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Panels and Workshops / Great Teacher Largo...?
March 29, 2007, 05:36:19 PM
I have no problems with anything else Sohma is saying about the comic, to each his own. I just have one question though, How do you feel about cosplay and the skits that people put on? Do you dissaprove of those as well? What about fanart and Doujinshi? I'm just curious where the line is for you.
Panels and Workshops / Great Teacher Largo...?
March 27, 2007, 07:24:26 PM
First off, what is with all your disdain? For someone who doesn't like megatokyo, it seems like you spend a ton of time between reading the comic, being in the forums, and knowing the "inner workings" of megatokyo.

Also, Dom doesn't like the GTL thing? I heard about GTL through a post he did. I believe it was on oopack or somewhere that he posted a pictures of one of GTL's impromptu panel. He said something about sitting and watching the skit and saying that he found it strange and amusing.

Third, why rain on someone else's parade? I don't see why you should be so upset about someone pretending to be their favourite character. Let us megatokyo nerds enjoy ourselves.

Although, I have to agree with you on the forums at megatokyo. I really can't stand it there because there are a ton of pompous asses. I only check to see what people are commenting on for the latest comic.

To Saiko, I remember you playing Miho in 2005. Good Job! I was wondering about the tripping and running jokes at the time. Then I saw the 2004 video and it all made sense.
Panels and Workshops / Great Teacher Largo...?
March 15, 2007, 09:52:16 AM
Quote from: "Crazy_Saiko"I'm not so sure if he's doing another one this year
there has been talk...
there are already vids from the previous ones...

Last year Blues decided to indirectly tell the admins of Fanime "screw u" or some thing like that and not do it even though it was scheduled...

he was just tired with those pplz

Wish he would have told us about it. I was standing there with my friends for over an hour (30 mins before and 30 mins after). It's really sad because his panel is very popular. I remember 2005 he had two panels that were filled up.

Hopefully he'll be back, I had friends that started reading megatokyo because of it.
Live Programming and Events / GTL's 1337 Tutorial setup
December 03, 2006, 10:16:44 PM
Ok, I know I'm necromancing this thread. However, I've been wondering. What happened to the 2006 show? My friends and I were looking forward to it and waited in line for a good 45 minutes or so before being told that it wasn't going to happen. Just curious if anyone knows what happened. Will there be a 2007?
Emotional ties:
Ah! My Goddess - First romance themed Anime I watched
Fushigi Yuugi - Loved the fact that it had both action and romance.
Kanon (Both versions) - This one made me go ouch inside
Air - This one was almost as bad
Haibane Renmei - I just loved the overall feel of the anime.
Beck-It was the first anime where I found myself rooting out loud for the characters to succeed.

The OMFGWTFBBQ! Action type emotion:
Naruto - Up until Sasuke leaves.
Bleach - To The End of the Soul Society Story Arc
Air Trek - I just want me some of those skates :P

Other mentions:
Ghost in the Shell Movie and SAC - At times it could be slow, but I thought they were really well done.
Robotech aka Macross (First season) - This was the series that got me started into anime.
Well, out of the question arcs, I have to say that the best one was the first story arc. That one really had me feeling a bit creeped. I just started the first of the answer arcs and I'm interested how this is going to play out for all the arcs. I sure hope the creepiness meter gets high again because the last answer arc didn't feel scary at all, just sad. Anyways, I'm getting close to catching up with everyone.
Ok, I think I understand now. Each is a story arc. What they are doing is showing half of the story arc then moving to the next story arc. After they've shown all 4 arcs they'll show the second half of the arc for each one. Pretty good, because the first two story arcs left me going WTF??
***************First off semi Spoiler warning**************
Skip here if you don't want anything revealed, even though I'm not revealing much.

Ryu, without revealing the plot at all, is it explained why it suddenly resets (time line wise) after the first story?  Or is it just suppose to be like another  possible story with the same characters?
Quote from: "RyuHayabusa"
Quote from: "joshness"I just started watching this on Sunday and just finished episode 6. This is one of the creepiest series I've seen.  There were a few "Hh SH**" moments where I really said "Oh Sh**!" out loud. The cute but creepy character design really works well with adding to the wrongness. Anyways, anyone else watching this series?  I've queued up to the latest episode last night, hopefully i'll have it downloaded when I get home.

I have seen up to the current episode. For me, this series, along with Haruhi deserve best series award for the summer season of 2006. It is really one messed up series, and even more messed up than elfen lied and that's saying something. I love the music, the opening theme, the characters, no matter how messed up their motivations are and the fact that each arc begins on a lighter note before heading into hell.

<---and i like her the best hehehe :D

That's One Crazy B**CH!! Seriously, she scares me.
I just started watching this on Sunday and just finished episode 6. This is one of the creepiest series I've seen.  There were a few "Hh SH**" moments where I really said "Oh Sh**!" out loud. The cute but creepy character design really works well with adding to the wrongness. Anyways, anyone else watching this series?  I've queued up to the latest episode last night, hopefully i'll have it downloaded when I get home.
Megatokyo Crew
Applegeeks Crew
Machall Crew (very possible since Ian works in the Bay now)
Snafu-Comics Crew (If only someone could pay for Bleedman to come over)
Penny Arcade Crew
Greg Dean of Real life Comics (Can someone just apologise to him?)
Tatsuya Ishida of Sinfest

Unfortanetly, I don't see any of them coming except for some of the snafu. Something supposedly happened to have pissed off a ton of the webcomic artists. I guess they don't consider fanime a webcomic friendly convention?
Dealers Room / Doujin/Original Doujin Game Dealer
July 12, 2006, 03:01:09 PM
Another alternative is opening up a Washington Mutual bank account. (All you need is $1 to put into the account) Save up and do some small deposits to your account. Then you can use your debit card as a MasterCard. Later, you can apply for a student Visa (or is it Mastercard now?).  Limit of $500 with a High APR, but its always good to start your credit as early as possible. Remember, most credit card companies let you do online payments. Make a purchase on your card and pay it off right away. It'll make life a 100% easier when you are working.
I blame this.

Quotexx Shinmeiryuu: butt secks burns

but nothing is quite as quote worthy as this

QuoteAssassinChibblz: so can you get anal leakage from buttsecks?
My First AIM chat with you guys and it came to that. *shakes head*
My Myspace

A Site I'm helping to run for my friends' music.

A Future site similar in style to or

A future webcomic site I'm developing (looking for webcomic artists)

My MUD Clan website

My Music group site

Yes, most of these have little to nothing on the site. All are works in progress. The few website was just finished, I'm currently working on developing Simutaneously I'm working on the website, I'm just looking for artists to join and help develop a layout.
Registration / So ummm.. When's 2007 Registration?
June 02, 2006, 03:31:18 PM
*ducks* :lol:

A ton of my friends that went are asking :P
A webcomic Panel! Bring back Snafu-Dave (Can we get Bleedman?), Ian from Machall, Bribe Fred to come back, Try to make amends with Real Life, would be sweet if we could entice the applegeeks guys (but i don't see that happening).
joshness duhr!  :D
I don't have the badge in front of me, but I believe I was 0777
I loved musicfest. This was the first musicfest that I've been to and I was very impressed by it. Swinging popsicle and mothercoat by far stole the show. What an addon mothercoat was! They definately were getting some love from the crowd. I missed their performance in that one room on Friday, but I heard they were drawing a crowd. We definately need to get them back here. For me, musicfest was one of the major highlights of Fanime. I love music, regardless if its rap, rock, r&b, or whatever. I really don't understand why people aren't going to a concert that doesn't cost extra. I just hope that we didn't leave a bad taste in the musician's mouth about the lack of crowd.

There definately was a problem with the order of the acts and some of the acts didn't really fit in with the others. I think it would have been better to have a maximum of 4 acts in total. 5 just felt too long. I had to leave by the time Uphold came up, but it wasn't because I didn't want to watch them. Hopefully more people will go to the musicfest next year.