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QuoteCOSPLAY AND SOCIAL MEDIA: WHAT DO?!----- Facebook, twitter, tumblr, pinterest, ACParadise,, Cosworld, Cure, DeviantArt - IT GOES ON..! Are you a cosplayer or photographer who uses these sites but are overwhelmed and can't keep up with all the accounts? Are you interested in narrowing the best service for your hobby and needs? Join us for a comparison of services and sites, of the risks, benefits, and bonuses from a unique cosplayer and photographer marketing point of view!   

hello all :D I'm a long time Fanime attendee and sometimes panelist. I recently did this panel at Anime Los Angeles and would like to bring it to Fanime with some co-panelsts to speak on the cosplay photographer pov. if you're interested in this panel please drop me a line, I can post my slides shortly and hope to fine-tune the presentation. The latter half of this panel does depend on forum/discussion at the actual panel, so I hope lots of people come and contribute :D I will be submitting as soon as submissions are open.
Heya! Since I didn't see updated information for 2011, I just wanted to throw this out for brainstorming purposes. Friends and I are wondering about hosting a "Girl's Guide to Gundam" and would love to have some guys join us.

we are still finalizing the topics, but it will cover the entire Gundam franchise from start to just released. UC to UC, so to speak hahaha.

We would love any Keroro Gunsou "experts" input as well.