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Hotel and Facilities / Conjoining two hotel rooms
May 05, 2008, 10:45:31 PM
So this year, I'm planning to conjoin two of my hotel rooms together. My question is, how do I approach this request, since this will be my first year in doing so?(I have had mixed responses from this so yea, and apparently there's no option for it under special requests and that sort)

Do I basically call up the hotel in advance or make it when I arrive at the front desk?

If I am to call someone in advance with the request, would it generally be made to the hotel I am rooming in or to Fanime's CMR person(or whatever you want to call them)?

Also, what are the requirements for conjoining two rooms(other than the fact that they need to be in the same hotel, durr!)?

Thanks for any responses.
I'm asking this on behalf of a few people who have been curious about this subject as well as myself.

I was just wondering if Fanime plans on having any additional bands playing for MusicFest, not that I have a gripe with An Cafe or anything, but it would be a shame to see Friday's MusicFest stage empty. :[

Or is MusicFest staff still working hard at it as always because there's still stuff going on that can't be confirmed quite yet? I know that some people here take the MusicFest staff for granted sometimes because the con hasn't had too many big name musicians at our venue before and that some of them don't really know about the hard work that you guys put into the con for FREE. Bluntly put, I don't know exactly how much time and effort is exactly put into planning such an event, but I assume it must be LOTS of it.

I don't want to sound like I'm complaining about it or anything though... It's moreso concern about why the band list seems a bit empty compared to previous years. I know a huge amount of people already plan on seeing An Cafe as it is, but I'm sure some of us would be glad to see some other bands as well for Friday's MusicFest when the 3,000 capacity isn't bursting at the seams.

I just ask because it's not too far from con and we usually have a few bands announced at the least. Or is it possibly because the MusicFest staff is content with what they have so far? Just curious...

Go ahead and delete if someone already posted a topic like this...
Incredible Stuff I can Make / A stash of art
March 17, 2008, 01:23:17 PM
Pardon the awkward stuff. A lot of my works are outdated asides from the recent 2D class assignments.

I've had this account since 8th grade so just bear with it >>. I'll probably be adding more since spring break is coming up and I'll have a way of putting up my larger works(that are too big to be scanned) to my gallery.

I'm open to comments, critiques, etc. as long as it's constructive...
Hotel and Facilities / Checking in process?
May 22, 2006, 03:44:51 PM
I know this might be a dumb question to ask, but this will be my first time checking into a hotel room and I'm not really sure how to go about it.

Is there anything I'll need to bring in order to check into my hotel room, like an ID, Credit card, etc.? I know I need a parent to check me in since I'm not an adult(legally), but I also have other roommates staying in my room. How would they go about checking into the room, if at all? I'm a bit unfamiliar with the process. Sorry...

Is there a specific time you need to check-in at to get the room? What's usually the earliest and latest time you can check into your room?

btw I'm staying at the Marriott so I think things might apply differently.