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Big Event Showcase / Re: Fanimaid Cafe 2010
December 05, 2009, 01:35:11 PM
Heeeey! Guess who's back! ;D

Sorry if I've been a bit later on responding the e-mails lately. Been very very busy!

In regard to the uniforms, I must mention that I highly do NOT recommend purchasing a uniform before you have been accepted. The reason behind this is that all uniform designs/photos must be approved of, before being worn into the cafe. This is to ensure quality of the design, suitability for the cafe, and if it is appropriate for us to allow our maids to wear.

I will also second that Gothic Lolita =/= Maid uniform! Thank you for understanding.

I can't wait for Fanimaid Cafe '10. We had a huge success the last year, many great things coming from working at the cafe, many great friends were maid. (Har har, get it. Yes, I'm a dork.) I hope that many of our new girls that decide to join us will have just as much fun as we did during Fanime '09, and the rest of the year together, as well! Good luck to all of you.

- Junchan
Ideas and Suggestions / Re: How about a Gokon?
September 05, 2009, 10:54:35 PM
Thank you for contributing an idea to the maid cafe. However, I don't feel that it's possible. Goukon are not traditional aspects of what a maid cafe is about, and it would be difficult to manage even if we did have this feature. Though, if I recall correctly, FanimeCon has relative events like Speed Dating and How to Talk to Girls/Guys panels. Goukon can be organized amongst yourselves and other fellow attendees, but the maid cafe won't be responsible for organizing them. Sorry!
Quote from: Mizuki on June 03, 2009, 06:19:25 PM
Since I will most likely be in charge of pre-con reservations (again) I will give the heads up when it is allowed to reserve.

Hey, you're the one who was whining about how you felt useless because I didn't give anything for you to do. :P

But yes. Reservations were actually initially for staff only. As it is only a 2-day event, taking too many reservations becomes difficult to manage the trafficking in and out of the cafe. We may have an option up for the week before Fanime ONLINE to make reservations, but taking reservations at the convention itself would be too messy.

If it were a commercial cafe that ran on a daily basis, it'd be different, but since it's a 2-day event at a popular convention, and now that we know that there will be seldom a moment where the cafe IS NOT full, reservations will be relatively limited on put up as a first-come-first-serve basis.

Thank you everyone for the feedback so far.
Quote from: SelenDragon on May 30, 2009, 03:38:31 AM
I wasn't too concerned with the extreme forms of maid service.. I was mostly sad that there wasn't much personal maid time and that more maids were in the photo area than the actual cafe area... I like watching skirts bounce as cute maids walk by. XDDDDDD

I'm sorry that there weren't enough maids within the cafe during your stay. Truthfully, we didn't expect to have so many customers and press this year, judging from how empty the cafe was in the previous years. But this year, there was not a moment where we weren't full, and the timeframe that you visited within was unfortunately very busy.

I will make sure that we'll hire more maids the next year, so that there are plenty of cute maids to interact with and walk down the isles for our goshujinsama to enjoy. ^^ Thank you!

Quote from: PoisonFish on May 30, 2009, 12:10:27 PM
You know, there was one maid who had twin tails that struck me as particular cute. But it was within a sea of adorableness.

Though I do have a question. How many games did the cafe have for visitors total? When we spent time there it seemed like there were very few.

What we had available was about 4 toys (Crocodile Dentist, Pop-up Pirate, Let's Go Fishing!, and Guess Who? Pok'emon Edition), Jan-Ken-Pon Achi Muite Hoi!, and activities such as drawing and doing origami.

Though again, the popularity of the cafe was actually a very pleasant and unexpected surprise. To cater to the following years, I'll be sure to purchase more new games, and several of the popular old ones. We're open to suggestions! Thank you!
I apologize for the lack of service during your stay. Since you mentioned our performance within the cafe, I can somewhat estimate the time you visited during. Unfortunately, that was during a time where other people coming in and out of the cafe frequently, including press, and special requests to take photos, so it was very busy. In a less occupied time, our maids normally do spend a good deal of time with our customers and fulfill the experience with interaction through conversation and playing games-- however, there were always moments where all of us were very busy and needed to cater to other customers' demands.

Our maids have been trained to interact with our patrons in-character, and appropriately, with distinguished traits and knowing what to say and when, which includes phrases in greeting and escorting our patrons to the exit. I apologize if one of our maids was too quiet and I will push to have more clarity in our speech in the following years. However, we are unable to do things such as kneeling and the cooling service due to health regulations and the comfort of our audience. (Though, most maid cafes in Japan too, don't seem to do much of kneeling anymore?)

We appreciate all constructive criticism, and as this is our first year running the cafe, we will be sure to make improvements for future years of service. I hope you come visit us again next year and enjoy your experience. Thank you!
I wrote a long entry on my blog about my experience. It's really long, so I don't expect most people to read it, but I thought I'd love to share. ^^

This was the best weekend of my life.

Thank you so much, for the many many wonderful people who made it possible.
Kazuko gave me and Mikey's. They're awesome! Thanks!

Too bad I lost all my old ones while jumping around in the concert. I miss my '07 one, especially. XD
This weekend was like one big great dream. I'm still in disbelief any of it even happened. It was fun for a lot of us, so I'm sad that it's all over.

Though, I admit the long break from work is somewhat refreshing. \o/
You know coming from me and Mikey that we and many other of us fans would LOVE to have Momoi back at Fanime!

Really, because of Momoi, this has made this THE best FanimeCon for a lot of us. P.S. Thank you for a bunch of staff for making many fans, and my dream come true.

The concert was AMAZING. I still feel really sore, but it's wonderful. The energy and joy Momoi has brought to us has been the highlight of many years.
Hihi. We sang Nico Nico Douga Ryuuseigun (ニコニコ動画流星群) a.k.a. Nico Medley 4.0.

I hope you enjoyed our performance!
Hello everyone! It's time for a feedback thread!!!

First off, I'd like to thank everyone for our great success this year! Thank you to all my hard-working, enthusiastic, devoted, wonderful wonderful maids, my AWESOME fellow maid cafe staff, and everyone who put so many days (and restless nights) of hard work to make it possible, staff, the awesome rovers who helped us, everyone from Extravaganzas, and fans for all their hard work and support. Thank you so much!

I assure you all that these maids have put in A LOT of hard work, and we hope to see you all again next year! All of our fans, have been wonderful and supportive, and make me feel truly honored to have run the cafe this year. It truly brings me to tears.

And to quote one of our maids, Mei-chan, "I've never been so malnutritioned, busy, yet had so much fun all at the same time. ww Jokes aside, 乙!"

There was never a moment that the cafe was NOT at full capacity. Fanimaid☆LIVE @ Stage Zero had the biggest crowd for a Stage Zero event in Fanime history! We've received so much positive feedback. We have had special guests, overseas fans, many returning customers and supporters, flooded with press, and board members who have claimed Fanimaid Cafe to be THE BEST maid cafe in any American convention. I've had so many people approach me just to thank us for such the huge success.

Also, thank you for all the support, gifts, and water donated from the Rovers! Never have I ever experienced such an amazing part of fandom.

Thank you guys so much. Just, so much.

I hope to hear from all of you soon!
I would also like to add that we have special events this year!

We will be hosting a musical performance on Saturday afternoon, 2:00pm on Stage Zero called Fanimaid☆LIVE! Not only that, but our con's very special musical guest, Halko Momoi, is attending the first half to see our tributes to her. Please come, and we'd all appreciate your support!

On Sunday, we will be hosting a raffle and trivia. The anime trivia event is called Quiz Maid Academy and is happening in the cafe, at 6:30pm. Come and win a prize!

The cafe is going to have a lot of changes this year, so stop by to check it out. \o/
I apologize if it seems that we're against AX's maid cafe, because that's not the case at all. In fact, one or two of our volunteers actually work for Funky Fresh Cosplay as well. We're two seperate entities. There's no competition between us, and it's good that other conventions can provide maid cafe services as well, as maid cafes are a huge part of Akihabara culture.

Though I would have to point out that above information about host clubs are false. Host Clubs are elaborate businesses with an intricate practice of flattering their customers. They are not illegal in Japan, as there are plenty of legal host clubs in Japan in business.
Again, AnCafe isn't nearly as big as people here believe them to be. Even if they have an international fanbase, this only applies to a very small group. Even with all the fans combined, it'd still be a fairly small group, and would be far from what one would consider "huge".

I'd also have to mention, like I did on another thread, is that fans of their genre (Visual-kei/Oshare-kei) are more conspicuous and "loudly expressive" in comparison to fans of Momoi's genre (Akiba-kei/Denpa-kei) would be.

But truth is, Akiba-kei/Denpa-kei is on the rise and becoming more and more popular and mainstream, whereas Visual-kei/Oshare-kei NEVER, EVER EVER has.

To quote my other post, "This means, fans of Momoi... coming across the globe to Fanime to see this concert, despite the swine flu scare. This means, Perfume (which are of the same genre) becoming widely advertised and mainstream, i.e. HUGE internationally, despite being a extremely new group. This means.... both K-On's (a anime series of the same genre) opening and ending singles hit Oricon Charts weekly as both #1 and #2."

But anyway, they both cater to different genres and fandoms. There ARE fans of Momoi, and they're undeniably passionate, and many of them, VERY VERY loyal fans. Even if they're not present on this forums, within their own communities (which I am a part of), many people are extremely excited and going through much preparation to travel to Fanime just to see Momoi.

We've had Visual-kei-related guests for years now. Let us Akiba-kei fans have our year of fun, for once.
I would have to add that Visual-kei and Oshare-kei was never really big in the first place. However, I acknowledge that it's VERY popular amongst fans in California, at least. AnCafe's fandom doesn't really extend much outside of very small sub-groups that follow these sorts of things, which despite being international... is still very small.

I would also have to add that AnCafe, for Visual-kei fandoms in general... ESPEEEEEECIALLY in California, are more erm, for lack of a better word (at least, that I'm allowed to say) are more "loudly expressive" than that of the fandom Momoi's audience would be, outside of concerts.

A lot of people don't care for niche genres like Oshare-kei and AnCafe, whereas Oshare-kei fans don't care about Denpa-kei artists like Momoi. But in either case, there is a fandom for both.

And Akiba-kei/denpa-kei is on the rise in Japan, becoming more mainstream, whereas Oshare-kei... never has.

This means, fans of Momoi... coming across the globe to Fanime to see this concert, despite the swine flu scare. This means, Perfume (which are of the same genre) becoming widely advertised and mainstream, i.e. HUGE internationally, despite being a extremely new group. This means.... both K-On's (a anime series of the same genre) opening and ending singles hit Oricon Charts weekly as both #1 and #2.

@PyronIkari: P.S. There ARE NO Taco Bells in Japan... outside of army bases. That's saying something.
As much as I like the Higurashi franchise, it isn't psychological. I wish people stop saying it was, as if it had some sort of deep philosophy to it. The cast is psycho, sure, but that doesn't make it "psychological". Naruto is even more "psychological" than Higurashi is. Chaos;Head, even less than that.

But hey, you know what's a tear jerker? HAJIME NO IPPO.

As for suggestions, I don't know. For Baker, I'd assume he'd like something like Karin.
Quote from: Gekido 87 on May 08, 2009, 05:49:23 PM
Quote from: Ryo_Hellsing on May 08, 2009, 04:54:35 PM
I'm pretty open depending on which subjects plus I'm told that I epically fail that talking to "normal" people?

Dunno :/

But ja if you get me started on a topic [ ei ; Tribe, deadpool, zombie girl, ect] then I wont shut up XD

Haha the same goes for me. I can't talk properly with others unless I change the subject involving anime. I'm like "uh, hmm, um, ever heard about this new anime?" They look at me weird, their like "What?" Then I have to explain it to them.

Welp, you guys are talking to each other, right?
Heya. I'm gonna just throw my image here in there...

Mine will be this image.

Use this as the ava. If you want, you can cut out the blue parts and make it transparent.

Fan-name, Jun-Watarase a.k.a. Chuhai or choose whatever you think works best.

For Pyron...

Use this one as his image.

And this for the ava. OOOOR... his current avatar, if you prefer.

And fan-name is PyronIkari, of course.

And again, thanks Suspi! Thanks Tsubasa! :]

EDIT: The danbooru links might not work if you just click on them. Just enter them again on the URL box, or copy paste and it'll work. :V
I want one this year, too! But I've yet to find an imagine I want on it, yet. Hmm...

Fan name will be Jun-Watarase a.k.a. Chuhai. If too long, just put Chuhai this year~ Thanks, as always, Suspi and Tsubasa! \o/