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You ever watch a series and wonder why it's being so underrated? This happens to me often. I often see a fanbase for the series I watch in Japan, but never in the US. I always find myself asking "Am I the only one who watch this show?" Post some underrated series that you love, and we may discover something new.

Heres some of mine... I'll keep the summaries short.

Master Keaton - Man, this show gets no love... and it's hard to explain how much I love this show. The show is episodic, putting you through the eyes of an ex-SAS insurance agent that travels around the world. Each episode usually focuses on a short story with different characters and problems, following with Keaton solving these problems with his unorthodox ways. Each episode often focuses on different countries, portraying its people, culture and ethics pretty accurately. A very good watch.

Ookiku Furikabutte - This show has arguably become my new all-time favorite, and definately one of my top series for this season. The story is about a new highschool baseball team with only freshmen, and their struggle at trying to be the best. The style is a little different, focusing on the deep thoughts and psychological mind games that goes on inside the character's head, rather than it being a typical action sports series. Very character & story driven, and seriously addicting... and I don't even like baseball.

Victorian Romance Emma - No need to explain, watch if it you haven't lawl.

Moonlight Mile - I have yet to hear anyone watching this show. The story is about two friends and their struggles of being astronauts. You get to see the basic plot of astronaut training and it's politics. The style is pretty westernized, and it's like watching an American show. Carries a good mix of action and drama suspense with unique characters.

Kaleidostar - A series with a good mix of shounen-esque sports action, drama and comedy. I honestly don't know how popular this series is in the US, but I highly recommend it. The series focuses on Sora, a girl who dreams to become a top acrobatic star, and her long struggles to pursuit this dream. The plot sounds rather cliche, but the story is far more intriguing than it sounds.

Now post yours.

General Anime Chat / Does anyone else watch Code Geass?
February 14, 2007, 12:29:00 AM

Because this show is THAT awesome.

I haven't watched a good series like this in a while. Everything about this show is solid, lol.

Toss in anything you want about the show.

General Anime Chat / The MOE thread!
November 29, 2006, 08:35:18 PM
Ok, after some discussion with my fellow fanime board members, I think it's time for the official MOE thread for moe-related discussions. Talk about anything here, your favorite moe, your favorite girl/boy, favorite moe situations, anything goes. Traps are welcomed too.

The rules are simple!

-All posts in this thread must be moe-related.
-All posts must be kept somewhat clean. lol
-Please keep it hate-free.
-Be as geeky as you can be.
-Have fun!

New to Moe? Get some basic information Here

Now Moe-it-up!



ps  i will be putting up some sort of a moe chart or list soon, but I don't have the time today.
General Anime Chat / Bartender!
October 17, 2006, 11:47:18 PM
After watching the first episode of this new series, I really cannot wait for the second.

Simply put, this is going to be a really good series.

It's probably not everyone's glass of cocktail. The episodes are most likely standalone just as the manga is, and the pace is relaxing. The story unfolds itself in a unique way and puts you in the mind of the customer. Lastly, I freakin cannot believe its narrated by the famous Leo Morimoto!

If you like calm relaxing series like Mushishi and Aria the animation, I highly recommend this series. Atleast check out the first episode. :)


After Ryu's request of translation for a haruhi interview, I decided to sit down and do it, and do it RIGHT.

I haven't translated much stuff for a while, please excuse my horrible grammer, it was my best attempt but all the key stuff should be there. I really couldn't take too much time into it, but if people can sit down and just enjoy it, that'll be wonderful.

The interview is a "Oricon 5th in the charts" celebration interview by the 3 main heroines in the series. Haruhi, Mikuru and Yuki.

This was presented in the August edition of Megami Magazine.

H = Hirano Aya (Haruhi)
G = Gotou Yuuko (Mikuru)
C = Chihara Minori (Yuki)

With the finale of "The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya" TV series drawning near, we managed to talk with the three key actresses about this high quality show.

Haruhi is a character like no other. -Hirano-

-We understand that "The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya" is a mind-blowing series in many ways, if you are to introduce this series to your friends, what would you say?
H: The catch phrase for Haruhi is "an exceptional gakuen story", if I were to introduce this series to a friend, this slogan will cover most of what I want to say. Then I will just tell them "to watch the rest". (laugh)
G: A story of a girl who wants something different and miraculous in her life, who acts the way she wants to act without anything tying her down, manages to find miraculous events and people without her even knowing. (laugh) something like that.
C: It's a gakuen story, yet it has some Scifi-ness to it, with unique characters like tsundere and coodere. Something of that sort, uhmm that's hard to explain. (laugh)

-Sorry for starting off with such a hard question. (laugh) It looks like Haruhi doesn't air in a chronological order. In what order did you guys record the series?
H: We recorded them in the order they were aired. That's why we had characters suddenly disappear and reappear out of no where, with many new characters acting like regulars on the show. (laugh) It was puzzling at first. While I acted out Haruhi, I needed to grasp the character's emotions differently each time accordingly. Haruhi's melancholiness, her closeness with Kyon were some of the things I needed to be very careful of.
G: Yes yes, like regular characters of the show suddenly being introduced with a "nice to meet you" at the end of the series were pretty common. We needed to recheck the character's relationships on each episode.

-That must've been confusing. By the way Hirano-san, you were saying earlier that Haruhi was a mind-blowing character, I'm sure it was difficult voicing her out.
H: I actually never voiced an "energetic/genki" character until Haruhi. It was always the calm oneesan or the quiet girl. I was very worried at first but after voicing Haruhi for a while, I managed to catch Haruhi's force and energy. But more than that, I started liking Haruhi's character and that's when I started feeling more comfortable voicing her.

-Gotou-san, Chihara-san, did you notice Hirano-san's change while recording the series? For example, like Hirano-san acting more free and wild than before.
G: (Laugh) When I think about it, when Haruhi was being naughty toward Mikuru, Aya-chan starting doing things that wasn't in the script, and it got worse.
H:(Laugh) I was actually uncomfortable with teasing Mikuru at first.
G: Yeah, it felt like she wasn't into the teasing at first, like she was distant, but "boom" suddenly she got really into it, I saw a big improvement. Also it felt like Aya-chan was really enjoying it. (Laugh)

The character in spotlight is the giant Kamadouma! -Gotou-

-The main male protagonist of this series is Kyon, what are your thoughts on him?
H: Errrm... if he spoke in monologue like that everyday...
G: I don't know if I could stand that.
H: Yeah exactly~ I think I like Koizumi-kun more. (laugh) I like unique boys, like the ones who analyzes people on a daily basis.
C: Me too, I think Kyon is too nice, I like men who I can depend on...
G: But I think theres some things I like about Kyon. People say I act weird at times, so I may want someone who will correct and guide me.

-Then you might be perfect with Kyon. What are your favorite characters in the series, other than the ones you voiced?
H: I'm going with Shamisen the cat. I was always a cat-lover, but more importantly, I think it's hilarious that a cute cat like Shamisen is voiced by Ogata Kenichi-san.
G: He's voice is so refined and manly. I think my favorite is the president of the computer club. When he turned into a giant Kamadouma, it had me in tears. (Laugh) Also because the voice of the president and the kamadouma was done by the same person.
H: A Kamadouma?
G: What? You don't know? That thing that looks like a cricket, with long black legs and hides around toilets and kitchens.
H: Uhhhmmm...
C: I didn't know that either. I thought he got turned into a cricket.
G: Maybe they're only around my hometown....? (Nagoya)

-I am from Saitama, and they were everywhere. (Laugh) I think my favorite is the vegetable stand owner in episode 1. I loved his horrible acting.

"Haruhi" gave me a lot of impact. -Chihara-

-By the way, the ED of "Haruhi", "Hare Hare Yukai" performed by you 3 were a big hit. It's 5th on the Oricon Charts.
H: I was very surprised. (Bikkuri) I actually went to the music store to buy it on the release day only to find out that it was sold out. I went back several times after that, and bought the OP theme "Bouken Desho Desho?" everytime. (Laugh) It was after a week when I finally managed to purchase the ED theme single.
G: This news surprised me as well. People cheered at me saying "Woo Oricon singer!" at the office. (Laugh)
C: I was surprised, but I was more amazed at the popularity of the "Haruhi" series.
G: Yes yes, I am so thankful for all the fans who watched the series.

-The "dance" for the ED theme is very popular. I'm sure you guys can do the dance too right?
G: uh. of.. of course!
H: fufufu.
C: I hear that the non-sos brigade voice actors/actresses can do the dance as well.
G: It looks like a lot of the fans are really trying to learn it as well.

-It appears so yes. I'm looking forward for you guys to dance and sing in future appearances.
C: An event/appearance, sounds great.
H: Sounds fun.
G: True true.

-On June 21st, a new single "Suzumiya Haruhi no Tsumeawase" released, can you tell us a little about it?
H: The first song "God knows..." and the 2nd song "Lost my music" are the songs Haruhi sang in ep12 as a live performance. Both are very cool rock songs.
C: I listened to it, the music, the lyrics, the arrangements, everything was awesome.
H: The songs in the single are arranged a little different than the one aired in ep12. The sound should be more thick and crisp.

-So we can expect something a little different than the one aired. Finally the 3rd song by Mikuru, "Koi no Mikuru Desetsu". This is the theme song for the movie aired in ep1, "Asahina Mikuru's Journey", what can I say... the song is very unique and the lyrics has an awkward touch, yet there's something I can't get enough of. (laugh)
G: Exactly. (laugh) I needed to arrange my voice to fit Mikuru's amateur singing skills, making my voice and tempo toward the song off-key a bit. I was like "What am I going to do?" before the recording, but at the test recording, they accepted it really quickly. When people listened to the finished song, everyone said "You are so good at singing horribly." and that filled me with mixed feelings. (laugh)
C: She was really good at being a bad singer. (laugh) But I think this song will be fun at the Karaoke.
G: Oh maybe so. People can compete on who can score the lowest at one of those scoring karaoke machines. (laugh) I also think that this song gives you a good kick in the brain, so you should listen to it before going to study or if you are sleepy. (laugh)
H: (Laugh) This CD is named "Tsumeawase" (assorted) and does an excellent job at delivering the assorted "fun" or "Haruhi". All 3 songs are wonderful and we hope that everyone can enjoy it.

-Finally, please leave a message to all the "Haruhi" fans out there.
H: The finale of the series is closing near, and I want to thank everyone who stuck around for so long. We recorded this hoping that the ending will move your heart in some way. Please don't miss out.
C: I am so thankful to be involved in this series. I recieved so much power from this series that made me think "I too, need to work harder and become stronger." so many times. I wish it wouldn't end~.
G: It's such a shame that the series is coming to an end. Before airing, I thought a series like "Haruhi" would be something people are not be used to. But after hearing the fan's response, it wasn't like that at all. People were looking for "Haruhi" all this time. This is a unique work like no other, and I'm truly hoping for a sequel.