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Yo. So umm this is kind of a last minute thing, since the con is like 2 days away. Is there "any" loners out there who doesn't want to go to this con alone? This is going to be my first Fanime con, and going alone seems kinda sad. Other meet up topics looks like they already found their peeps, so it's weird trying to butt in when your the new guy.

My main reason going to this con is for getting to know how some cons are like(planning a trip for the Expo). Other than that I mostly plan to walk around trying to find/buy anime goods. I haven't look into the events yet, but I'll plan it out on day one. Planning ahead is too much of a pain.

More about me, I'm 25, male, likes anime, into RPG games(FIRE EMBLEM!), and I'm a bit weird. I plan to pick up my badge and attend the Swap Meet on Thursday. So if any of you loners out there who isn't a bit scared/weird out to meet complete strangers... >.> Who would still like to make new friends or find a traveling companion feel free to reply or PM me. :)
First time trying to go this year and I have a few questions.

1. Is the Swap meet open to the public and do I have to pay to get in?

2. Does anyone know the registration cost for one day pass? have work on 2 of the con days T-T

3. Does the booths accept debit/credit cards? It's kind of a bad idea to bring a lot cash IMO.

4. I saw the volunteer hours are posted on Thursday as well. Does this mean you can volunteer early and it will transfer to the next day?

Any help would be much appreciated. Thank you!