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Registration / Re: Registration 2016
December 21, 2015, 03:45:50 PM
And so it begins! Excited! :D
Thank you so much, everyone! I wish I could meet all of you and thank you in person! All your input has been greatly appreciated for a con noob like me.

I feel at least a bit more prepared for Fanime, though I think it'll still be a bit overwhelming haha. Hopefully I'll be able to meet some of you, but if not, have a wonderful time!
^ Which girl is best girl in Love Live. Haha but really I would probably say what keeps me up is when I start thinking about my future and all the choices I might have to make.
< I'm so, so excited! I hope to make a lot of new friends at Fanime
> Omega good job on Shiro! :)
V What events/panels/etc are you most looking forward to this Fanime?
Ooo maybe I'll see you there! What time will you be there to pick up your badge/wander around?
First timer here too! Let's have some fun! Hopefully our paths will cross and I will say hi :)
Oh I'm from San Jose and I'm interested! I've just started getting into cons/cosplaying so I'm a noob though haha
Maybe we can all meet up :D
Thanks for the tips for buying merchandise! Definitely will pick up some stuff though :)

As for carrying water and snacks, do you guys just bring a backpack or something to put them in while you're perusing the con? For those in cosplay, does carrying one bother you? I have a backpack, but I feel like it could get kind of uncomfortable while in cosplay and walking around in the heat.
Dealers Room / Re: Your Shopping List
May 17, 2015, 09:27:59 AM
I really want to get some pins!

Do the dealers have a good selection of Nendoroids? I want to start a collection because they are so freaking cute. :3

This is my first Fanime and I'm scared I'm going to get overwhelmed with all the things that I want to buy haha
Posting this for a friend so I can get updates on this gathering! He'll be going as SAO Kirito. :)
^ My friends threw me a birthday party where they "accidentally" invited me for the planning. It was Pokemon themed and we had to venture around my house to collect Pokemon based on clues given to us based on our character! It was really fun and well made~
< I'm not into yaoi cats, but I think it's a cool interest  ;)
> This will be my first convention/Fanime! ^^
V What's a not-as-popular anime that you'd recommend?
Thank so much for the tips everyone! You guys are so nice :3

I'm so, so excited to go!
Hi there! This will be my first Fanime so I'm pretty excited! :D

I'll be going as Yu Narukami! I got kinda worried that I wouldn't find any Persona people so I'm happy that this thread was made~
Ah! Everyone is so nice here :3 Thank you for the great tips!

@echoshadow - I heard some neat things about the Black and White ball! Are they pretty serious with the dress code?

@TsukiYu - Yes! I'm kinda anxious about cosplaying and what not, but still excited!

@Gengrawr - So I guess another big part of Fanime is going to other group gatherings and taking pictures of them?

It seems that people seem to not eat and drink water because they are enjoying their time too much at Fanime haha!
I saw that there was a Persona gathering last year and wanted to see if anyone was going as Persona characters this year or there is a gathering? I plan on going as Yu Narukami and I'll be sad if I can't find any fellow Persona people!
@Mythal - Thanks for the great tip! Maybe I'll bring a camelbak. I haven't researched much on Clockwork Alchemy so I'll definitely check it out!

@commisar_maticus - That makes sense! I do want some merch so hopefully I can get some decent deals :D

@echoshadow - Just trying to meet people and have fun! I don't meet too many people with similar interests so I'm just trying to make some good friends! It's nice to be around so many people that like a lot of the same things I do!

@TsukiYuu - I didn't cosplay! I felt too noob to cosplay and didn't have time anyways as I found out about the event the night before and went on a whim. So I just went around taking selfies with my GoPro. I did meet a group of Love Live cosplayers that I took a group picture with that had a Hanayo cosplayer! I think it was Hanayo, Eli, Kotori, Nico, and a Maki? Maybe it was you haha! Are you able to bring in outside food and drinks?
Thanks for the replies, everyone!

@commisar_maticus - How come it's better to wait until Sunday/Monday to buy merchandise?

@echoshadow - Yes, I am going the full weekend! Thankfully I'm not a creep haha :D. Anyways, I'm probably going to pick up my badge on Thursday so hopefully that'll ease up on the line waiting. You seem like an experienced Fanime attendee so I have a question for you! I'm going by myself so how do you exactly do you meet people at these things? I'm quite social and outgoing, but being in a huge place like Fanime with no one I know is a bit daunting haha. I also feel like the social dynamics of meeting people at a convention are different than outside of one.

@TsukiYuu - The Norcal gathering was lots of fun! Did you cosplay? Your time at Fanime sounds like a TON of fun. Hopefully I can get a similar experience this year! I really want to make new friends with likeminded interests so Fanime sounds like a great opportunity! Plus I like dancing too hue hue~
Looking for a room!

Introduction: 23 year old male. Though I live locally in San Jose, this is my first Fanime and my friend recommended getting a room because it's more fun! :) I'm super chill, respectful, amicable, and would love to meet new friends!

Hotel Information: I would preferably like to stay the entire weekend (Thursday/Friday - Sunday/Monday) and for the hotel to be within walking distance.

Requirements: For the most part I'm good with anything, though I'd like to have a bed and my own room key. No roommate preference!

Contact: My email is [email protected]. You can email me at first and I can send you my number/Facebook/etc if it's easier for to communicate with.

Miscellaneous: I kind of don't know what to expect, but I assume I'll be going out and returning fairly late going to the events and probably go to the bars. So I guess someone who is cool with that (or join!) would be best!
Hello there!

This year's FanimeCon will be my first convention and I'm kinda anxious haha. I've never attending a convention so I don't know what it's like. To ease into Fanime, I recently attending a NorCal cosplay gathering to see what the cosplay/convention culture is like and I really enjoyed it! I think it was a good prep for Fanime because I was already overwhelmed just from a gathering. I only know two other friends attending Fanime and they will most likely be doing their own thing so I'm not sure what to do at Fanime, especially alone and clueless. Thus, I wanted to ask how do you go about spending your day at Fanime?

In case anyone is interested, I'm most likely going as Yu Narukami from Persona 4. :)