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Quote from: Nina Star 9 on April 18, 2015, 10:03:29 PM
The gathering is always at Cesar Chavez park, directly across the street from the Marriott side of the convention center, in the middle of Market street. It's usually toward the middle of the park, but it should be pretty obvious from the huge crowd of people in grey paint and horns. :]

Here's a map if you aren't familiar with the area. It's a very short walk.

Thank you! Yeah, I'm far from familiar with the area. I actually live in lil' old Merced. The map will come in handy!
I'm putting a trainer outfit together, so I'll try to stop by! I'm not going as an official trainer (as in an ace trainer, a bug catcher, etc), I'm just going as a trainer in general. Look out for me; I'll have a little Froakie perched on my shoulder!
Hey everybody! I'm Kaiser, and if this gathering is still happening (which I really hope it is), I wouldn't mind lending a hand if you need me to. I'm not a con master my any means, but this isn't my first time around. This will be my fifth time attending a con (and I've had at least one Homestuck cosplay with me every time!) I've attended multiple Homestuck gatherings, so I've seen chaos and I've seen organization. My brother and I are both willing to assist in keeping things together. I can be most easily contacted on tumblr ( ) , and my brother can also be reached on tumblr ( ). I'm sending you an email as well. Thanks for putting yourself out there for this gathering!

(Oh and a suggestion? In the video you said that you wanted to make sure everyone knew where the gathering was going to be held, but I didn't attend Fanime last year, so I'm not all that sure where I would go. I'm sure a lot of other con attenders may not have attended last year either, so that might result in a lot of people being lost. I would state exactly where it's going to be held in the main post here. cx )