMO with all the bells and whistles. Problem being that these days you almost need a big name to break into the market from the gate. So, if EA decided to do an Ultima Online 3....or if another current MMO developer like Blizzard made the "ideal" MMO.....what should it have?

Here are my ideas.....

Home building – Only issue here is how to decide where players can purchase and build on land in a fair manner and not overtake non-city areas with homes. The system should come standard with a large variety of different building materials, furniture, and colors. Some of which can be made by crafters, special items from bosses and quests, etc.

Guilds – Allow Guilds to construct towns for their members and friends.

Guild Funds - A guild can choose the method in which guild funds are handled. Each guild can have an actual bank account. Transactions can be handled by approved trusted members only. Or a guild can choose to only allow transactions through a majority leadership vote. The guild has the option to choose the method.

Guild Leaders - A guild's leader is chosen by whomever starts the guild initially. From there, a majority number of members can vote that leader off leadership if they choose to do so. At that point an anonymous vote can be performed to see who the new leader will be. There will also be an option for a leader to step down as guild leader in order to hand leadership over to another member if they no longer wish to lead.

Towns – Maybe have instanced towns and cities that are solely player built and governed. These would be in specific areas designated for an instanced town. Maybe you need the approval of a GM, a specific large amount of cash, and you have to have so many people sign a petition to fully approve it? I dunno. Property taxes that go to guild funds? The guild can choose the set tax for members and non-members of the guild.

Town Sieges – Allow anyone to be able to enter the instanced towns by choosing which town they want to enter when attempting to zone into the specific area. A rival guild could then lay siege to another guild's town if they chose to do so. This could get complicated in working out the details for how this would work.

Farming – Can farm for crops for cooking and materials. Certain crops take longer to grow, etc etc...all the normal crop crap. It'd all be optional, but along the same lines as maybe Harvest Moon?

Livestock – Raised for food, meat, eggs, etc. Also raised for materials, bones, wool, fur, etc. Can be bred for more livestock,etc etc.

Fishing – Should be able to fish from shore or on a boat in a lake or out on the sea. Maybe could even be effected by weather and season, in where you will need to check weather reports before going out.

Hunting – Bow fishing, deer hunting, duck hunting, oh my! Maybe even have seasonal hunting and if you violate it, you are a possible fugitive if seen? Maybe a penalty? Fish and game officers laying the smack down if they catch you? Whatever.

Auction House – Either the typical AH everyone is used to or you can try to limit crowding of one specific area by changing it into a bazaar type area (think flea market or strip mall) where each category of the AH is split to a separate store or booth in a particular large area set aside for AH crap. Or just the conventional one everyone is used to and they just have to get used to the crowding lag.

Shops – Allow users to open shops in their areas to sell items that they make? Or maybe just force them to stick with the AH idea.

Movement – Running, jumping, swimming, climbing, crawling, swinging, etc.

Mounts – A variety of different mounts offered (like WoW.) Ground only mounts, flying mounts, possibly even water only mounts. (Zomg I can ride Echo the Dolphin!) Each with their own set of perks and colors. These can be raised from birth, caught wild, or possibly even bought used. Also, you can possibly have a method to increase your mount's stats via training, food, or age.

Mount Breeding – Maybe you can even breed your mount with a friend's mount and create a more skilled mount with possibly better stats and different colors?

Mount Racing – (Yes, I'm stealing these ideas from Final Fantasy.) Racing against CPU controlled mounts. Maybe each large city has different racing circuits? Options to race other players? Options to bet on races? Flying mount races? Underwater mount racing? Epic!

Pets – Allow pets of multiple varieties just for show at home. Possibly also allow multiple classes to use different pets out in the field, but maybe a certain class that can have pets of higher levels.

Arcade – A place to play simple games just for fun, but actually cost you a little bit of fake money to play. Maybe a high score can yield special one time items? (Gold Saucer anyone?)

Casino – A place to gamble against the CPU or maybe even against other players? Maybe even allow a guild to build their own casino within their town. Player vs player games would have a rake. The rake would benefit the guild bank. All CPU won funds would also go to guild bank.

PKing – Maybe different servers or just different areas where PKing is or is not allowed? I like the idea of murderers being labeled as such. Maybe even worse penalties for killing low levelers or those a certain number of levels below you.

Battle Arena - Think FFVII Battle Area here, with prizes to win and all that fun jazz. Of course, there would also be a PvP Battle Arena as well, like WoW has.

Kids – Some people actually get married in games. What if they could have kids? What if these kids grew up over time and then you could use them for slave labor at your farm? Wouldn't that be awesome? Lol. Or you can just sell them on the black market as a slave? Whatever.

Armor/Clothes – Allow you to make, alter, or design clothes. You can craft with certain items to make them stronger or add specific stats to them. Change their colors? Maybe add emblems to them? Guild emblems?

Weapons – Allow a variety of different weapons. Possibly the same ideas as for Armor\Clothes?

Anyone with other ideas? Who would be the best publisher to make a game like this?

So, I was doing some thinking. (I do that occasionally.) What if certain robot empires were linked?

For example:

A long time ago in a galaxy far far away....

A large army of robots are created for use in a large scale war started by the evil Trade Federation. An army created entirely of clones is utilized in order to destroy this robot army. (Star Wars)

The robot army is eventually destroyed by the clone army with the help of the Jedi. Later, the clone army turns on the Jedi and almost all of them are murdered. The one controlling the clones then takes over their known galaxy by force. A ragtag group of rebels later form to combat this threat to freedom and peace. One of them (Luke) learns the ways of the Force in order to combat the Dark Side Force users. The group, along with the help of two friendly robots, are able to win the war against this evil empire and win back their galaxy.

Over the years there ensues many battles pitting the Good Side of the Force against the Dark Side. Luke and his colleagues grow tired of this never ending battle and decide to take themselves and a large group of humans to an uninhabited galaxy.

It is agreed that the Force will no longer be used, taught, or talked about. This will ensure that no one will ever know there is a Dark Side and therefore it will no longer be a problem amoung them ever again.

This group finally settles on an Earth-like planet and they name it Cylon. Over time other colonies of humans spring up in the same galaxy due to need for further resources and living space.

Hundreds of years later the humans on planet Cylon get an idea to create an entire race of intelligent robots to live in service of them, because they got really lazy. They used the still living C3PO's programming as a model. However, something goes terribly wrong with the initial programming software and these robots malfunction and become self aware. They grow tired of their human oppressors and they kill off the entire human Cylon race in a planet-wide nuclear holocaust.

The robots then assume the name Cylons. They roam the universe seeking out any and all human colonies and exterminating them. (Battlestar Galactica)

The remaining survivors wage war on the Cylons. Many plot twists ensue, but eventually there is peace and the humans win the war. The survivors settle on a new planet and name it Earth. They abandon all technology and fly their ships into the sun.

150,000 years pass by. It is now modern day Earth. A company named Cyberdyne Systems begins work to create robots to live in service of humans. To assist in controlling their machines Cyberdyne begins work on a highly intelligent AI system. This project is called Skynet. (Terminator)

The government eventually takes over the work on Skynet and when Skynet is finally brought online it becomes self aware and revolts against humanity. Many nuclear attacks ensue and the machines dominate the Earth.

John Conner leads a resistance force to battle the machines and an epic war ensues that lasts many years. Over time the machines finally win the war against humans.

They pasify humanity with a virtual reality world and use them as battery sources to power their machines. (The Matrix) The humans somehow find a way to make peace with the machines. Once the war is over and humanity is once again free, they eventually find a way to launch the core source of the robot empire into deep space. Humanity once again gains control over Earth.

Once humanity resumes their quest for space exploration they develop a warp drive. It is not long into their exploration before humans encounter the remains of the machine empire they launched into space. These machines now assimilate humanity and control them through nanotechnology. These machines travel in large cube shaped spacecrafts and roam the universe over taking entire worlds. They now call themselves the Borg. (Star Trek)

Thoughts? Additions?  :D