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Oh my god, I did not know this thread existed! So a friend and I went to the Fanime Dance Day 0 and 1 and met these two guys there. I think they were with a blonde girl but I'm not sure. During Day 0 my friend and I were by ourselves but the group was there as well, near us. The following night, we went again and they asked us to dance. We had a great time but we couldn't hear their names so the meeting was cut short since we had to go. We wanted to hang out again but could never find you guys! Because it was a very long while ago, I can't exactly remember the details, but one of you was wearing glasses and I believe had some serious breakdancing skills, while the other was wearing a commander-style hat. Probably you guys' don't remember or don't even go here, but if in the rare chance you do, message me and we can hang out again later on!

Mod edit: its called a dance