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Dealers Room / Dishonest Dealers from 2014
May 27, 2014, 09:24:16 PM
I bought two things in the Dealer's Hall that left me a bit irked afterwards.

First off, a doujin dealer with a sizeable amount of doujin who was on the right side of the hall, about half way down. I pulled out two doujin, which were both wrapped in plastic and marked with clearly printed price stickers. The doujin I chose were priced at $19.95 and $24.95. After tax, the amount was around $48. I paid with a card, and the receipt was emailed to me. Yesterday when I got home and checked my receipt with the price breakdown, I noticed that the dealer had charged me $45 + tax. I know this is my fault for not being more careful, and is rather nitpicky, but I absolutely do not appreciate that the dealer rounded up the price from $44.90 to a flat $45. To me, this is a sneaky tactic to skim some extra off the top, and after numerous transactions, could result in a small additional profit. The receipt listed the shop as "Elder Chan."  I don't know what I'm looking for by posting this, but I'd like it to at least be known that this happened in the dealer's hall, and while the amount is so incredibly insignificant, I do find it very dishonest and sneaky.

There was also a dealer who was selling lots of real arpakasso Amuse merchandise. I jumped on a legit small macaron alpaca, and the seller emphasized that their merchandise was real, and not fake. However, my friend bought me a large alpaca from them, and it did not have the Amuse tag that mine had on it. Rather, it has a tag that even I don't recognize. Does anyone know D.E?  It's very cute and the rare pistachio color I was looking for, but I'm not happy that she specifically told us both were real, when only one maybe is.

Did anyone have a similar experience?

The Fanime splash page has just been updated with a link to panel information. Apparently panels will be held in the Fairmont this year. Personally, this seems like a huge hassle, but being optimistic I hope it will work out. I wonder what the rooms in the Marriott will be used for now though? Or will they not be used at all?

I feel like there are a lot of problems with the conventions being the same weekend. Fanime trying to run TWO cons at once seems like a waste of resources that, ultimately, affect Fanime itself. Ever since management shifted, and they started doing two cons, Fanime has been much more disappointing to me. I've been attending since 2004, and the con was always amazing those first handful of years I went. But now things have changed dramatically.

Heck, Clockwork Alchemy already has a full website launch, and has since January. Now we're three months away and still no Fanime site launch or any projected date yet. I feel that with trying to create a successful steam punk con every year, both cons are not getting the attention and resources they deserve.

Personally, I feel that if the cons were different weekends, organizers could focus more on each separate con and things would run more smoothly.

The worst of it is that I am paying good money for Fanime. I'm paying for an anime convention, and don't appreciate my money being used for another con I am not interested in. I realize that many people are fans of both, and I myself used to like steam punk quite a lot, but it seems extremely unfair to attendee's to get divided resources.

Is there anyone at Fanime who can address these issues?
Panels and Workshops / Free! Iwatobi Swim Club Panel
February 18, 2014, 06:28:23 PM
I've been considering the idea of putting together a Free! panel for Fanime 2014 -

I feel the popularity of the series would make it in-demand, although I'd love some suggestions and such from fellow fans ^^

What I *don't* want to make is an "Ask a Character" panel with various cosplayers playing the characters. I think it'd be more fun as a media panel with discussions on season 1, Japanese events, videos, games, and speculation for season 2!

Any comments or suggestions?
Day: Saturday
Time: 10PM

We will be hosting a Yugioh fan panel Saturday night at 10PM!

The panel will talk about everything that makes the Yugioh fandom as unique and diverse as it is, but also showcase the Japanese Yugioh fandom on NicoNicoDouga compared to the Western fandom on youtube, popular videos from both sides, a fun trivia challenge with great Yugioh prizes, non-card collector's items you don't want to miss, Duel Network, news, cosplay, art, and much more that can't be put into words!

Join four mega-fan panelists: Slifer, Malindachan, Yushimi, Futsukushii-chan, and Little Kuriboh, as we laugh and cry about the series that changed all our lives.

Questions? Feel free to ask! Suggestions? We welcome them!

See you May 26th!