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Anyone know where it's at? I got a ticket.
First time going cant believe it's already after tomorrow, first con as well.
Good to know only some accept cards I was wondering about that. Sucks you gotta have cash on you.
Quote from: OtakuAngel87 on May 18, 2016, 10:22:22 PM
well welcome!!  The concerts are usually a lot of fun.  There's a bunch of seats, it's first come first serve but you should be able to end up with a good seat :)

Thanks and yeah I bet they are it's just the prep work that's concerning us. This Sunday we're gettin together to plan our days out so the more info the better
Quote from: OtakuAngel87 on May 18, 2016, 08:42:20 PM
well if u are referring to before the concert starts you could sit on the sidewalk or ground cause they won't let us in til like 30 mins til. If u are referring to during the concert you should be able to sit.

Yeah I meant inside, it's just when you add the amount of waiting that's what I'm wondering. I have others going too so we're all just making sure. This is our first con and all.
Quote from: TC_X0_Lt_0X on May 18, 2016, 02:06:07 PM
Ive been to MusicFest several times, and in my general experience if you want seats in the front block, line up 1 to 2 hours before the event, pending on artist popularity. If you want direct front row, I imagine you want to line up several hours even earlier. Im not 100 on that, ive never tried to get front row, but I have seen people lined up around noon before.

Panels are generally line up to 1 hour tops for popular panels. Most of the bigger panels are given premium seating space so you should be able to get in the vast majority of panels even if you come late, though youll probably get bad seats if you do. Lining up for panels is a good way to rest any aching legs though if you are free so it is not a terrible ideas to come 30minutes ahead for the sake of decent seats.

An addendum, because it irks me whenever I went to MusicFest, dont be afraid to be active during the concert. I cant tell you how often I have seen peeps just sit quietly and listen to the concert. To each their own I suppose, but it is quite prevalent I noticed, particularly towards the front rows surprisingly. I dont know, it feels a little disrespectful to the guests to have a dead audience.

Was just asking bout seating to give their legs a break during the 45 minutes beforehand if people wanted to. Front row to semi front is my ideal or a bit further depending on volume.
When before 6:15 should I get in line/does the line form? How loud should I expect it to be, are earplugs recommended? Lastly are you standing inside or is there seating?

On a side note I'd like to know when lines start for panels.