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Roommates Wanted:
+ Introduction: Hi I'm Mel and I'm looking for 2 roommates to join my sister and I for Fanime 2019
+ Hotel Information: Doubletree, 2 Queen Room,
+ Costs: 150USD for Thursday Night-Sunday Night Paypal is preferred.
+ Requirements: This is a girls only room, and we'd prefer 21+. No drugs/bringing non-roomates to the room. Alcohol is okay in moderation. We are quiet, clean and relaxed and we like to chill.
+ Contact: please email me at [email protected] if you are interested or for questions.
+ Miscellaneous: My sister and I are both cosplayers but I'll only have 1 costume.
Yay! I'm excited someone is doing one. Hopefully I can make it.
I'm curious if there are going to be fans and cosplayers of the MXTX novels going to Fanime and would want to meet up for photos? I would think for artists who are also fans that a later time would work out. If anyone has suggestions or feedback please post here! I'd love to hear what works best for people.
I'll be there as Casual Wataru with Ensemble Stars! banner.
I'm for sure wearing Owari to Fanime 2016. Looking forward to attending.
Video Programming / Re: Asian Film Room
January 21, 2015, 09:20:34 PM
Can we consider this thread available for 2015 Asian Film Room suggestions?
Video Programming / Theme Nights/Blocks
January 21, 2015, 09:18:40 PM
Just a suggestion from me, I know there are programming blocks like Anime Anarchy, Hot Yaoi Nights and other late night stuff, but what about the idea of playing the first episode of similarly themed shows back to back? IE "magical girls" (Utena, Madoka,) or "trapped in the game" (.hack, Sword Art, Log Horizon) something along those lines.
It is early but never too early to make new travel connections and plans. Post here to offer space in your car as a driver or request A ride as a passenger. Please post your request in the following format:

Driver or Passenger?:
Coming From/Area willing to pick up from?:
Payment or other form of pitching in?:
When are you going/When are you returning home?:
Any car rules from driver?:
Contact?:Use PM for this please.

Have fun and hopefully this helps ease gas prices, travel boredom etc.

D or P: Passenger
N?: Melanie
Coming From?: San Diego/La Jolla
Payment/Pitch?: can pay portion of gas or roadtrip food
When going/coming back?:hoping for badge pickup late Thursday or early morning Friday and hope to stay until Monday afternoon or evening.
Rules?: let's be nice and get along hopefully.
Contact?: please PM me if you can offer transport, we can exchange emails or Skype
Hello, I had a question about giving out wrapped candy in costume. I have some lollipops that I wanted to give out to people cosplaying as characters from the same series as me and I wanted to find out if this was violating the code of conduct because I had seen that you can't give out food at panels but does that count wrapped/packaged foods or just out in the open ones such as cake?
Video Programming / Re: Asian Film Room
March 14, 2014, 09:03:08 PM
Just curious but are Asian films that have been licensed and released in America not eligible to be shown because of copyright and or/screening rights?
Video Programming / Re: Asian Film Room
March 13, 2014, 03:43:12 PM
Asian film room ideas for 2014:

Antique (2008 Korean) (I know it's not 2010+ but I'd really like to see it)
Ai Ore! (2012 Japanese)
Gantz and Gantz II Perfect Answer (2011 Japanese)

The live action Black Butler movie maybe?
Also any chance of showing J or K dramas at the convention?

Granrodeo or angela would be really cool because they both rock.
I'd like to put them on reserve then. Will you be at the Swap Meet both nights?
Do the Black Butler nendoroids have all their accessories? I'd like to get them if they do. Can I pick them up at the Swap Meet and if I do how long/late will you hold them before you sell them if I don't show up?
Panels and Workshops / Re: Free! Iwatobi Swim Club Panel
February 25, 2014, 07:33:33 PM
I think this would be fun! As a fan I would attend for sure. I haven't been to a lot of panels but they can really vary in format, where you thinking maybe a mulitmedia piece, such as powerpoint and videos?
@Vanyeska: Yay! I'll let you all know when the time and date are if the Panel is accepted.

@hitintothecove: if he wants to we'd be happy to have him!
@Seismogenic: that works too! Perfect hair or not I'd be happy to have a Carlos on the panel.
@Seismogenic: thank you! I'm happy you are interested in attending. I was planning on being the latest intern and introducing the characters as a order from the Sheriff's Secret Police or something, but I'd be happy with another Intern if you interested in participating with the panel itself. PS: I think tumblr is to blame for the close designs of characters as a lot of artist have latched on to similar designs for Cecil and Carlos.

@Vasyenka: woo Nightvale group. I'm not sure how soon Fanime will have it's panel registration up, but as soon as they do I'll try and see what is available. Perhaps mention it too them to see if it sounds like something they would want to do and see what time of day works best and I'll try and request that.
Quote from: THUG BEAR LIFE on February 04, 2014, 12:54:31 AM
hey, guys. as someone who helps run panels, as an avid night vale fan, and as someone who was actually asked via tumblr about the idea of running a night vale panel, i'd like to put in my two cents about why maybe...a night vale panel isn't such a good idea? not without permission from the creators, at least.

night vale is poignant in its loose degrees of interpretation. the creators have done their best to maintain ambiguity in things such as setting, character appearances, personalities, and the like. having an ask panel with people cosplaying physical interpretations of characters who have no canon appearances strikes me as a little disrespectful to the series!

it's totally fine to cosplay the characters. that's radical. i cosplay cecil, myself! but something just reeeeeally strikes me as not kosher to have an official panel using cosplayers projecting their headcanons onto the characters they're cosplaying. the only way i could imagine that being circumvented would be to have a BUNCH of different cecils, and a BUNCH of different kevins, and a BUNCH of different old woman josies and angels and carlos and yeah that will get way too messy way too fast. there's also the issue of completely differing personality/history headcanons, given that there's little to no set canon for things such as cecil's childhood, carlos's life outside of night vale, kevin/desert bluffs, etc. there isn't much canon information to do an ask panel ABOUT.

secondly, the creators are REALLY good about getting back to the fandom about stuff like this! when asked about selling merch, they replied promptly that, no, they would not like us selling merch of their characters. when i sent an email myself asking if it was ok to hand out free night vale stickers at shows/cons/etc, they replied back saying, yes, that's totally fine! so i think it would be very respectful of you to email joseph or jeffery and ask them if they are ok with you guys running an ask panel. for all they've done for us with this series, it's the least you can do!

anyway, yeah. i only post this because i had someone ask me on tumblr about running a night vale panel, and i gave them much the same answer that i'm posting here. obviously i can't stop you! but i hope i've given you some food for thought, at least. please be mindful that ask panels are fun and doing one for a fandom you like can be really exciting, but there's a loooot of consequences that i really think you ought to consider.

This is all very true. I did email the creators and they said it would be fine as long as I didn't claim the panel was official or endorsed by WTNV or CommonPlace books, which I wasn't planning on doing anyway, thus a "fan panel" not an "industry panel." As it stands, no one has contacted me or shown any interest in pulling this together with me, so it's probably not going to happen, but it's still important to get permission, so thank you for reminding me.
Panels and Workshops / Welcome to Night Vale Ask Panel
January 06, 2014, 02:38:48 PM
Hello fellow Fanime attendees, I'm interested in hosting a Welcome to Night Vale ask panel where cosplayers from the series gather and answer questions from the audience. If there are cosplayers interested in helping me with this I'd love to hear from you. I'd like to get at least 5, as for the max number of people I'm not sure how many people are allowed to be presenters in a panel. The named main characters would be great first priority (Cecil, Carlos, Kevin, Old Woman Josie etc.) but I'm happy with any Night Vale characters who would like to join. Doubles work too if I get more than one of each character interested.

Characters for the Panel: all are tentative until the Panel itself is registered/approved

Nightvale Community Radio Intern: otakuotome
Cecil: Eli
Old Woman Josie
The Angels
The Man In the Tan Jacket
Mayor Pamela Winchell
Steve Carlsburg
The Hooded Figures
The Glow Cloud
any other characters I didn't list