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<-- mad scientist on the Lightrail!  btw, greatmall takes about 40 mins to reach from downtown SJ.  Looking forward to the meet, but don't put me down ;)
Taking the lightrail isn't that bad.  You can get to J town in about 10 minutes.  I might show up for the meet as Shinra.  But don't put me down, I'm not sure yet...
I just finished Battle Angel Alita, Angel of Death.  It was only 1 volume so there wasn't much to read.  Pretty decent read overall.
Dealers Room / Re: Sooo...What Did You Guys Buy?
May 26, 2009, 12:24:24 PM
Lordkefka, I like your purchases *thumbs up*

Overflag 1/144

(built it yesterday and today)
Exia Trans-Am 1/100

Urusei Yatsura poster

Peacemaker poster

(have yet to watch this series but it looked so cool)
Thx again to everyone who made it.  It was a really nice way to start off the Con!  Too bad I didn't run into any of you again during the following days.  Keep in Touch!
Unfortunately, I only had round 5 hours average per day of fanime.  I wasn't really that exhausted, but I did feel tired.  The couch is to blame!
Hey peeps, this is the post you've been waiting for.  Below is all the info you need:

Time: Friday, 6:30 (leave by 6:45 PM)
Meet: Inside the concourse, 1st floor between the two stairs
Place: Flames (4th & San case you want to meet us there)

I did my best to select a time where everyone could potentially make it.  However, if you had already scheduled plans months ahead, please don't feel obligated.  I walked back from the Con w/ my prereg badge today and it was about 10 mins to the destination.  With that being said, I hope to see as many of you as possible.  It's not too late to be added to the list!

Quote from: abcbadcat on May 20, 2009, 12:47:04 AM
All characters unlocked right?

I hope not.  Last thing I wanna do is face a ridiculously good Seth player.
Good thing its not Friday yet.  The time will be worked around and finalized on Thursday.

Here's a list of specifics:
1. Narutofan's meet @ 6:00 - whenever
2. elfgirlkaname needs to leave @ 7:15
3. donnathedead's class doesn't end till 6PM

How early is too early for dinner? >< I'm willing to flexible, but look at the above. heheh
It's going dowwwwwwwn!

There are two time issues so might I suggest we meet up at 6:30 PM on the first floor in b/n the two stairs.  We'll leave promptly after.  Look for a group of people and an Asian guy wearing a bunch of Fanime badges.

I can't wait. 

EDIT: If you're into cosplay, these are the meetings you'd have to miss :(
6 PM
~ CE: Deathnote ~ L: FiF MS
~ Fight Game ~ MP & L: FiF

6:30 PM
~ Shonen Weekly ~ MP & L: FiF

7:00 PM
~ CE: Cosplay Murder Mystery Rehearsal ~ L: 1FCC RS ~ See Cosplayer Event List for info
For the love of Spellmaster J, plz don't make 3S fifty-cents to play.
Haha, sweet.

I like zombies too but only when they're on the screen in movies.  Just to clarify things, the Flames is actually located in downtown San Jose.  It's walkable distance from Fanime (not sure how successful I'll be walking back ;)).

Hey Poisonfish, Elfgirlkaname, & Narutofan17, thanks for replying.  Its nice to see some people outside my normal friends group.

What would everyone think if we moved the dinner earlier?  Say 6 or 6:30?  My stomach will probably be growling sometime before then.
Like my friend said, you gotta eat anyway, why not meet people while you're at it (as long as you're over 21 ;)).
It's the atmosphere.  Only once a year do I get to immerse myself in excitement that is Fanime.  You can hear it even before you step inside the concourse.  Though each year I get older (and the general age remains quite young), I really enjoy seeing the kinds of people this convention attracts.  I think it increased by quite some number last year, so I'm looking forward to the turnout. 

Dealers room, Asian Cinema, Cosplay all come w/ Fanime.  But its the overall feeling that I look forward to most.
Let's meet on the first floor, between the two flight of stairs (inside the concourse).  6:30 PM, Friday to go eat/drink @ Flames.  I'm just awaiting more replies.  The tentative list is:

Jason (Hatch Guy)
Poisonfish +1 / 2

I'm hesistant to add the people below cause I'm not sure if they're still interested.  Send me a PM!
Quote from: Kei Tsubasa on May 12, 2009, 03:36:37 PM
has anyone else noticed that this was marked for 2008?
if anyone is going to want this event to happen, there's need to be someone to bring everyone together.
i'm only saying because i've only read people(from 2009 post) say that they'll join, but no one leading.

Yes, I'm aware that this was marked 2008.  However, since reply 26, most of us have responded knowing that it was for this year.  In any case, I'll step up and lead.  I think the best day would be Friday, 'round 7 PM.  There's a place called Flames on the Fourth and San Fernando (across from the MLK library).  Some of my friends go there to drink occasionally, but I think its a diner as well.   It's not too far from Fanime and it'll just be a casual thing. 

If this interests you, send me a PM right away.  I'll add you to the list.  So far, I'm expecting 2-3 of my friends to come along.  But a big group should be fun.

P.S, I'm giving up my SFIII:3rd strike tourney for this ><
*bump* for anyone else still interested.  If I skip out on Thursday's badge pick up, we can go out for dinner and drink on Friday.  This sound good for everyone?
The more I slack off on school work

...or so it seems.
Also, OP please fix the title to spell tournament w/ one T.  It's an eye sore, thanks.  And because of the recent hype, I'd expect this tourney to draw a lot of participants.  Whichever format takes the least time and is most organized is best.

mod edit: mod fixeded it
Gaming / Re: Left 4 Dead
April 21, 2009, 10:00:05 PM
DLC came out today, it any good?

(too busy to try it out myself)