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Sooo..I have no idea and I figured someone here might have some advice.  I've got a limited (500) edition copy of the first book of Kia Asamiya's Dark Angel series that was autographed and drawn in, and I'm wanting to sell it but I have NO idea how much to ask or where to start the price at on Ebay.  Can anyone here help? ^^;; I'm sort of clueless when it comes to manga other than the WK stuff.
General Anime Chat / Top 5 Anime Songs!
July 17, 2003, 12:39:18 AM
Woo!  It's an orgy of polls and stuff!  Or something XD Anyhow, what are your five favourite songs from anime? (Not games, that'll come another time!).

For me, in no particular order:

"Aoi Hitomi" from Escaflowne - I love this song.  The simplicity and the quality of the voice (it's Sakamoto Maaya, I think) make it something incredibly beautiful.

"Just Communication" from Gundam Wing - Damn it, this song gets stuck in my head so easily that I have to put it here.  I'm never sure WHY I like it so much, I  It's odd.

"Gessekai" from Night Walker - It's Buck-Tick.  Buck-Tick are among the gods of Jrock.  This song is godlike.  Atsushi has a godlike voice.  Are we seeing a pattern in the descriptions here? XD

"Kiseki no Umi" from Record of Lodoss War - Another one where the voice just gets me.  It's a beautiful song and I dig the chanting parts, they go amazingly well with the singing in my opinion.

"Brain Damage" from Weiß Kreuz - Ha!  I managed to shove aside my love of WK's music enough to just put one song on here!  Anyways, this one ranks among my favourites from that series just because it's sort of sexy, weird chorus or not.
#3 probably know that Weiss Kreuz the original is my favourite series ^^ Needless to say, I was at first excited about the whole Gluhen thing.

Then I saw the character drawings. Then I saw the first episode. Those pretty much turned me off it until recently when someone sent me all the episodes on VCD and told me to watch them.

You know..this isn't Weiss. Yeah, they've got the old characters and they've got some assassination along with some familiar groups and such, but the darkness that was in the original series just isn't there, if that makes sense. I didn't connect with the characters at all the way I did in the first. Sena..well..Sena is Omi (including angst about his past) with the addition of Xena-esque fighting rings. Kyo is somewhat more useful than Botan but only by a little.

Aya..what in god's name have they done to Aya? Part of the reason he was such an interesting character was the struggle he was going through to reconcile himself with what he's doing. And now suddenly he's all fine with it and even smiles a good deal (for Aya). Yeah, I know his sister's awake and all but really..pretty fast change, Ayan-chan.

And don't even get me started on Yohji's new, urine-yellow hairdo. God, what did they do to my boy? On the plus side, they left him at least with the suffering that he went through in the first - the scene where he wakes up with his hands around Tsujii's throat is eerie because I wrote a scene like that into a fic before I saw the series. Yohji is still dealing with his past and it *makes sense*. Out of all the old characters, his characterization is best when viewed in the light of the original series.

Is Gluhen a good series? Yes. The animation is nice and the plotline is good. The scene where they find Todou and Kyo dead was powerful, in my opinion. The voice acting, as always, is incredible, and the music is excellent as well. But it isn't Weiss Kreuz - they've taken the characters and basic premise (a group killing bad people) and removed the emotional side of it.  It's entertaining but it doesn't grip me like the original does.

So..yeah. I'd say watch it for itself, but don't expect it to be like the original or you'll be pretty disappointed. It's an good series but it lacks the emotion of Weiss Kreuz the original. While I no longer want to go and throttle Takehito-sama because of it, it's still..not Weiss =/
I'm bored and I like seeing what people answer to this sort of thing.  And I figure this is free recommendations XD So list your favourite manga!  Whee!~ As for meee...

The WK manga from An Assassin and White Shaman I and II hold a special place for me just because I love the series so much ^^ And good art in the books they come in as well.

Petshop of Horrors by Matsuri Akina.  Dark, disturbing and really beautiful art as well as stories.  Though I may never want to be around a rabbit again...^^;;;

Kaine by Kaori Yuki is also good.  Pretty dark as well, and it deals with music and angst ~.^ Two of my favourite things, baby.

Midare Somenishi by Kazuma Kodaka.  Yaoi.  NC-17 at times.  But for some reason I can't put it down.  Bandits, angst, beautiful men.  Woot!

Love Mode by Yuki Shimizu.  Also yaoi, but of the fluffier sort for the most part.  Wouldn't let a six year old read it XD but it's got more cuteness in it than Midare Somenishi does.  A case of mistaken identities leads to angst, laughter and boy-lovin'.  *hums* These are a few of my faaavourite things.  And that's just in the first book!

Wish by CLAMP.  Aigh, it's so cute.  I picked up volume three just randomly a couple months and got hooked on it.  I want to see a trio cosplay Koryu and his kitty-demon chicks XD

How about youuuu?