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First off, here is a link to the page on the Fanime website. But you're here, so why should you have to follow link? Below is all the information you need to know and need to send to us at Stage Zero to apply for one of our performance times.

Requesting Time on Stage Zero

To request time on Stage Zero, email the following information to [email protected].
The deadline is March 31.
Industry requests are not being accepted at this time.

Contact Info

  • Name
  • Phone Number
  • Email Address

Event Info

  • Event Title
  • Style of Event

    • Demonstration
    • Vocaloid Performance
    • Musical Performance "Original Tracks"
    • Musical Performance "Non-original Tracks"
    • Dance Performance

Event Details

  • Event Description – This is the text that will go on the website. Descriptions must
    be 300 characters or less, included white spaces.
  • Event Overview – Explain to Stage Zero Staff on what you want to do on stage &
    how you plan to do it.

Tech Requirements – Stage Zero will not accomodate your personal equipment. If you have audio
or video that is part of your performance please make note of the following rules.

  • Audio

    • Microphones needed (up to 4).
    • Audio Playback (Yes or No). If yes, please provide all audio on a USB Flash Drive,
      15 minutes prior to your event. 320kbps Constant Bit Rate Stereo Quality .mp3.
  • Video
    • Video Playback (Yes or No). If Yes, please provide all video on a USB Flash Drive,
      15 minutes prior to your event. Must be .mp4 or .mov container, with the h264 codec.
      High Definition preferred, either 720p or 1080p. Standard Definition will be accepted
      but no sizes below 720×480.

Scheduling Preferences * – Friday & Monday will be in 30 minute time slots. Saturday &
Sunday will be in 15 minute time slots. Current Times available are as follows:

  • Friday: 4pm, 5pm
  • Saturday: 12pm (noon), 3pm, 5pm
  • Sunday: 12pm (noon)
  • Monday: 10am, 12pm (noon), 1pm

*For preferred time slots, please list your first choice and second choice.
Stage Zero is currently looking into hosting for a late-night extended show showcasing Asian music videos, anime music videos, and other videos either after midnight, or before our early morning programming.  We are looking for someone who is more then interested in just getting up there and playing the videos they like but to talk a little bit about the video or have a reason behind playing that video. But that is currently one Idea we are looking for a host because we want there to be interaction with the audience otherwise we would just put the system on random and go with it. If you are interested in hosting for this, please drop us an e-mail at [email protected] and let's see if we can work something out!

If you are accepted for the position you will receive a Panal Badge good for the whole weekend as per the Panal Rules "3 hours of panels* = A full weekend pass to the convention for you."
Time is up! Thank you to everyone who applied. And thank you to everyone who will be joining us on stage for Fanime 2010. Good luck to everyone.
Wendell And I "Sean" are interested in hearing what you think would be good tips for Fanime con.
I.E: Wash, Eat, Etc.

After we get a good selection we choose some that we like have them transelated into Japanese and then taped for use during next years con at Stage Zero. So let's get those minds turning.
Video Programming / Fanime FMV/AMV 2K9 Winners
May 26, 2009, 09:31:53 AM
All Righty this is a short list as I havent had time to track down the links yet....

Judges Choice:

Action -
1st - Maria Preciado - Haunting Hour
2nd - Erin Nguyen - Switchback
3rd - Komyar Moghadam - The Girl Is So HONEY!

Comedy -
1st - Jared James Griego - Goldenpants: Based on a True story
2nd (TIE) - Benjamin and Bryce Chu - r0b07$
2nd (TIE) Brad DeMoss - Perfect Day

Drama -
1st - Victoria Galietta - Life of a Dog (Pt.2)
2nd - Melissa Paradis - You Are Loved
3rd - Erin Nguyen - Dying Will

Experimental -
1st - Victoria Galietta - Lord of The Anime
2nd - Lauren Winsor Stenmoe/ Momo - Time to Dance

Benjamin and Bryce Chu - R0b07$

Audience Winners:

Action -
1st - Erin Nguyen - Switchback
2nd - Josh Lord - I My Me Mine
3rd - Nic Neidenbach - You Know My Name

Comedy -
1st - Benjamin and Bryce Chu - R0b07$
2nd - Jared James Griego - Goldenpants: Based on a True Story

Drama -
1st - Victoria Galietta - Life of a Dog (Pt.2)
2nd - Onikokoro Musashi - Third Hokage's Final Words to The Village
3rd - Melissa Paradis - You are Loved

1st - Victoria Galietta - Lord of The Anime
2nd (TIE) - Lauren Winsor Stenmoe / Momo - Time to Dance
2nd (TIE) - Dean Seirafi/Ryvannis - Valhalla

Victoria Galietta - Lord of the Anime.

Great job everyone! This year was fantastic!

Now just to clarify, this list is only to inform you the editor that your AMV has been
1. Been submitted
2. Been downloaded
3. Been cataloged
4. Been confirmed

This isn't a list to let you know that you have made it into the Fanime AMV event at Fanime Con just a list to let you know we have your entry. Everyone will have to wait till after our judges approve who goes onto the next round. Afterwards you will receive either Email "A" that states that you have made it or email "B" that states you didn't make it this year.

Below are the initials of the creator and AMV Title.

V.G.                           Lord of the Anime
V.G.                            Life of a Dog (Pt. 2)
F.R.C, C.A.P, S.J.    In The Rain
J.J.G.                    The Bodies Burning
J.J.G.                    Goldenpants: Based on a True Story
O.M.                            Third hokage's final words to the village
J.L.                            I My Me Mine
D.C.                            Rememberance
D.C.                            Twisted Thunder
R.M., B.D.                    Street Fighter Reunion
R.M., B.D.                    What We've Done
B.D.                            Perfect Day
A.J.M.                    I Have To Find You
J.N.                            Roomies
E. F. D.                    The Significant Other
C.S.                            Under Wings of Steel
C.S.                            Cyber City Shoot-Up
A.H.                            L and Light are Best Friends :]
K.S.                            Hollows Touch
T.C.                            Dying Without Your Love
T.C.                            I Feel Your Presence
R.C.                            Ran, Forget About Love.
S.G.                            Guide Me
B.A.                            Haseo's Girl Problems
Y.B.                            Endosky
Y.B.                            Hypnerotomachia
E.N.                            Dying Will
E.N.                            Switchback
I.F.                            Left 4 Wired
I.F.                            Get Your Ass Too Mars
D.S.                            Monsoon
D.S.                            Valhalla
A.R.                            For Love of Mankind
G.G.                            The power in your hands
J.C.                            Hope: Lost and Found
L.S.                            You're Sucha HBFS Video
B.C.                            01110010 01101111 01100010 01101111
B.C. & B.C.            Contrition
K.B.                            The Road
M.P.                            Haunting Hour
M.P.                            Distorted Love
C.A.D.                    You're Not Alone
C.A.D.                    One Winged Dove
D.G.                            Cherish
D.G.                            Hero
B.O.                            Fahrenheit
N.N.                            You Know My Name
S.M.                            Huricane Michiko
S.M.                            The Terrorists
A.A.N                    The Laitrix
A.C.                            A Tale of Two Stars
M.P.                            You Are Loved
L.W.S                    Time to Dance
L.W.S                    Disconnected
M.D.                            Hayate's Saltwater Room
M.L.                            The Main Sacrifice
M.A.                            Untitled
S.S.W. and J.B            AMV Purgatory
J.Z.                            Demonic Mermaids
J.Z.                            Look at it, It's Ugly
J.F.                            Torn Memories
J.F.                            Standing Still
V.P.                            The Heroes of El Hazard
T.J.W.                         Contrast
K.M.                            That Girl Is So HONEY!

This is the Final List. If you have entered an AMV and are not on the list but have previously contacted me then send it to me again A.S.A.P at [email protected].
Ok everyone it's that time of the year again, let's talk about what the GOOD the BAD and the downright UGLY part's of Stage Zero were this year.

We want to know what you liked....

Didn't like.....

And what you want more of.......

I'm pretty sure the rest of my staff will be posting, or at least i hope they post something. But now I want to hear from everyone else. So voice you opinion and let it be heard nothing falls on def ears here.

Live Programming and Events / Stage Zero 2007-Planning
August 29, 2006, 11:39:50 PM
Well it's time to get the New Year rolling. I have allot planned for this year with a free and less time restrictive schedule with minor events planned. What we need from you!  We need game ideas, video ideas, and possible event ideas. So thank you all who help out, we need you to make this year bigger then the last.

-Sean *A.K.A The Dude*
Hello I'm Sean Barber "Manager of Stage Zero". This year we bring you Information and entertainment all in one nice little package.

The main goal of Stage Zero is to inform the guest's of Fanime to what is going on around the convention at all times.

In the time between updates Stage Zero will also be running some audience participation games (a list of games will follow in the next couple of days). We are also hopping to host some acoustic sets from our "Music Fest" bands. To add onto that Stage Zero will also Host Scott Rux's "GAME SHOW" and "Team Flex" will be doing some skits on stage.

The Host's of Stage Zero are Wendell Nacnac, Eveline Tseng, Sean Arney Caguiat, and Rey Moralde.

So now I put it out to everyone else, name some games you might like to see up on Stage Zero (must have a quick set up time). All ideas will be considered. So the best of luck to all who participate on Stage Zero. This is going to be a Great Year.