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My 10 friends and I are planning on seeing the 9:15 showing of Pirates at the Camera 12 theaters on Thursday evening.  We're getting at  Hope you can crowd out the theaters with us.
I want to be in the smash tourney.  I'll PM you about it soon, just tagging this topic
Ideas and Suggestions / Church Service
May 18, 2007, 09:50:02 AM
Catholics prefer that only Catholics attend Catholic mass.  I know, I used to be really religious.

I like your idea about a Christian service.  I would attend, but I have strayed away from my faith.  Heh, maybe I'll stop by anyway if I come across it.
General Convention Discussion / Free internet?
May 18, 2007, 08:13:26 AM
Free internet?  Hmm, if I could hook up a wireless router, we could have pokemon wi-fi battles...
General Convention Discussion / survival tips
May 18, 2007, 08:09:15 AM
Some cheap food that will tide you over during con is trail mix and ramen and beef jerky.  My friend and I got through AX with two bags of trail mix and jerky.  We had ramen for breakfast every morning, and we bought dinner every evening.  We still got hungry, but we only paid for one meal a day.  We also brought Gatorade and fruit to hydrate us.

If you are going to get trail mix, avoid the kind with the dried fruit.  Raisins are fine, but the dried fruit gets all pasty in your mouth and makes you feel more dehydrated when you can't swallow it down.
Hey Barnes, sent you a PM.  Tell me if you're interested.
The only way to set levels to 50 or 100 automatically is to play over a wireless network connected to the internet.  It is doubtful that there will be a network at the con we can just tap into.  I have been trying to create a portable wireless network, but it has proven difficult so far, and requires something otaku don't have a lot of: cash.


I just heard that San Jose has city wide wi-fi access.  I'm not sure if its true, but if it is, I might be able to tap into it and get a wi-fi network going for us.
Oops, I said battle, didn't I?  Yeah, I do play pokemans too much.  But I meant I gotta play Simna in a smash match.  But if anyone's up for getting whupped in pokemon, I'm there too.

There's going to be a panel for smash bros?  Cool, can I help?
A Pokemon tournament?  Awesome, I'm there.  My friends and I have been playing competitively for years now.  You know you'll see me there.
CompyFranko, the Master Marksman, enters the fray.

I'll be looking forward to seeing Simna again.  Hey Simna, maybe we can grab some cheap grub again.  We gotta battle too.  Maybe I'll stand a chance against you this time.