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Incredible Stuff I can Make / Brief PSG Backpack
November 04, 2012, 08:13:53 PM
I did this in about 7 hours. :3 Im kind of proud of it. Also, Fem!Brief.

Registration / Questions about IDs!
May 24, 2011, 08:46:43 PM
My friend told me just today that her driver's license expired and Fanime is too soon to be able for her to go to the DMV to get a knew one! She has a photocopy of a more recent picture of her that the DMV took that has her date of birth and such on it! If she can bring that and the drivers license and say even a school ID can she still get in!? D: I'm really worried! She didn't even realize it expired until she went to go get some vodka [She's 21] and they declined to sell her any because her card is expired. She IS registered and I am too and we have been since February and if she can't get her badge because of it I don't know what we will do!
I have a question. The rules state a prop gun may not be pointed at any time during the convention. Is this an exception for when taking photos though? Such as when you strike a pose and you have to pint you gun, at say, someone in the photo also who is supposed to have their 'hands up' or at the photographer?
What do you think about people who cosplay from anything such as a tv show/anime/manga/video game/movie who have NEVER even SEEN the said source of inspiration they are cosplaying from?

Is being in a group cosplay considered an exception to this rule because a lot of people drag their friends to do it? Or is it only bad when you cosplay alone?
Do I need to get my little parasol peace bonded?

It's pretty small. It's practically a mini umbrella.
My friend and I love going to Yaoi Bingo and the Yaoi videos they show next to the Hentai Night room. I haven't found any of that on the master schedule though. Not this year? D:
So, two years ago there was posted on the FanimeCon website a whole list of all the events taking place before the convention even started. It was located in the documents section, but last year and this year I have yet to even FIND a document like that [Its about 15 pages long]. I don't like getting to the convention THEN having to plan stuff. I like having everything already laid out for me and that way I can plan my days in case there are certain events I want to attend and I know what time I have to wake up and leave etc.

So... Where can I find this information for the entire weekend that I don't have to wait for my FanimeCon 2011 goodie bag with the book schedule at the registration desk?
General Convention Discussion / Event Lists?
March 03, 2011, 07:23:51 PM
I'm sorry and maybe I just haven't been keeping up enough like some other people, but I don't know what days certain events are and at what times. There isn't a downloadable event sheet yet on the website, so I couldn't figure anything out. I just want to know what day the masquerade is and the black and white ball as well as the Fanimaid Cafe.
Gaming / Para Para Paradise?
May 26, 2010, 01:37:40 AM
I've been practicing - yes practicing - the "Sexy Sexy Sexy" dance and I really want to know if this game will be here again this year! D= I don't want to have learned this dance for nothing!