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Hi hi cosers!dealing with an emergency, might be 10 min late sorryyyy!!!

to answer questions/responses:
>> YES Code Geass is acceptable - ALL things CLAMP! Technically you could even cosplay from one of their early early doujins haha
>> Azreale: ahhhh noooo Ashuraaaaa I will find you at con anyway!!!
>> Yes, if anyone is here early and would like to help me direct people, that would be great *A* just meet me at the actual area first before you go to your guide post so I know you exist and don't start gathering thingies without you

Please spread the world~~ sorry about being so late this year >< But keeping the tradition, ra rah!!
Yay! Thanks for being game even on short notice!! And yes - those of you who know the location last year, that's the spot! Will try to have some people out on the cobblestone bit to direct people...I'm hoping that catch people before they go all the way to the lobby?

Updating list!
Hi, All!

Back from a very long hiatus. Are you guys still up for this? Sorry for the ultra late post, I haven't really had Fanime on my mind since they were soooooooooooooooooo behind this year =/

BUT I'm all for continuing this tradition, let me know and I'll update cast list & times! Masquerade this year is on SUNDAY, which means CLAMP Gathering is on SATURDAY; is the usual 1PM time alright? Fairmont ballroom side again?
Hi, All, I'm revived!

All Things CLAMP 2014,7816.0.html

BSaphire, let me know if you want to talk about TWEWY Game :D

Suspi just found a picture from the 1st ALL THINGS CLAMP gathering, back when it was like MAYBE 10 people.

Which reminds me, this is a thing.

2014, LET'S GO!
Hi, Everyone!

Had discussions with Composer and it has been decided that, since there's huge discrepancies among Players this year about when to have the Game/Gathering, we are going to postpone it this year (as con is like...tomorrow).

HOWEVER, you can expect bigger, better Game next year. The only hint we can give you right now is that Shops will be involved, hehe...

As to the question of who the Composer is - that's a secret! ;D
Haha, put in a petition with the Composer, we'll see what happens. If it's not Friday, will you guys mind doing something in the night on the other days, then?

If you have non-cosplaying friends playing, too, let me know because that'll also bump up the list :) (which is updated, by the way)
Hi, All!

Due to low confirmed attendance this year, the Composer is considering not running the event...

If we can get 15+ members, this may be reconsidered! Spread the word if you still want to make this happen!
Everyone, please note that I've scheduled us to meet at the FAIRMONT 2ND BUILDING this year, instead of our usual spot!!

Yeah, it's a bummer when Masq cosers want to wear their Masq outfits to the gathering but don't want to preview them...but, as a participant of Masq often in the past, I've found that it's just best to avoid cramming things the day-of Masq ;;
Hi, All!

Not sure what day, but we'll probably go for Friday again...? I'll check with the Composer, but feel free to throw feedback at me!
Is anyone tracking Should I make a thread there as well?
Announcing SATURDAY 1PM for FanimeCon's CLAMP Gathering! This year we will be in the FAIRMONT BALLROOM BUILDING to avoid construction.
Is that NON-Masq day? I think we traditionally do non-Masq day, but I'm not sure what that is this year =A=

Everyone, please let me know if you have a preference between Saturday or Sunday!