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Gaming / Norcal (SJ/SF) Slash/MBAC Tourney 9/22
September 16, 2006, 08:57:45 PM
Hey guys, I'm having a Slash/MBAC gathering and small Slash tournament this
Friday, September 22, at my house in Redwood City (about 20 miles South of
San Francisco) from 1PM-1AM. If you're interested in coming drop me an email
at [email protected] and I'll give you directions and contact info.
Here's a link to my post about it in the NorCal Dustloop thread:

don't pm please :P.
Gaming / Custom Sticks: anyone interested?
April 03, 2006, 09:03:35 PM
I've recently introduced myself to the wonderful world of custom sticks and I was wondering if anyone going to fanime would be interested in buying one. They'll run at cheapest, 75, upwards 150, but keep in mind, they are hand made, and the parts inside are the most authentic kinds (same as what they use in arcades).

Just an idea as to what they look like, here are two I built in the last month. Of course, you can expect something better if you plan on buying one as I've gathered quite a bit of experience since.

and hopefully in two months, they'll look something like
I'm going to try my best and find an unused socket and table to set  up some laptops to play MBFT/EFZ/whatever else. I only have one laptop, so if anyone else cares to join the fun, please bring your own laptop with controllers.

I did this last year, and no one seemed to know what the hell I was playing, but a number of people were interested :P. It seems that these two games have gotten much more popular since, so hopefully more people will come this year :D.