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One Piece: Binks' Sake, Oretachi wa Family (aka Family), Share the World, Jungle P, Wake up!, Hard Knock Days, Dr. Heart Stealer, Adventure World, Crazy Rainbow, Brand New World, Dear Friends, Hands Up, Kaze o Sagashite, Shouchi no Suke, Shin Jidai no Saga, Lost in Shinsekai

Ouran High School: Bokura no Love Style

Soukou Kijo Iris: Tsuyogari

Prince of Tennis: Wonderful Days, Yume no Tsuzuki II, Black Rain, Dear Prince ~Tenisu no Oujisama-tachi e~, Flower -Sakimida Hana-, Koi no Gekidasa Ecstasy!

New Prince of Tennis: Enjoy, Kakumei e no Prelude, Mirai no Bokura e, Party Time

Naruto: Hotaru no Hikari, Re:member, Gyu-ru-ru

Nurse Witch Komugi-chan Majikarute: Magical Idol Kourin

Hikaru no Go: I'll be the One

tenchi muyo: up-walk in galaxy

tsubasa chronicle: you are my love (english and japanese)

Hetalia: The delicious tomato song (romano), Hamburger street (america), wa! wa! World Ondo, Marukaite Chikyuu (chibitalia), Hatafutte Parade (chibitalia, italy, and romano)

HunterxHunter: Ohayo

hunterxhunter 2011: Departure!, just awake

happy lesson: telescope, yume no miyako tokyo life, C'

hana no ko lunlun: Hana no ko lunlun

getbackers: Yuragu Koto Nai Ai

gintama: Pray, Fuusen Gamu

gravitation: Sleepless beauty, the rage beat, Shining Collection, Spicy Marmalade

Kaleido Star: Take it shake it

kuroshitsuji: Monochrome no Kiss, Shiver, The slightly chipped full moon

kamen rider Kabuto: Next Level

Kamen Rider Den-O: Climax Jump den-liner form, double action, double action axe form, double action strike form, double action gun form, double action rod form

Kamen Rider Kiva: Destiny's Play

Kamen Rider OOO: Anything Goes!, Time Judged All

Kimeru (artist): Oath in the Storm

AAA (artist): Kuchibiru Kara Romantica, That's right

Tenimyu (prince of tennis musicals): do your best, golden pair, good combination, katsu no wa hyoutei, koori no emperor, kagami no naka no ore (I and II), kore ga seigaku regular-jin na no da!, ore-sama no bigi ni boogie woogie, remember hyoutei, rival na futari, this is the prince of tennis, hijou no tennis, heavy rain

Loveless: Tsuki no Kaasu

vampire knight: Futatsu no Kodou to Akai Tsumi

vampire knight guilty: Rinne Rondo

wedding peach: wedding wars -ai no honoo-

Weiss Kreuz: it's too late, no reason, mellow candle

weiss Kreuz Gluhen: gluhen

yami no matsuei: amethyst Remembrance, Eden, Love me

Yugioh: overlap, rakuen, shuffle, Voice, wild drive, warriors

initial D: break in2 the night, rage your dream

gakuen alice: pika pika no taiyo

fruits basket: teru teru momiji

FMA: kyoudai

d.gray-man: lala's lullaby

death note: alumina

digimon adventure: itsumo itsudemo

dragon ball z: Dete Koi Tobikiri ZENKAI Power!

dragon ball: makafushigi adventure

xxxholic: 19sai, reason

soul eater: resonance, style
Excalibur and Black Star from Soul Eater. Relena from Gundam Wing. Sakura from Naruto. Osakada Tomoka from Prince of Tennis. For One Piece, I'd say Foxy the Pirate.
General Anime Chat / Re: The Top5 Anime You Like
May 06, 2016, 10:49:06 PM
In no particular order: One Piece, Prince of Tennis, Gintama, Death Note, Hetalia.
Hetalia G-2 or G3. Sunday, either at 2-3 or 3-4.
Probably with the actual gathering. Thanks!
How's Sunday 3-4 sound? Or 2-3? At G1. That's at the convention center first floor just inside the doors.
First, we figure out which day to make it and what hour. Then, location.
I'll run this gathering. :D But, I might need help.
Namikawa Daisuke, Charles Martinet, Tanaka Mayumi, Kamiya Hiroshi, Suzumura Kenichi, Seki Tomokazu, Seki Toshihiko, Yusa Kouji, Hoshi Souichirou, Kaida Yuki, Takahashi Hiroki, and Nakai Kazuya. Also, AAA (Japanese band).
1-2 Roommates needed (any gender)
Name: Sora
Hotel info: San Jose Marriott. Price will be $180 for entire stay. I have the room from Thurs-Tues, but anytime in that time will be fine. Please PM me if you are interested.
Other info: I only request that you don't bring alcohol into the room and don't smoke. If you wish to drink, you may do it elsewhere, but please come back sober.
Yeah, it would be.
Roommates Wanted

Introduction: I'm Sora, and I've been attending and offering room spaces since Fanime 2005. I'm very responsible.
+ Hotel Information: I have a room at the Doubletree Hotel with two beds, which is on the free Fanime shuttle line. It's from Wed-Tues.
+ Costs: I would prefer cash when you come, and it'll be $113 per person. Looking for two people.
+ Requirements: gender doesn't matter, but no smokers or drinkers. Actually, if you drink, do it elsewhere (not in the room), but come back sober please. Also, if you decide to back out, please inform me no later than the 20th, because otherwise, I will still expect your share from you, plus a penalty fee, and this will also apply if you are a no-show. I don't tolerate stealing, so please don't do it. Also, trashing the room is a no-no. I know it happens, but please try to keep the room as orderly as possible. Of course, no vandalism is no-brainer. If you decide to charge anything extra to the room (such as phone calls from the room using the room phone), please take care of it yourself. No one else should be liable to your extra charges.
+ Contact: You can PM me, as I check it constantly, or answer this post. If you'd like talk more outside the forums, let me know also. I will provide contact info through PM.
Hotel Stayed: San Jose Marriott
Nights Stayed: 5 (Thu-Tues)
Amenities: 2 double beds
Helpfulness of Staff: Very. They are great!
Roomshares?: four people total.
Pros of Hotel: close to con, nice valet (so no need to find own parking), friendly staff, good pool and jacuzzi
Cons of Hotel: elevators, trying to get downstairs on Monday (when elevators kept coming to my floor full, I took the stairs down. Unfortunately, everyone else seemed to have the same idea), no fridge (extra for it)
Would You Stay Again: Yes. Every year.
Recommendations/Suggestions/Misc: Bring a cooler along next time.

Hotel Stayed: Ramada
Nights Stayed: 4 (Thu-Mon)
Amenities: fridge, queen bed, microwave
Helpfulness of Staff: Quite.
Roomshares?: Two people.
Pros of Hotel: smaller (so not as crowded), cheap, good complimentary breakfast
Cons of Hotel: walking back and forth
Would You Stay Again: Yes
Recommendations/Suggestions/Misc: Not much
Please check my posting under the main roommates topic, on page 2. I am needing roomies.
Quote from: Kaori on April 04, 2006, 09:06:56 PM
Kisarazu Atsushi- Prince of Tennis

Yeah! I'm in!

You got yourself a yellow duck? :D
*raises hand* I'll do Ed. :D
Roommates needed

Name: Sora
Room: Ramada (Thur-Mon)
Room type: queen bed
Requirements: non-smoker and please don't drink in the room. If you do drink, please come back sober. Either male or female.
Cost per person: $50
Other Info: Will not be crowded. If you wish to stay Monday night as well, I won't charge you for it.
Reply by PM please. :D

I had two people cancel on me so I currently need more roomies. Please let me know you need a room!
Hotel and Facilities / Re: Fanime 2013 Roommate thread
February 13, 2013, 04:13:04 PM
Hi, my name is Sora, and I have a room at the marriott for $123.06/person for the entire weekend from Thurs-Tues. Any gender is fine, as long as you're not a smoker, and I need two people. Anyone interested? Contact me by PM or respond to this posting. Thank you.

Seki Tomokazu, Yamaguchi Kappei, Suzumura Kenichi, AAA (band), Seto Koji, Miura Ryosuke, Yusa Koji, Seki Toshihiko, Koyasu Takehito, Miki Shinichiro, and Paku Romi.