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Hello, everyone! With the blessings of PhantomShadow, the one who has run the Homestuck gatherings for the last few years, I will be hosting this years Homestuck gathering.

This gathering has a new Thread Organizer. Please see the new thread for more info.,19071.0.html
So, I have a very much ignored Draco/Tom Riddle cosplay and I figured I'd get some use out of it and I was wondering to get a general feel to see if anyone would be interested in Harry Potter gathering? You could cosplay a canon character or just come sporting your House robes/gear!
Thoughts? Would you be interested?
Im thinking of putting together an in-character ask panel for either just Supernatural or Supernatural, Doctor Who, and Sherlock (Superwholock). This would be half an in-character ask panel and half of an "discuss theories for past/upcoming seasons, plot-holes, etc." and talk about possible spoilers (towards the end so people could walk away if they wanted to) about each shows future.
In either case, I would be Castiel and have an idea about a Sam and Dean, does not mean that you cant apply (incase they arent comfy with doing panels)
But I would be looking for about 3-4 characters per show!

Main characters I'm looking for:

  • -Sam
  • -Dean
  • -Possibly another angel or demon?
  • -One or two of The Doctor
  • -Companion
(depending on the Doctor)
  • -Maybe Jack?
  • -Sherlock
  • -Watson
  • -Possibly Irene or Moriarty

Needless to say, people would need to know their series pretty well! And, currently, this is just a thought Im toying with in my mind! But, I will probably submit something....
Feel free to message me.
Is there any sort of way to NOT have our legal name printed on badges, and instead have a preferred name? (with some sort of short explanation thing when reging for a badge?) As a transgender individual, I feel REALLY self-conscious and slightly ashamed of my badge when I have to have my legal, birthname printed onto it. In fact, I hate it so much that these last two years I'd had my friend group-register for me and have had them pick up my badge with my preferred name so that way I could by-pass the whole "you need an id to get your badge thing". I know its against your rules, but I really dont like my legal name being known by my friends.
Would there be any chance of Reg staff setting something up to help accommodate transgender individuals and their name/ID issues?

NOTE: The "fan name" doesnt work/do anything, since the legal name is still plainly visible by the fan name.
Registration / Question about badge pickup?
May 17, 2013, 11:32:29 AM
Is badge pickup REALLY starting at 7 this year and only going till 10 PM?
Every year it takes far more than 3 hours and we normally start around 3-4 PM, if things are running on time.
Someone please tell me that 7PM is a joke? A typo? Because in order to get a proper space in like you practically have to get there 9 AM-1 PM. 7+ hours in line just to wait to wait to pick up your badge is kind of... intense?
Someone tell me they typoed?
DISCLAIMER: This gathering is NOT attached to the Homestuck gathering on SUNDAY! I was given permission to hold a fan dinner for any fans that happened to be attending Fanime's thursday/day 0 meet!


Ello, everyone! So, for this years Fanime, I thought itd be pretty great if any Homestucks who were at Fanime's Day 0/Thursday badge pickup day could meet up, eat dinner and just participate in general tom-foolery! And after we eat, we could head back to the convention center and do a drawingstuck thing uvu (this will not be part of the official gathering, this will be for whoever is free afterwards for general hanging out)
Until then, we could discuss places to eat~
WE WILL BE EATING AT PEGGY SUE'S. BUT WE WILL STILL MEET AT THE SNAKE STATUE. (we chose peggy sue's because its open much, much later than Johnny Rockets)

Time: 8:30 PM (to allow for people to get out of reg line)
Day: Thursday
Meeting place: CCPFH = Park across from Fairmont Hotel (Caesar Chavez Plaza) (we will meet by the snake statue and go to the restaurant from there)

-Cosplay: Whatever you want! It's Day 0/the lazy day, you can be in full cosplay, casual cosplay, or no cosplay at all! The main point is to meet other Homestucks and junk before the con actually starts.
-I will probably be casual Rose Lalonde, so you can find me that way. uvu
-Bring money for food and junk ovo
-Bring drawing stuff!

- Tsubasakissu and 9 others from her facebook event for this gathering
- Xaara
- Haunterluvcookies
- krispy_kream
- Olivine
- Gaoth
Hey there everyone, Jaidin here!

So, every panel I've done for homestuck people ask me if they can submit a Dancestor audition! I've always had to say "no" because with 8 kids and 12 trolls, we took up a lot of space! So I decided to take a different route for Fanime! And so, I bring you

Ask The Dancestors!

Thats right, a panel featuring the Dancestors! Hosted by Kankri (me) and Meenah! So here's who we have: (the panel will be MONDAY, 10AM-11AM sorry 'bout the day, but it was all they had left!)








Who we need:






We probably will not include Dirk, Jane, Roxy, or Jake because theyve had little to no interaction with the trolls at this point.

This MIGHT change later. Maybe not

How to auditon:

Answer these questions;

1. Which character would you be interested in?
2. Could you please provide images/pictures of your character?
3. Which outfit would you be doing? (canon only!)
4. Would you please either provide a reaction video or RP post for these following questions or prompts? (Please answer 3-5 of these)
I. Someone in the audience, against their better judgement, asks you about buckets. How would you respond? (we dont like these questions, but they happen)
II. Your character comes face-to-face with The Huss. What would you do?
III. You have just suffered a mortal wound at the hands of a foe, friend, frienemy, or by a fault of your own. What happened? How would you respond as your character?
IV. What pet-peeve do you have for your character that is constantly played upon by fanart, RPers, Tumblr, or by the fandom in general? (Examples: People using "Fuckass" for Karkles or people making Eridan needy/clingy) (this doesnt have to be in-character)
V. Do you have an unpopular, original, or uncommon headcanon for your character? What is it? (this doesnt have to be in-character)
VI. Your best friend/moirail (if your character lacks one, then choose either a past moirail/best friend or one that you ship with your character, as moirails/best friends) is holding a large beast at bay, allowing you to escape. If one or both of you went against this beast it would mean certain death. What would your character do? Leave them? Trade places? Stay with them?
VII. Your least favourite character (must be a hero) has expressed their interest in your character, in a red sort of way. React.
VIII. Your character has discovered Tumblr and the Homestuck fandom. How would they react?
IX. New update. Homestuck was just a dream. React.
X. An audience member has asked for a "glomp". You are given no definition to its meaning, how would your character react?
5. What vlog, panel, ask blog, or other experience do you have? (Doesnt have to be Homestuck, just need to be sure youre quick on your feet!)
6. How far into Homestuck are you? (You dont need to be 100% up-to-date, but we ask that you be at least past act 5, since thats the "holy gog this is long" portion of Homestuck, which gives you a few months to be up-to-date~)
7. What could you suggest for the panel, activities-wise?

Either SUBMIT]]SUBMITme a text reply to your audition or a link to a youtube video! You can also FACEBOOK ME]]FACEBOOK ME the info.

IF you do a text submission, you must include WIP (atleast 75% finished) or a finished cosplay picture. If you do a video audition, you may do it OUT OF COSPLAY or IN COSPLAY, but if you do it out of cosplay, please include pictures. (you may also PM me the auditon on fanime forums, but tumblr and FB are faster)

This panel will be a QUESTION AND ANSWER FORMAT. There will be a prize in the form of a RED SMUPPET.

That is all uvu
NOTE: I will be recycling this thread every year.
Link to pictures:

Anyways, welcome to the SuperWhoLock 2014 gathering!
What is SuperWhoLock?
SuperWhoLock is the common name on Tumblr for Supernatural, Doctor Who, and Sherlock since the fandoms tend to overlap, more often than not!
So any cosplays from any of those series (and Torchwood, since its pretty close to Doctor Who) are welcome!

NOTE: we will TRY and do ships this year! In 2013 I had only asked for an hour and that wasnt enough time to cover ships! So, this year, I will try and ask for an hour and a half, maybe more!

Why include Merlin?
Merlin's cosplay fandom, at Fanime at least, isnt large enough to support its self, so we're going to all be friends and invite them to be with Superwholock! Superwholocklin? I dunno, but either way; Superwholock is a caring, welcoming fandom and it would be a pleasure to add Merlin our group!

What is Good Omens and why is it included?
Good Omens is one of the inspirations for Supernatural! And the fandoms often cross over! We had some Good Omens cosplayers at the gathering in 2013 and I thought I'd invite them back!

Hello, friends! I am thinking of hosting a Superwholock FAN PANEL! Feel free to message me about auditioning:,18801.0.html

Day: Saturday
Time: 12 PM
Location: CCPFH = Park across from Fairmont Hotel (Caesar Chavez Plaza)(ideally, this was the best location)
I already talked to B Sapphire about the gathering possibly being around this time!


- Jaidin: Castiel

Doctor Who/Torchwood:
-K&K4ever: 11th Doctor
-Quinnton117: 10th Doctor Whooves
- CeruleanRogue: Amy Pond

-Olivine: Irene and Sherlock


Good Omens:
Angel515 + Girlfriend: Aziraphale and Crowley

Fanime will be taking group pictures during the Gathering/Event this year. If you do not want to be included in those pictures please step aside for those photos. By remaining with the group when the pictures are being taken you give your consent to be photographed.

Supernatural (Sam, Dean, Winchesters, Castiel, side characters)
Sherlock (Sherlock, Watson, Irene, Mycroft, Moriarty, other side characters)
Doctor Who (different Doctors, different companions, gosh this is long jgvd)
Merlin (Merlin, Arthur, Morgana, Uther, others)
Good Omens (We will basically "play it by ear" if any show up)

Supernatural villains
Supernatural heroes
Sherlock villains
Sherlock heroes
Doctor Who villains
Doctor Who heroes
Merlin villains
Merlin heroes
Good Omen villains
Good Omen heroes

About ships: Submit ships you'd like to possibly see photographed!
Hello, everyone!
So, for the past 3-4 years my group has gotten the 18+ and all ages Hetalia panels! Every year our rooms are jam packed with Hetalians! And this year we're hoping to do it once more! We're gathering panelists to join us for fun and excitement!
Who we have:

    France - All Ages & 18+
    England  - All Ages & 18+
    America - All Ages & 18+
    Germany - All Ages & 18+
    Italy - All Ages & 18+
    Japan - 18+
    Romano  - All Ages | Different Romano - 18+
    Austria - 18+
    Sweden  - All Ages & 18+
    Finland - All Ages & 18+
    Denmark - All Ages & 18+
    Canada - All Ages
    Poland - All Ages (If Liet auditions and is chosen)
    Spain - All Ages & 18+
    Romania - All Ages & 18+
Who we NEED:

Japan (All Ages)
China (both)
Russia (both)
Canada (18+)
Prussia (both)
Lithuania (all ages)
Hungary (both)
Norway (both)
Rules for auditions:
- Video Only
- AT LEAST 5 minutes of video, no more than 10
- MUST have In Character (IC) and Out Of Character (OOC) content
- IC content must show you acting as the character, whether its reading a script, improv, or doing lines from the show
- OOC content is you telling us why you'd like to be the character , why you think you qualify, how long youve cosplayed, and any past panel/ask blog/youtube/etc. experience
- As far as ages go, we would /prefer/ that you're at least 18, that way we can use you for both panels. But this is not a must.
- If you have been in a panel, and if video of said panel is available, please link me!
- Videos should be uploaded to youtube~ (or some site that lets you download files)
- We would like if you had a facebook so that we could add you to the group on said website, but it is not a must. Also, skype would be needed! (And, as we get closer to the panel, you must be willing to share your phone number with Jaidin (me) and Brittany so that we can contact you!)
- Must be willing to do some fanservice
- Must know some basic history of character, both Hetalia wise and maybe a bit of background history on your nation just in case. Some fans delve deep into the history part and may ask about real bits of your nation's history Modern history is good to know as well, so europes economy and such.
- Must have a grasp on the character. Enough to make the character a 3-D person
- Keep it IC but do not go past PG 13 language and the like (note this is only for all ages panel, 18+ means anything goes)
- Canon uniforms ARE PREFERRED. Especially for the All Ages panel. If you do not have the complete canon uniform in timeplease contact the hosts (brittany and jaiden) and we'll talk things over, but again canon is prefered. They have a ton of stuff they wear.If you would like to have something underneath or change please also inform us, we will be more lax with alt outfits for the 18+ panel since thats more fun and we can do more things (example I'm planning a cancan! France outfit to change into midway through).
- You must have a proper wig(or hair is correct length, style and color). Wig is prefered.

Panel content:
- Trivia (both Hetalia and IRL History)
- In Character asks
- Truth Or Dare (possibly only for 18+?)
- Nation Battle (game)

Nation Battle explanation:
We pick 2 audience members, give them a list of commands preapproved by panelists that they can use, have them act as historical figure for a nation, 3 round battle of insults, stage attacks, etc. (copied from our page)

We will have prizes! I, Jaidin, will be providing Doujin for the 18+ panel, there will be roses (From France), mini-flags, buttons, and possibly more!
More info will be available as we get closer!

Contacting the hosts:
- Email: [email protected]
- Facebook:
- Tumblr:
- Email: [email protected]
- Facebook:
Big Event Showcase / Another "Asian Only" rule
October 29, 2012, 02:04:10 PM
So, Fanime has an "Asia Only" rule when it comes to Masquerade.
But why was Portal or Avatar allowed in? I understand that Avatar is debatable, but Portal was made in America, by Americans, and isnt event stylized to resemble the typical Japanese art styles.
So, why was Portal allowed?
Is it possible that this "Asian Only" rule can be amended in the future?
Fanime, at this point in time, goes far, far beyond "just anime" (and Japanese video games)
We have Marvel/Avengers, TF2, Portal, My Little Pony, Homestuck, Disney princesses, I've seen lots of G.I. Joe cosplayers, South Park, Halo, the list goes on! It's kind of a shame to bar so many large portions of Fanime attendee's from entering these skits (NOTE: Not just Fanime does this too, most cons seem to be doing this). Theres a whole untapped source of writers, singers, voice actors, ETC that would love to participate in the skits but are currently unable to.  I mean, every year we get people doing Candy Mountain, jokes about The Game, Epic Rap Battles, and other over-used, over-done skits/ideas played to anime/Asia-related media. Opening up the doors to western media could potentially increase the quality of the Masquerade.
So! With the mass of fan-panels being submitted (Alot of them are in-character Q&A) my friend a (mostly) informative Homestuck panel for people outside of the fandom, new comers to the fandom, as well as older (as far as being "in" the fandom) fans alike! We did one  (It was my friend Molly's panel, but she will be doing another one this coming Fanime) this past Fanime and we were asked stuff about characters we didnt think about covering! So, here we are to try again!

My Gamzee and I (I'll either be Karkat or God Tier John, I'll decide as we get closer. I have both already) will be doing an informative Homestuck panel next year for Fanime! Itll be like the one this year, except with more coverage. We'll be talking about: Troll relations, beta kids, alpha kids, Jack/Bec, possibly Intermission, different universes, post-scratch trolls (Aranea, Meena, any others that exist by then), the Cherubs, some fandom stuff, and alot more that im far too lazy to list at the moment (as we get closer to winter more info will be posted). And although it will be emphasizing the informative stuff we wont refuse in-character questions when appropriate. (It wont be a huge panel, as far as panelists are concerned)

So, just to be clear: Our panel will be separate from the fan panels as we will not be emphasizing in-character Q&A.
Registration / My refund?
May 29, 2012, 08:19:25 AM
So, I lost my badge and bought a new one, but the dude working at the front desk was very new and didnt know any better, so he charged me full price for the weekend badge... again! But, someone had to come and help him give me half of my money back for the weekend, and I got a paper saying 33 bucks was refunded to me. Except... Its not in my bank account. And I want my 33 bucks back. So, yeah. Whats up, Fanime con? Any way to fix your mistake?

NOTE: I will accept next years badge as payment 8D
Okay! So, I'd like to do a Hetalia skit for the Masquerade to this song:
Its "I Wont Say Im In Love" from Hercules (male cover)
I will be America as Hercules, I need:
England as Megara
Any of the Axis or Allies as the Muses (I only need three)
So, due to online propaganda, there has been a supposed "war" or rivalry, if you will, the very popular webcomics: Axis Powers Hetalia (by Hidekaz Himaruya) and Homestuck (by Andrew Hussie). No one even knows how/why this supposed "rivalry" between the two fandoms even came about, or if it ever even truly existed. But, as of late, there have been movements from Hetalia fans, Homestuck fans, and fans of both series to propagate peace between the two fandom. So, thats where this lunch or dinner would come in handy! The idea is to have a fun lunch and or dinner where Hetalia fans, Homestuck fans, and fans of both series can come together, eat, chat, and just have a merry ol' time. I am thinking of hosting said lunch or dinner on either Saturday or Sunday evening or noon, depending on when people will be available (Or maybe Friday or thursday so it wont be so crowded?)! Or, so that we dont flood an entire restaurant, we could host a picnic, as there is a Safeway near by where we could stock up on supplies. The Picnic, if it were to happen, would be similar to a potluck! So, I would love some feedback from you lovely people!

Day: Either Saturday or Sunday, depending on when people are available. Possibly Thurs/Friday to maybe have it not be so crowded? Again, it depends on when the majority is willing do this!
Time: To Be Decided
MP: FMS = Front Marriott Side of the Convention Center Lobby (up in corner tree area)
L: To Be Decided

Tsubasakissu (as either Russia or Karkat, maybe Romakat (romano/karkat)?)
ZephyrEclipse (Nepataly ((Nepeta + Italy))
CommandantCat (Jester Gamzee)
Haunterluvcookies ((Romano or Hungary))
Panels and Workshops / Too controversial?
January 16, 2012, 11:49:08 PM
So, yeah, I was thinking of doing an LGBTQA (lesbian, gay, bi, trans, queer, and allies. There are alooooot more, but it wouldnt fit into the title limit) panel. Now, I've done alooot of these in the bay area at local colleges and governmental offices, and we always state that any views and opinions expressed at souly those of the panelists and do not represent the entire community. However, a friend of mine expressed that she feels that this panel may be a bit controversial. And if one person feels this way, more are bound to share the same concern. Ive also had alot of people interested in such a panel,  but these are all people on my friendslist, so their opinions may be baised. So, yeah, I was wondering if anyone else feels if this would be too controversial for Fanime?
Hey everyone!
I just wanted to thank you all for attending and to thank all of my lovely panelists!
We WILL try out best to return better with pretty much the same cast.
But what would you all like to see next year?
Anything that you didnt like this year?
Any other feedback is loved!
So, I've noticed that South Park cosplayers have been on the rise as of later, so I would like to volunteer to host a gathering!

So, with that, I propose this time/place:

Day: Monday
Time: 12:30 PM
MP: FiF MS = Fountains in Front (Side of Fountains Marriott Side)
L: FiF MS = Fountains in Front (Side of Fountains Marriott Side)
I like that meeting area because it has treeeees :33
But, the time/place are subject to change, as we wont know a more solid schedule until gatherings start being listed ^^

I will be attending as Cartman! I have atleast 7 or 8 friends who can come as the other people xD Im going to link them to this :I
Who are you all coming as?
Cartman/The Coon - Tsubasakissu
Stan/Toolshed -
Kyle/The Human Kite -
Kenny/Mysterion -
Craig -
Clyde -
Wendy - Olivine
Butters/Prof. Chaos - Da-Chan (friend of mine)
Chef -
Token -
Bebe -
Randy -
Tweak - Angelica (friend of mine)
Mercedes (Raisin's girl) - Amber (friend of mine)
DaCreep = Metro KEnny

Bleh, I'll list more characters as people post xD

So, with that, I was wondering, aside from a photoshoot, what would you all like to do? A game? Go to lunch? Break out into song?
Suggestions please. c:
So, I was thinking of doing a Convention Horror Stories panel And/or a LGBTQA (Lesbian, Gay, Bi, Trangender, Queer/questioning, and Allies(straight supporter)) Anime Fans Unite! panel.  (as well as the Zombie panel)

Convention Horror Stories panel:
Basically, itd be a panel about either humorous or terrible con horror stories/accidents. This seems to be a popular panel that exists at other cons, so why not do one at Fanime? It'd be an hour long panel, ideally. Also, do you forumers feel that we should expand the subject matter of the panel? If so, what should it include? Do you think Fanime Con could use a "Convention Horror Stories" panel?

LGBTQA (Lesbian, Gay, Bi, Trangender, Queer/questioning, and Allies(straight supporter)) Anime Fans Unite! panel:
This, more then anything, would be a place for the queer anime fan/cosplay community (and their allies!) to gather in a moderated, open-panel environment. Itd be a place where fellow otaku (using the term loosely!) can gather and share stories, support one another, connect, and help one another feel better about who they are, regardless of their gender identity or sexual preference. Also, at the beginning of the panel, I, and fellow panelists, would kick the panel off with dispelling rumors about the different parts of the LGBTQ community and doing a "dictionary" section where we cover many different terms that are common in the LGBTQA community (like bisexual, lesbian, pansexual, omnisexual, gay, gender identity, etc) so that people could get a better grasp of things they did not know about before. Do you think this panel could be beneficial? Any suggestions for this panel? Do you see any potential negatives?

So, with that, I'd like some thought and/or feedback regarding my panel ideas. ^^
So, here is a general overview of what we may cover during said panel:
1) History of Zombies
          Origin of Zombie
                    - Haitian voodoo
                    - Movie Roots
                              Night of the Living Dead - George Romero
          Types of Zombies
                    Shambling Corpse - Classic
                              Flesh/Brain hungry
                    Rage Virus - 28 Days later, Quarantine
                              Mostly Living
                    Undead Demon - Thriller, Dead Snow
                              Supernatural origin

2) Possibility of Zombies
          Requirement of Zombie
                    Operating Motor Functions
                    Unreasonable Hostility toward non-zombie
          Self-Replicating Cell -
          Viral Infection: Rabies / Mad Cow - Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease
          Neurotoxins - tetrodotoxin

3) Apocalypse Survival
          Where to go
          Dealing With zombies

OKAY. Our date/Time is:
Friday at 10PM!