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The Hilton elevators used to do that to me, but the Mariott ones didn't.  Then again I never really had to go far because usually the elevator got stopped on the 2nd floor, and I was on the 8th... If I was on the 10th or so it might've been another matter.

All I can suggest is sleep and eat.  I tried getting into an elevator at the con a few years back after not eating, I nearly fell on my head.  The inertia-vertigo gets a crapton worse if you're dehydrated, haven't eaten or are severely sleep deprived.
Ideas and Suggestions / FFXI Photoshoot?
May 29, 2008, 03:46:01 PM
Anyone got any pics of this available yet?  I didn't get to go, didn't even see the cosplay gathering list until the evening after it had happened, but I'd love to see who showed up!

Edit: Crapola, I posted this in the wrong place.  Would a mod please be so kind as to move it? Sorry. >_<
That's just wonderful.  I'm glad I didn't see them, I would have been enraged.  Making righteous threats like that when they clearly know next to nothing of anime?  I guess they don't know how many anime fans are also Christians...  This kind of bigoted crap is repulsive.  Ugh.

Someone should've sent out the Jesus cosplayer that was wandering around the con and the Mariott.  That would've been fuuuuun.   ;D
Quote from: jeans on May 25, 2008, 08:42:36 AM
Hey y'all, just fyi:

The "online registration" he's talking about has nothing to do with pre-registering or early registration. When I went with some friends to get their badges, Fanime had computers set up where you entered in your own information (First name, Last name, etc.). You had the option of connecting to the registration website wirelessly if you had a computer in line with you, then you could skip to the front of the line. I agree, if this website where people were registering at-con were made available to people at home, they could have quickly had their information sent to Fanime and then paid for and received their badges upon arrival.

Whoa.  That's pretty weaksauce.  Did they even mention that on the site prior to the con?  Even so, what a drag...  not everyone can afford to bring a computer with them, or has one... 
Quote from: naruto 101 on May 24, 2008, 07:40:48 PM
   I just returned from my first FANIME CONVENTION ,and the one thing that irritated me the most was the
registration process.
        Perhaps you can streamline the process to 1 line.
        Perhaps you can place a simple sentence on your web page and say that on line registration may
reduce wait times on line markedly at the Fanime Convention.Today I waited 1.5 hours on the first line.
I could have avoided the first line wait time if I registered on line.The other 3 lines were shorter.

First and foremost, it should be a GIVEN that you're going to get through the line more quickly if you pre-register or early-register.  The site says plain and clear that you're allowed to get your badge as early as Thursday evening if you pre-register- obviously they're giving people an advantage over those who register on site.  I'm pretty sure the site has also mentioned repeatedly that you do get expedited registration if you pre-reg, but I can't find that now.  Secondly, it's to be expected- pre-regging and early-regging aren't mandatory, so there will be plenty of people showing up at every con who haven't registered yet and have to do it on-site for whatever reason.  The con does not already have your name, your payment method, your address, your ID.  They have to do it all there while you're standing in front of them with a huge line behind you.  Problems come up.  Things that could easily be avoided if people pre-reg.

QuoteI notice that perhaps 75% of the people attending the event were younger than 20.For the admission
price of 30.00 per day ,I would expect that this is a lot of money for them to spend on this event and I
personally believe we should expect better customer service.

Furthermore, as you may have noticed at some point, the con's logo is "For Fans, By Fans."  This isn't being run by corporate people who have done this every single day of their lives.  For the most part, people volunteer, and whether or not they have experience (many are returning volunteers), that's what they are.  They're doing the best they can.  The experience isn't streamlined because pre-registration and early-registration gives the Con itself a break.  They can print our badges ahead of time, get an idea of how many attendees are going to be there, know how much material to print, how many seats to set out, and so forth and so on.  It's helpful to THEM, not just to us.  You get a badge for cheaper, you get it earlier and you get through line faster!  What's better than that?  Aside from that, yes, 30 dollars a day may seem steep, but again, if you register earlier, it'll be less expensive (sometimes down to half the cost of a full weekend badge at the end of the season), and it's not uncalled for.  They do have to rent practically the entire convention center AND the hall across the street for the entire weekend, not to mention the equipment for playing the anime, some of the anime themselves, the equipment in the arcade, and so forth and so on.  It takes a lot of time and money to run a con, and I have never really felt that I'm getting gypped out of my money.  It ain't cheap, but it's worth it.
QuoteIf anyone has had a similiar experience,please share your experience so that the convention organisers will recognize this as a problem and try to fix this problem in the future.

I've had a similar experience.  For about 6 years running now.  The registration is always long, and if you think it's bad today, you should've experienced the con back when it was in Santa Clara.  Things have improved, and I'm sure your suggestions will be taken into account.  I hope you found the rest of your Fanime experience to be more enjoyable than the registration line- that's always a pain in the neck, but really, the staff isn't to blame.  They do what they can.