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I'm working on a rifle prop for my Mami Tomoe costume, and I'm wondering if it will be okay to carry if I paint the tip orange? It's made of wood, paper mache and craft foam, and none of the pieces are movable. (Currently it looks like this, and will be painted white and brown to look like one of her rifles here
I had a change in costume plans, so now I'll be there as god tier Jade, with my sister as god tier John! (And I might have a friend coming as dead shuffle Jade too)
My sister doesn't have an account, but she's planning on being there as Ranmaru. :>
I'll be there as Redglare, and I'll have two others with me but I'm not sure about their costumes yet.
I'll be there as Tsuruhime again! I'm looking forward to it. :D
So it's going to be Saturday at 11?
I'll be there as Tsuruhime! (Providing I get there in time...)