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If you had to pick a few anime to describe your personality what would they be??

Mind would have to be Azumanga Daioh, Sakura Diaries, and Lain.

Azumanga for my crazyness, sillyness, and friendliness.
Sakura Diaries for my , humm,, Naughtyness and Sexuality side.. (tee hee)
Lain for my computer, gamer, nerd, techy and spaceing out side.
Ok.. theres been the Fav and first anime topics. Now for the what you watching now topic. =^-^=

Kino's Journey Vol 2
Last Exile Vol 3
Fruit Basket Vol 1
Azumanga Daioh Vol 1
Comic Party Vol 1
Texhnolyze Vol 1
Really.. I think drugs would be cheaper than anime..  

Over the last 7 years ive been collecting anime.. (LDs,VHS,DVDs,CDs,Games,Wall scrolls, Figures, ect....)

And over that entire span ive spent close to 10,000$.  Or more.  Dont forget Upgradeing TVs and Home theater sound-systems to make my anime experance better.    Im not kidding.. And im not complaning. :)  Ive love every min of it.

I do love how anime on dvd is releasing faster now..  

I just hate that this weekend 3 anime DVDs that I want are comming out.  Kino's Journey vol 2, Maison Ikkoku Box set 3, and Texhonolyze. Uhh..

How do we do it?  Whats your thoughts on your spending on anime?