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Hotel and Facilities / Re: 2017 Roommate Thread
May 05, 2017, 03:05:56 PM
Room found, thank you!
Hello! ;D ONE Person looking for a room!

+ Introduction: My name's Lili and this will be my fourth year attending Fanime! I am a 27y/o Lolita & cosplayer from Nevada and am very open-minded, free-spirited and friendly! I will consider all options for roommates so if you don't fit the bill, don't worry, send me a message or email! I usually have my own room booked, or with friends, but I recently cancelled another summer trip to attend, & am therefore too late for housing! I am very tidy and don't leave all of my belongings out, and would like my roommate(s) to do the same. I will respect all of your room rules and obey them! I will be bringing bottled water, snacks, food to share as well!

I am doing Swapmeet Thursday and Friday evening, so I need a parking space/room key aside from just staying with you as well.

+ Hotel Information: Any con hotel within walking distance to the convention (Fairmont, Hyatt, Hilton, Marriott, Westin San Jose) and I will be needing a room from Thursday-Monday. I am open to any price range.

+ Requirements: I am looking for a room wherein I could have a bed, or rollaway/sofa and it be a con hotel. I am open to sharing the bed! I am short and don't require much space or covers. I require my roommates to be respectful, not party too much (as I sleep at night), non-smoking rooms only. I am LGBTQ-friendly and NB myself. I am very quiet and don't mind 21+ drinking, etc. but wouldn't want to be in a "party room". I will likely be showering in the late evening and then going to bed. I also do not want to stay with anyone with the intention of being disrespectful in any form.
I will not accept any form of harassment.

+ Contact: Please email me at [email protected]

Thank you for the consideration!
Quote from: Zelyhon on May 11, 2016, 08:56:11 AM
Quote from: Ecchi ja Nai on May 09, 2016, 04:40:30 PM
I'm sure staff is aware, but there's only 17 days until Day 0.  I don't mean to sound like one of the other posters in the forums counting down the days, every day, but it is getting pretty close.  Especially when you consider Swap Meet has been confirmed for this year, and we're supposed to get at least one day's notice before seller's registration goes up.  Just sayin'.

Yes, I'm definitely acutely aware of the limited time left.  I do apologize for the delay and appreciate your patience.  We are moving as fast as we can to get the registration up.

Thank you for the update! I'm just replying so I am reminded to check this thread!
Quote from: Zelyhon on April 06, 2016, 09:36:48 AM
Goal is to have registration up in about a week or two.  We're currently revising a portion of the Seller Agreement, which needs a few layers off authorization before final approval.  Once that is done, I should hopefully be able to have all the necessary information to make another collected information thread with everything in there, including the date that spots go on sale.

This is the goal, however, so not an exact promise.  We'll get it up as soon as we can, but we need all the information to be correct first.

Any word on registration? Big thanks! It was a blast last year.
If you have already completed registration for a space on Friday, for example, is there a way to go back into your account and register for Thursday as well? I would like to share a space, but you have to be registered for that day to join someone else, right?
If we file the BOE online, do we still have to print the physical form when we arrive?
Also, since I am from out of state, I may have gotten this message:

"Please submit a copy of your identification to the nearest BOE office."
I have completed both BOE e-file and am able to print it.
I have been issued a Temporary Seller's license.
What do you suggest I do?
I got to Step 3 and was waitlisted? If there are still spots available then what happened?
Update: Nevermind, haha. I'm in the process of the BOE.
I don't mind where we go  :D
Drinks, then food or the other other way around?
Doesn't matter to me!
I'd like to join but it depends on the time/date!
This will be my first Fanime and I only have a few friends going but would like to meet you guys!
I'll stay in touch, but count me in!
Forum Games / Re: I'll be the Roundabout.
April 12, 2013, 05:11:14 PM
I spend the day your way
Call it morning driving through the sound and
In and out the valley~

fufufu I love JoJo's
I'd love to join as Meirin >w<
Although I might wear her the day of Kuroshi High Tea...
Quote from: chaosbark on January 24, 2013, 01:57:02 PM
Lists updated. As to the question: yes, there will still be a tea party. This year I do not think that I will start a list of "who's bringing what", but volunteers are always appreciated. I think I shall bring fudge of some sort.... If I can keep it from melting/being eating by my roommates.

Just wondering, did people like moving to the Fairmont after the main gathering for the tea party? Also, shall we maintain our habit of holding this gathering on the day of the Black and White Ball?

I will be more than willing to bring supplies and many different teas if tea is held at the Fairmont, which is where I am staying.
Haha I found ya.

I'll be bringing Meirin default/battle ver. for certain, and depending on what day this is, I will wear her that day!!
Room wanted~
Found! Thank you!!

+ Introduction: Hello!!! My name is Lili but I cosplay by the name Parallel and I will be turning 24 in May~ this will be my first FanimeCon and I already have paid for pre-reg. I have gone to several other cons including SakuraCon and AnimeExpo, as well as a local con held in Reno, NV, which is where I currently reside. I have a car and will be driving 3+ hrs to San Jose. I am very open to meeting new people and am very easy to get along with (I am a tad anti social unless I'm at a convention!). I just didn't register quickly enough however to get my own room :< I am not loud and would only drink moderately- if at all, and do not smoke. Unfortunately, I have long since deactivated my Facebook, but will probably reactivate it soon for convention purposes! Although, please email me if you have space! I am awesome and reliable, promise ;3

+ Hotel Information: I would like to room from Thursday, May 23rd until Sunday the 26th or Monday the 27th. I can work it out and we can discuss it! As far as the hotel, anywhere close to the convention is alright, but I really don't have a preference, as long as I don't have to drive and park. So preferably within a couple of blocks :3 I don't mind staying on the floor if their isn't enough space, but I also wouldn't mind paying however much for a rollaway or full bed. Please just inform me about your rates! I am open to many offers!! I can pay upfront to insure my stay.

+ Requirements: I would like to be staying with females -gender/orientation DOES NOT MATTER- but it's just because my boyfriend will not be joining me and I don't want him to worry! Besides that, I would just require general respect! Please give me my own space, please do not invade my belongings, or tamper with them. If I have food, don't eat any unless I state otherwise. I would like to room in a place where I can feel safe, and sleep! If you're going to throw a party every night, I don't think we're a match

+ Contact: I don't currently have a Facebook, so please contact me another way:
PM me here, but I'll probably get back to you faster if you email me or text

email: [email protected]
Email me and I will give you my phone number if you need it.

+ Miscellaneous: ~ < ~ I'll be bringing ALL KINDSA FOOD!!