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Hoping some people got shots of me.

I was Kojuro from Sengoku Basara or Parn from Lodoss War all weekend.
Haven't checked in here for a bit, but I'm interested in hanging out on Thursday and Friday (tentatively on Friday based on what the schedule looks like).  I just applied to join the facebook group also.  See you guys there and I'll check here frequently!

So excited for my first trip down to Fanime!
I am looking forward to this gathering so much!  I was able to have Kojuro ready at Sakuracon, so I really am excited to wear him to Fanime.  Just need to finish redoing the coat and he'll be done!
Your first name:
Locke (Michael is my real name, but I go by the handle due to just so many Mike's out there)

Age or age range: 

Time of arrival:
Thursday Early

Time of departure:
Monday Latish

Events you will go to:
Honestly I haven't made that many plans yet.  I kinda want to go the ball.  At this point the only for sure thing I'm doing is the Sengoku Basara photo shoot.

What is your favorite anime, manga, video game, and whatever is related to the convention:
Anime ~ Sengoku Basara, Record of Lodoss War
Manga ~ 21st century boys, D.gray-man
Video game ~ Final Fantasy 6, Chrono Trigger

How many times have you been here:
This will be my first Fanime

What brought you to fanime:
Just heard a lot of good things about it from friends of mine who've gone and decided it was about time I check it out.  Looking to get out of the Northwest a bit more often for cons.

One random fact:
I've been attending anime conventions sense I was 18, so for about 11 years.  Before that I'd been to a few Sci-fi/Fantasy cons.  So I've pretty much grown up in the con lifestyle.

Favorite Fanime memory:
Never been, so I guess working on my cosplays and chatting on the forums!

Favorite Fanime event? Or what event are you lookming forward to:
Looking forward more to meeting people and hanging out more than anything else really.

A question you want to ask everyone on this form:
How chill is fanime?  More specific, how is the environment there.  Very cliquey and stand offish, or welcoming and nice?

Questions that have come before~!:
-I hope to meet all of you at the con... Alsoare you as excited as I am for fanime?
I'm super excited for Fanime!  I just got back from Sakuracon and this will be my first time going!

-Do any of you speak Japanese?
I'm in my second year of study at college, so I can speak a little.

-First anime or manga?
The first anime I ever saw was Akira, followed by Record of the Lodoss War.  Akira was also my first manga.

-Hows the weather?
Finally taking a break from raining here in Portland.

-What was your first Anime that you bought?
Dragon Ball Z

-Is anyone cosplaying and if so who as?
Katakura Kojuro from Sengoku Basara, for sure.  Hopefully I'll get Roronoa Zoro and Mako done in time for convention also.  I'm also considering bringing Squall.

-Anybody seen the new Rap battle of history?
I have, the Darth Vader and Hitler ones.  I'll pretty much watch anything with a star wars character in it.

-Can a friendship be forged in a weekend that will last longer?
One of my best friends and skit partner I met at a convention.  So I'd say the answer is yes.  In fact, I've made a lot of great friends from just a weekend at con!

-Is there someone that uve met thru fanime and uve ACTUALLY kept in touch with afterward?
Same answer as a above.  Maybe not Fanime, but at other cons and I don't see how Fanime could be any different!

-Anyone interested in a pubcrawl/going to a bar and just shooting the shit about fandom/life/etc?
I'd be interested in maybe getting a drink or two and talking.

-For those who cosplay, when did you start? And for those who haven't, what's keeping you from doing it?
My first cosplay was a drow elf when I was fifteen.  Though the first costume I chose for myself was Parn at Sakuracon in 2001.  It was horrible but I got the bug, I actually just redid Parn this year at Sakuracon to celebrate my tenth time going (I missed a year).

Anyone else traveling long distance that want to go tour with us? Or perhaps someone want to play tour guide?
Don't know your definition of long distance, but I'm driving 12 or so hours down from Portland and wouldn't mind possibly taking a tour around with y'all!
My fandom for Star Wars might be too much when it comes up on a first date if she'd be willing to dress up like a Sith or not...
^ I never felt left out at conventions, but I can see why sometimes people might feel that way.
< My experience is that we're all there for the same hobby so just introduce yourself and make new friends.  I make a lot of friends every convention, and I think that smaller ones people are actually usually more willing to just socialize and meet new people (less hectic then the big ones).  Also, I say go for Sakuracon ~ it was my first con and it's a wonderful place!
> It's been October sense my last con, counting the days eagerly until April when I get to start my con season!
V How many conventions a year do you get to?
^ If I'm in a relationship, it's a nice day to do something with the one I care about.  If I'm single, it's just another day or perhaps a day to hang with other friends.

< You should cosplay, only because I think it's a lot of fun and a great way to meet new people!

> Working on a cosplay I never thought I'd do, M!Rarity from My Little Pony

V Plan to buy candy tomorrow when it's super cheap?
If this doesn't conflict with other shoots I'm doing I'll be bringing my M!Rarity to Fanime.  It's a Gijinka version, but I'd like to meet up with other Ponies!
I'm not sure the exact cosplays I'm bringing to Fanime.  So far the plan is:

Katakura Kojuro from Sengoku Basara.  I'm bringing him for sure.  I'm in the process of finishing him, but I'll be wearing him at another con in April so he'll be ready (and probably improved) come Fanime.  I'll also be wearing his alternate Gakuen Outfit as well.

Squall Leonhart from Final Fantasy 8.  Squall is completely done save wanting better boots and waiting for my gunblade commission to get finished.  Hopefully I'll have the room to bring the gunblade with me when I drive down.

Those two are confirmed.

I'll probably bring Parn from Record of Lodoss War.  I'm in the process of finishing his armor for the aforementioned April con.  I can't commit to bringing him because we have three people in my car coming from Oregon and I'm not sure I'll have room for him.

Kratos from Tales of Symphonia.  I'm gonna start on him right after Sakuracon, so he should be done and ready before Fanime.

Sanzo from Saiyuki.  Another cosplay I'l starting on post Sakuracon.  Only about a 50% chance he'll be ready.

^ Johnny Yong Bosch.  Met him at a con a couple years back and really enjoy him at con.
< It's gonna be my first Fanime as well
> Have 59 days left to finish all my cosplays for a different con (Sakuracon) and then a couple months inbetween to make them better before Fanime.  Feeling the time crunch.
V How much time do you give yourself to finish cosplays before a con?
I'm gonna try, depending on if I have the time or not before Fanime, to get my Sanzo done.
Saturday works great for me as well, can't wait to finish Kojuro and hang out with everyone!
^ This will be my first time going to Fanime.  I'm excited and coming down from Portland, OR.
< Good luck and study hard!  I'm in my second year of Japanese in college, so I know it can be tricky but stick with it!!
> I've lost 70 pounds last year and am now doing p90x to get into shape... and the reason is all due to the motivation of cosplaying characters I love <3
V Did you accomplish your goals last year?
I doubt I'll be able to get it down there, but in the event I find away I'll bring Parn from Lodoss War.
^ My childhood was pretty good.  Filled with plenty of wonderful nerdly hobbies, plus my family introduced me to anime through Akira when I was young - so no room to complain!
< I say you should do the cosplay, cause Sket Dance is awesome and you apparently rock googles something fierce.  Tough it up and wear the shorts (there are worse things to wear for a good cosplay)
> I'm trying to figure out if I'm gonna fly from Portland down to Fanime or drive.  On one hand flying is faster and more enjoyable, on the other hand I can bring more props (armor so I can wear Parn) if I drive... but that drive!
V A little less than halfway into the new year, how is it treating you so far?
Hotel and Facilities / Re: Which hotel to pick???
January 13, 2012, 02:39:06 PM
It sounds like the consenus here is the Fairmont when choosing a hotel, glad I read the forum it'll be my first trip down to Fanime and I want to make sure it's an amazing experience (that means having a boss hotel room)~!
Just confirming that I will be there as Kojuro (I'm aforementioned Boyfriend in Nikkiolie's post)!