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I'll do my best to bring a Kalina!

In honor of the big guy retiring, Jushin Thunder Liger-tan is making an appearance again!

Hello!  Put me down for Misora Isurugi (Build) again!

Thanks for the update, see y'all there, and at CWF!

Hey there! I will be wearing Misora (KR Build) on Saturday, but unfortunately this gathering might be too early for me to attend (I arrive at-con on Saturday morning). I'll catch y'all next time!

Hello hello! I'll be bringing Jushin Thunder Liger!

Hello G! Please put me down as Kenny Omega (maid version)

I'll be bringing a broom!

Hello! I'll be bringing Hammy/ChameleonGreen from Kyuranger (minus the jacket). Hope to see more Kyurangers there!

Hey guys, change of plans. Put me down as Tsukasa Kadoya/Kamen Rider Decade (lady ver), please.

Hey G, it's Tofu! Depending on time (I have another gathering on Sat at 12 PM), I'll be there as Kenny Omega! (njpw)

 See you at Kraken as well, unfortunately I won't be able to attend CWF at Kraken as I have a table, but my panel at Kraken is right before yours!

Hello, I'll be there as Fourze-tan from Kamen Rider Fourze! Also, please only use tag names, don't put full names on the list. Edit that first post, OP!

Hello, I was movie ver. Yoko Minato!

I want to also apologize for being late (ran from Fairmont and wasn't there early enough to help delegate)--this year we probably weren't as organized as before, but big ups to Fashwiing's megaphone because that helped a lot!

I think probably being clearer about doing extra stuff and times/places when to do them (like ninnin dance, second gathering) would help, since it did feel like we were rushing to clear out that space for the next gathering.

Aside from that, it was very good to see yall again, sorry I had to take off early because of panels! D: We had a lot of people this time though, so next year let's make it even better!

OREN RIDES AGAIN, BLESS. I'm going to probably not do the second meet though since I have a panel I need to prep for (5-7PM, it's on Japanese pro wrestling, check it out if y'like!) but I'll help w/corralling and yellin' with Fashwiing as per usual!

Takeshi Hongo ain't happening, so it's gonna be Yoko Minato again from Kamen Rider Gaim!

Saturday at noon should be fine for me, or morning--Can't do sunday, as I'm going to Cafe V at 4 PM ish and I have panels to help run/a panel to run at night.

Hi! I'm officially changing my cosplay from Candelira to fem!Takeshi Hongo/Kamen Rider 1.

I'm bringing some Showa realness to this Heisei party!

I'll be here again and will lend my super-kawaii screech to help with Fashiiwing's yellin', haha.

Put me down for Candelira (human disguise ver!)

Just put me down as Sid. I did want to go as Ryoma, but I'm just going to go cosplay as him for Cherry Blossom instead.  On the bright side it gives me a little more variety instead relying entirely on the same character.

Front page is updated! :D Can't wait to see your Sid at the gathering - and Ryoma at CBF! What day(s) are you going?

I'll be doing Minato Yoko at SFCBF tomorrow, if there's going to be any gaim peeps there!

I've got the wig and the lockseed for Yoko, next on the list is getting some business fashion and heels I can kick in.

Also if the person who's debating to go as KR Fourze does go with Fourze, I'll be Yuuki at the first meetup! Let's get more KRC members!

I know a couple of places, so since I'm doing Kamen Rider Marika, I could make a Yggdrasil Corp banner to go along with the teams, since I know we're going to have a Taketora and a Sagara.

We need a Sengoku and a Sid!

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