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I'm curious if there are going to be fans and cosplayers of the MXTX novels going to Fanime and would want to meet up for photos? I would think for artists who are also fans that a later time would work out. If anyone has suggestions or feedback please post here! I'd love to hear what works best for people.
Video Programming / Theme Nights/Blocks
January 21, 2015, 09:18:40 PM
Just a suggestion from me, I know there are programming blocks like Anime Anarchy, Hot Yaoi Nights and other late night stuff, but what about the idea of playing the first episode of similarly themed shows back to back? IE "magical girls" (Utena, Madoka,) or "trapped in the game" (.hack, Sword Art, Log Horizon) something along those lines.
It is early but never too early to make new travel connections and plans. Post here to offer space in your car as a driver or request A ride as a passenger. Please post your request in the following format:

Driver or Passenger?:
Coming From/Area willing to pick up from?:
Payment or other form of pitching in?:
When are you going/When are you returning home?:
Any car rules from driver?:
Contact?:Use PM for this please.

Have fun and hopefully this helps ease gas prices, travel boredom etc.

D or P: Passenger
N?: Melanie
Coming From?: San Diego/La Jolla
Payment/Pitch?: can pay portion of gas or roadtrip food
When going/coming back?:hoping for badge pickup late Thursday or early morning Friday and hope to stay until Monday afternoon or evening.
Rules?: let's be nice and get along hopefully.
Contact?: please PM me if you can offer transport, we can exchange emails or Skype
Hello, I had a question about giving out wrapped candy in costume. I have some lollipops that I wanted to give out to people cosplaying as characters from the same series as me and I wanted to find out if this was violating the code of conduct because I had seen that you can't give out food at panels but does that count wrapped/packaged foods or just out in the open ones such as cake?
Panels and Workshops / Welcome to Night Vale Ask Panel
January 06, 2014, 02:38:48 PM
Hello fellow Fanime attendees, I'm interested in hosting a Welcome to Night Vale ask panel where cosplayers from the series gather and answer questions from the audience. If there are cosplayers interested in helping me with this I'd love to hear from you. I'd like to get at least 5, as for the max number of people I'm not sure how many people are allowed to be presenters in a panel. The named main characters would be great first priority (Cecil, Carlos, Kevin, Old Woman Josie etc.) but I'm happy with any Night Vale characters who would like to join. Doubles work too if I get more than one of each character interested.

Characters for the Panel: all are tentative until the Panel itself is registered/approved

Nightvale Community Radio Intern: otakuotome
Cecil: Eli
Old Woman Josie
The Angels
The Man In the Tan Jacket
Mayor Pamela Winchell
Steve Carlsburg
The Hooded Figures
The Glow Cloud
any other characters I didn't list
Video Programming / Hot Yaoi Nights
March 31, 2013, 01:31:17 PM
I wasn't able to go last year because I forgot my ID, but I was wondering if there is a schedule to what kind of yaoi anime or live shows they screen, so I can know if I want to actually go and watch it, or is just supposed to be a pleasant surprise?
Hello Everyone!

Unfortunately for me I will not be able to attend Anime Los Angeles 2013 from January 4th-6th 2013. They do not have a refund policy, so instead I have to transfer the badges to someone else or transfer it to the next year. Before I do that, I wanted to see if anyone wanted to get them from me for a little cheaper than what I paid for them.

I preregistered in May, so I got my registration for 30 dollars each. I have two registrations. You can have them both for 40 dollars (that's 20 dollars off the 60 dollars I payed in total for them)

If you buy these this is what you will get mailed to you:

Two Registration Postcards that look like so: Registration F181 Registration F182

and a nifty little letter handwritten by yours truly explaining why I cannot go and that I have transferred both memberships to the buyer. That's how the transfer works as noted here on Anime Los Angeles's transfer policy:

If you are interested, please send me a PM and we can get the last of the details together. I will only accept Paypal for the 40 (Fourty) dollars and I will cover any shipping costs that come with getting the two postcards and letter to you.