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On this subject, when do the sign-Ups for the masquerade begin this year? It's already March and May is technically right around the corner from April. I look forward to performing on stage like last year. Does anyone have any information regarding sign ups instructions and emails to send the requests to?

Big Event Showcase / Re: Cosplay Masquerade 2014 Registration Info
« on: April 11, 2014, 01:07:50 AM »
I heard back, and they told me that they would contact me soon with my "registration number" I saved the email just in case if anything happens in the shipping of stuff. I'm stull currently waiting for this "registration number". I heard back from them a few days after I submitted my info to the cosplay department the night the submissions opened.

Big Event Showcase / Re: Cosplay Masquerade 2014 Registration Info
« on: March 29, 2014, 08:57:08 AM »
Yeah Same here I just sent a email with all my info to the "cosplay" email address with my information. I am also waiting for the page to open as well. I've been up most of the night as well. I wonder if it is a little behind schedule or something

Big Event Showcase / Re: Cosplay Spectacular 2014 Question
« on: February 03, 2014, 02:04:48 PM »
I would also like to know what day it will be held on. However in addition to this, when are the masquerade sign ups going to be online?

Big Event Showcase / Re: Music for the Black and White Ball 2010
« on: April 12, 2010, 08:39:27 PM »
Since this is an Anime Convention it would be nice to keep the theme within the "Anime Spectrum" a pull a list of music that will closly match the music dance styles for each occasion. SEE BELOW FOR EXAMPLE:

Dance (waltz)

music: (Revolutionary Girl Utena MOVIE) -Toki Ni Ai Wa
          (Macross 2 -Do You Remember Love) -Mo Ichido Love You-
          (Megazone 23) -Kaze no Lulliby-
          (Final Fantasy X 2) -1000 Words-
          (Himikoden) -Pure Snow-

Dance (Swing)

Music: (Najica Blitz Tactics) -Body & Mind-
          (Burn Up Scramble)    -Love or Unlimited-
          (Lost Universe) -Extrication- (Freak Lounge REMIX)
          (New Cutey Honey) -Rendez-vous in Space-
          (Cowboy Bebop) -Tank

This would be just an example of matching anime style music to dance. It would be excellent to this again, there has not been a good "true" anime ball with "anime music in a long time. Maybe this year will be a little different!       

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