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I spent all of con crossplaying as Megumin from KonoSuba, from Friday afternoon to Sunday night. I was the one with the biggest hat (around 1.5-feet tall and 2.5-feet wide) and staff (6-feet tall, blue orb). If anyone has photos of me, I'd like to collect them. <3
I used to maximize attendee and cosplayer activities by trying to engage in as many "attendee activities" (attend panels, browse dealers and artists, attend video showings) as possible, with the rule of thumb that if I was outside of my hotel room, I was in cosplay. I destressed and rested well before Con, allowing me to run off of 3-4.5 hours of sleep per night during the con itself, occasionally pulling all-nighters. I used to spend time in the gaming hall as well, but I'm quite socially introverted, so playing most games with strangers didn't really float my boat. The last time I really operated this way was around 2014, I think?

Over the years, I've been doing less and less of the attendee activities. Trying to over-pack my schedule was inherently stressful, especially when time conflicts between panels and gatherings happened. I still mostly kept up my rule, though, about "always being in cosplay if I was out of my hotel room". New to this year, I sometimes didn't go out in full cosplay if it was late-night and I didn't anticipate people taking photographs.

Still not sure where I'll find my balance, but I really need to find hotel roommates with as much con-fever and flexible sleep schedule as I do.
Completely slipped my mind, but I was also cosplaying as Hatsushimo on Saturday, between 2pm and maybe 5pm. I was at the Kantai Collection gathering, do if anyone else has photos of the gathering, that'd be awesome.

I've found myself in the corner of one photo.
So, pretty casual, but I encountered a mystery cosplayer numerous times, with photos and glomps. Just wanted to say thanks because they brought a huge smile to my day, and if possible to share contact info. If anyone knows who this is, a nod in the right direction would be greatly appreciated.

Me as Ruby Rose, and the mystery cosplayer as Neo:
I cosplayed as Ruby Rose (RWBY), but with Nora's Magnhild. Crescent Rose was out of commission from 2014 and awaiting repairs.

Here's a few photos of me, the ones I have on my phone:

I've searched through and bookmarked all the previous albums and such linked in this thread and found a few. If anyone else has more, please link them up~!