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Ive already posted this in the Forums and now Im reposting it here, thats about as much as Im going to spam this out but my predicament is as follows:

My Girlfriend and I wanted to do a couple type cosplay so we decided on someting simple, Ryu and Chun-Li from the Street Fighter series.

Unwittingly I failed to realize one complication in this plan, that being that I have many tattoos on my right arm, almost a half sleeve so I was wondering if anyone had any ideas for covering them up? Ryu's Gi from the Street Fighter series does not have any sleelves and both arms are exposed entirely.

Ive always believed that if you are going to cosplay a character you should at least resemble them to a certain degree, although I dont feel I have the physique quite yet the tattoo thing is something exceptionally outlandish to include in a Ryu cosplay. Any ideas or help in covering up my tattoo work would be much appreciated.
Registration / Late Pick-Up
May 09, 2006, 07:50:50 AM
Ill be out of Town the Friday of Fanime weekend but only till later afternoon/early evening. My question for Staff is: If I cant make it in time to registration to pick up my badge, can I have someone like my Girlfriend pick it up for me? That way I can still participate in Fanime evening events like the screening rooms etc. What are my options?

Any info would be appreciated,
General Anime Chat / Anime for sale
January 05, 2006, 05:51:15 PM
Thanks to everyone who bought some anime but it has all been sold.
Things in the Universe / Chuck Norris: Just the facts
November 04, 2005, 11:16:43 AM
The facts about Chuck Norris.

Beard Power!
General Anime Chat / Mai Otome
October 13, 2005, 10:07:48 AM
So Mai Otome has finally debuted and I think it has definite promise. The storyline has been switched up thus far so there is no smooth transition from the previous season aside from the main characters and retaining their names.

I like how Satsuki seems to be in a position of responsibility and power at the school as once was her counter part Shizuru. There has been introduction to evil child-like "Slaves" and most characters roles have been switched up. If youve seen it you know what I mean, the princess? Interesting character choice.

Any thoughts or opinions. Feel free to share.
I read this information from and all I have to say is "GOD WHY??" IMO HT is one of the worst retail stores ever. They already expose and poison several musical genres to the mainstream and within recent months have been invading the anime culture and now Naruto. Oish.

Hot Topic to be exclusive Naruto apparel retailer
Reported by: Tazmo on Tuesday, June 21st, 2005 at 08:53PM  
On the heels of the U.S. debut of Naruto on Cartoon Network this Fall, Hot Topic, the cutting edge retailer plans to introduce a comprehensive and exclusive Naruto product line which will focus on apparel and accessories for the retailer's core clientele. The Hot Topic line will include junior girls T-shirts, men's T-shirts, and men's hoodies as well as Naruto branded stickers, pins, patches and headbands (in stores and available at Devoted fans of Naruto will also be able to browse and shop for exclusive Naruto apparel on the official VIZ Media website ( at the VIZ Media Store. Additionally, Hot Topic will carry the best-selling Naruto manga in stores.

"Hot Topic has a very deep understanding of the Naruto brand, and will provide a powerful and compelling product offering that will have enormous appeal to the huge existing Naruto fan base making them a perfect, strategic retail partner for Shonen Jump's Naruto in the U.S." said Cynthia Money, vice president of consumer products for VIZ Media. "We are also excited to expand our VIZ Media Store and feature additional exclusive Shonen Jump's Naruto items on-line."  
General Anime Chat / General Anime Hate
May 10, 2004, 01:49:33 PM
Well maybe Im too quick to generalize but man, I was just browsing otakubooty, and several other anime/cosplay websites and there just seems to be alot of hate out there, about small things like "i hate guys that dont shower" or "Otaku know it alls" blow and lots of them have merrit to their statements but whatever happened to "live and let live" in the anime world?

"Please dont let this go elitest, then Ill have to wash myself clean of this as well, then again maybe Im not wanted in the first place" -