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Oh nice, thanks for the link! Seemed weird that these forums are so dead the month of the convention. Now I know why!
We should schedule a meetup and have hotdogs and talk about our feelings and stuff.
Fanime's about a month away, maybe this is a bit early but... for all the loners out there planning on going, here's a thread to find your dream group!


Anyone want to meet up and oogle at fan art and stuff? I'll probably be meeting up with some buddies at some point, but am always down to meet someone new.
+ Introduction: 28/M, game developer, half Japanese guy, I live in the bay area and will be driving. Would love to go dancing with a group.
+ Hotel Information: Willing to stay from Friday to Sunday, departing Sunday night. Able to split the cost of a room.
+ Requirements: A nice comfy floor would be great. I pack light and have no cosplay gear.
+ Contact:
+ Miscellaneous: Hunter x Hunter is my favorite anime!