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Staff & Volunteers / Fanime Rover 2012 Recruitment!
January 22, 2012, 10:27:58 PM
Hello, my name is Matt and I am one of the Rovers department second of FanimeCon. Recruitment for our department has just now opened up, and if you are interested in seeing a side of the con that you would normally not see as a con member, this would be one of the departsments to think about. Listed below is the information about Rovers, requirements, and what we do.


Rovers Application for all New and Returning Rovers for 2012

What are the Fanime Rovers? Who are they, and what do they do?

This is the first question most potential staffers ask themselves when they consider working for us. How do we explain ourselves? What do we consider ourselves to be?
We are the face of FanimeCon staff. Though we are most well-known for peace-bonding, there are many other things we do. We are at every event, in every exhibit hall, managing every line, and every crowd. We are the ones who find missing children, direct people to what they are looking for, and attempt to keep some sort of order. We make sure our con-goers are safe and comfortable while in the convention. We, as said before, are the face of the con.
All of this requires a lot of walking, consideration for courtesy, and cheerfulness even when you're so exhausted you want to collapse where you're standing. Many of us are workaholics who don't stop the entire weekend, but that is what makes us so amazing.

But... why should I care?

Ever noticed that creepy guy who won't leave your friend alone? Remember how you got hit over the head by a sword that one year at that random con? Did you hear about person X who did Y to Z? What about that dude who lost his little sister?
We all have our Con horror stories. Rovers are around to make sure as few of them involve physical pain or harassment as possible. We try to keep things going smoothly, people dressed properly, safe from as much harm as possible, and free from stalkers or other inappropriate behavior. When people misplace their friends, their children, siblings, or parents, we help to locate them. We do our best to keep convention guests comfortable, from the most important guest of honor right down to the end-of-my-bank-account-can't-really-afford-to-be-here guests.
Rovers also gives an opportunity to people who would like to be actively involved in helping shape the rules that govern con-goers, whether it be for peace-bonding, line control, or costume regulation.  The Rovers Department gives you the opportunity to understand why the rules that we have exist, and to help us redefine these rules so that con-goers can have a better experience at FanimeCon.  After all, FanimeCon is "By Fans for Fans."

Requirements for joining:
•   Must be 18 years old by the time FanimeCon starts
•   Willing to work 3 seven hour shifts at the convention plus and extra 3 hours.
•   Pass the Rover exam by the time of the convention with an 80% or better.
•   Able to make 2 pre-con meetings to acquire training before the convention.  (some exceptions can be made for this requirement)

Priority training topics we cover:
•   Peacebonding
•   Line Control
•   Radio
•   Code of Conduct
•   Special Circumstances  (which include but are not limited to)
o   Medical Emergencies
o   Harassment
o   Missing Person's
o   Dance

If you're still interested in joining Rovers after reading all of this then please email [email protected] with the following information.  Please have your subject line be "Rovers App for your name"

Full legal name:
Nickname (if applies to you):
Returning or New Rover for 2012? If returning, number of years worked in Rovers:
Best phone contact number:

If you are a New Rover Applicant for 2012 please answer the following:
Why do you wish to join the Rover department?
What job experience do you have if any?
How did you hear about the Rovers department?

If you attend any of the general staff meetings, come see Angela, Erin, Matt, or Tyler.
Things in the Universe / Takoyaki~ <3
March 16, 2009, 10:03:07 PM
Does anyone know of any good places that serve fresh authentic takoyaki? D: I havent had these since i was 13 or so
Fanime Photo Disclaimer: Fanime will be taking group pictures during the Gathering this year. If you do not want to be included in those pictures please step aside for those photos. By remaining with the group when the pictures are being taken you give your consent to be photographed.

Ok so from what I've heard, there was no gathering dedicated for Vampire Knight, so I guess I'll Start one~ Please let me know if you will be attending. The time and place have not yet to be decided but we should try to figure out a timeslot thats available for everyone. I was thinking of a Saturday Evening gathering, roughly when the sun would be kinda setting so it wouldnt be so hot. And also the twilight sky looks so purty. Events will be considered and planned if we have time. Photos could work in the way of Day Class photos, Night class Photos, Perfects, and fan requests. Hoping for this to be a successful gathering, ill be updating whenever i see more people sign up.

Kimu - Headmaster Kaien Cross

~Day Class
brie - Yuuki Cross
Kimiko-Berry  - Yuuki Cross
Kyley - Yuuki Cross (?)
Hikaruhime - Yuuki Cross (?)
Yukari Kaiba - Awakened Yuuki
Jei - Zero Kiryuu
2DMirage - Zero Kiryuu (?)
crazychichi - Random Day Class Student
faymous - Yuuki Cross (Day outfit/loli dress)
kirariken's GF - Yuuki Cross (Day outfit/Ball dress)
Miyu_Mya - Random Dayclass Student
Jilted - Zero
Sesshomaru 12 - Yuuki Cross

~Night Class
Kanzake - Kaname Kuran
xXunyuuXx  - Akatsuki Kain
Ska_Kitti - Seiren
ToshiX - Zero Kiryuu (?)
Soy Sauce - Akatsuki Kain
Raiha - Rima Touya
Raiha's Bf - Shiki Senri
KuroOokami  - Kaname Kuran
kirariken - Kaname Kuran
Weaponhex - Aidou Hanabusa
KoTA  Awakened Yuki
Rogue - Kaname Kuran
kagaminerin02 - Ruka Souen

~Other Vampires (Where else do i put em XD [Level E's go here >:3])
Black Kawaii Kitty - Shizuka Hiou


~Oathkeeper's group
Oathkeeper -Kaname Kuran
Fuekun - Akatuski Kain
Chimera - Takuma Ichijou
Domo-kun - Hanabusa Aidou
Akila Ishtar - Zero Kiryuu (day class)
(M)organic - Ichiru Kiryuu (trenchcoat & mask)
Sesshomaru_12 - Yuuki Kurosu
Melodi - Maria Kurenai
Suijinkou - Awakened Yuuki (?)
Suijinkou - Day class student (?)
Pinkcatmints - Yori (Yuuki's roommate)

Official Gathering
Location: Fountains Hilton Side (We will move to places if requested.)
Date: Sun
Time: 6:00
Attendents : ~41

Unofficial Gathering
Location: ?
Date: Saturday before Masqurade
Time: sometime before 11 - 2 ??? XD

ALSO Heads up, The Shojo Beat gathering is on Saturday if youd like to make that.,8501.0.html
For more information :3
Hotel and Facilities / Hotel Bus Boys (Marriot)
May 22, 2008, 07:14:26 PM
Well, I brought a bunch of shit to fanime right? and the busboys didnt allow us to load our own stuff onto the trolly. Well, i got to my room and got my stuff to head to the pre reg lines you know? And i turn on my psp and the f-ing screen was cracked! I was completely pissed off because it took forever to mod it and get all my games on it.

So i ask the Manager on what they can do right? and they said they would not compensate ANYTHING because they were not liable. Thus, starts off fanime on a bad foot. Extremely upset.

I don't know if there is one being organized for Fanime '08, but the FF7 Gathering was huge last year. I remember last year we held a FF All and then afterwards there were FF#_ Planned in different places. Does anyone know if there is a FF7 Gathering or FF Gathering in general being organized yet?
Staff & Volunteers / Question~
October 22, 2007, 10:28:11 AM
Sorry if this has been posted somewhere already (im at school and way too tired to judge, i looked around already)

But are they still looking for staff for Fanime '08? If so, can anyone tell me when the next Staff Meeting is, because i would like to attend and see what departments need people and what each apartment doesnt (I'm currently a freshman at SJSU, so hehe close to con~) Thanks if anyone can answer these.
XD I know i need to do well in school but this is once a year fun that i can be myself and fit in XD Who else cant wait till this weekend to be dorks? :3