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Hello! Hello! Hello! Loners of 2017...  :-X

So con fun times is in about 6 days from now yo! So last year meet up was pretty decent and I guess this will be round two with new peeps maybe? I noticed there are already some people claiming to be loners this year unfortunately(or not) so if any of you wanted to chill in line con together then you have come to the right place! If you all ain't scared to meet total strangers or make new friends then feel free to post replies and mingle~ We gotta get this thread lively again people!

Side note, I may or may not be alone this year so I will either have a friend/family with me if anyone wanted to meet up with me, and just like last year, I'm still a complete weirdo.  :B
Well that was fun while it lasted ;D See you all next year! or the Expo... >.>
Hello everyone? I'm heading out to the con now!  ;D If any of you still want to meet up I'll be in the dealers hall until 7 and the 18+ gaming hall at Hyatts?? later tonight. I'll be the dude with the blue backpack and I believe I'll be wearing shorts and a white tee today(it's so hot today) >.>

Call out my username to reach me XD
"nerd with no life" I think you found the right thread, my friend >.> Can't make any promises about the other peeps, but I think I might be semi part of that category... xD We all have different interest here. I don't have any interest in panty & stocking, but we can still hang out and talk until we find something we have in common XD The world is a big place after all  ;D

Just meeting new people and making new friends I don't think you need a list for that >.> I won't be going to the con on Saturday until 6-6:30PM due to personal reasons, but if anyone wants to PM me. I'll try to PM back with my contact info after I take care of everything. I will be late, but I'LL BE THERE!
Sorry I wasn't really here today. I was at the con picking up my badge(THE LINE WAS HORRIBLE!).. but sure why not I made this topic for the sole purpose of uniting all the loners out there who doesn't want to be alone for this con :D

I thought I was the silent type, but I talked way more than I should have >.> so you'll be fine. I actually might leave at 9AM tomorrow to find parking and arrive there at 10AM, so I won't be checking this forum for the con duration.. I'll PM you my contact info if you still wanna meet up though :)
Hello everyone and good morning! Today is the day for the badge pick up! Hopefully no one forgot that...

So everyone who PM'd me I have already PM'd back(I think..) with my contact info and if I didn't I'm completely sorry I suck at multi tasking.. >.> Just for a heads up I'll be there for the badge pick up and swap meet, so if you feel like meeting up/hanging out before the con starts it's not too late! Hopefully, I'll see some of you there today and if not Friday is the fated day :D

P.S. It's not too late to join in the fun! I'll still be here until 1PM. 8)
I'll most likely still be around cause I plan to go to the Swap meet as well, so if you wanna hang out for a bit I'll be there just chilling, and crying about the parking prices, and then finally go into a depression T-T
Hope you feel better soon the con is literally just 25 hours away! >.>

Side note. Is anyone else planning to go pick up their badge tomorrow at 3PM?

Quote from: Abyss1 on May 25, 2016, 03:41:15 PM
Ive been going to fanime as a loner for the past 3yrs is actually more enjoyable in my opinion.  I would link up with you guys but I have the Old Timer X Loner issue which makes me less reluctant to meet new people

Well we'll be there if you ever change your mind :D
Work is calling and there's stuff that needs to be done. So if there is still anyone out there who wants a traveling companion or atleast someone to talk to like I do... Feel free to rely to this topic or PM me.

I'll be back later tonight like around 11:30PM to check for any relies or PMs. Hopefully >.>
Quote from: shirohairo on May 25, 2016, 01:39:41 PM
I should be there around 3. I'll message you my contact info.

Likewise and I just PM'ed you my contact info. I guess I'll see you tomorrow.

Quote from: shirohairo on May 25, 2016, 12:38:34 PM
Hi, I wouldn't mind meeting up! I might be meeting up with some people but nothing has been confirmed yet, so I'm still a loner. XD I'll be there on Thursday as well for the same reasons, if you want to hang out then.
I would love to hang out with fellow anime loving fans! I'll probably be there at 2:30 or 3 to pick up my badge and if nothing comes up I'll probably wander around until the Swap Meet event?/thing happens.. What time will you be heading off if you don't mind me asking?
Yo. So umm this is kind of a last minute thing, since the con is like 2 days away. Is there "any" loners out there who doesn't want to go to this con alone? This is going to be my first Fanime con, and going alone seems kinda sad. Other meet up topics looks like they already found their peeps, so it's weird trying to butt in when your the new guy.

My main reason going to this con is for getting to know how some cons are like(planning a trip for the Expo). Other than that I mostly plan to walk around trying to find/buy anime goods. I haven't look into the events yet, but I'll plan it out on day one. Planning ahead is too much of a pain.

More about me, I'm 25, male, likes anime, into RPG games(FIRE EMBLEM!), and I'm a bit weird. I plan to pick up my badge and attend the Swap Meet on Thursday. So if any of you loners out there who isn't a bit scared/weird out to meet complete strangers... >.> Who would still like to make new friends or find a traveling companion feel free to reply or PM me. :)
Quote from: Mango Bunny on May 24, 2016, 11:49:48 AM
If you are in the area the con is 24 hours so you could potentially join in after work!

This is definitely need to know information. Thanks!
Hello there this is going to be my first time attending fanime this year and I have no clue who I might be going with yet(I literally just sent out a few texts to see who can make it...) But I want to try and meet new people and get out of my comfort zone. I can only attend Friday and Sunday sadly. Favorite animes are Spice and Wolf/Overlord.

Updated: So more about me.. I'm 25, Asian, and I love anime since I was 12?(Ranma 1/2, Fushigi Yuugi, Inuyasha) but if you count DBZ then we're talking about around 5-7. Not comfortable saying my name on forums cause I don't like being judged. I bet I've probably been judged a couple times based on my username lol. I won't be around much until Thursday.
Thank you both for answering the questions and the quick reply :D

I guess it's a better deal to just buy the full weekend compared to buying a two day pass separately.. :l
First time trying to go this year and I have a few questions.

1. Is the Swap meet open to the public and do I have to pay to get in?

2. Does anyone know the registration cost for one day pass? have work on 2 of the con days T-T

3. Does the booths accept debit/credit cards? It's kind of a bad idea to bring a lot cash IMO.

4. I saw the volunteer hours are posted on Thursday as well. Does this mean you can volunteer early and it will transfer to the next day?

Any help would be much appreciated. Thank you!