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General Anime Chat / Anime Fattys!(characters)
November 23, 2009, 01:49:39 AM
Starting a new anime i chuckled at a scene where the main characters eats Plates and plate and plates fully pigging out like crazy. To me it was a typical thing in a anime. So i told my friend "the pigging out never gets old :)". He replied only a few animes have that Dragonball z and One piece its not typical in anime. But to me it was and i couldn't think of any at the top of my head. Name some characters from what anime that they pig out. i.e. Goku from dragonball z man he  its ALOTTT!! I need help! Name those fattys!
I recently went to Japan sqaure enix store! it was amazing couldn't leave without getting a few stuff.  I purchased a sephiroth shirt Medium.  But when i got back here to the states and tried it on for the first was to small! so trying to sell it. It says M but if u fit small i'm sure it'll fit you.  So if ur medium please consider that I'm medium and it didn't fit me.
They don't sell this in America I checked the site.  I tried contacting them to exchange it but they haven't replied. Here a link to the Japan .I got it for 4800 yen and the exchange rate is 1dollar=93 yen. So its about over 50 dollars I bought it for. I'm selling it for $40 OBO. THank you.

Please send a private message or email [email protected] or you can just say here haha. $40 OBO
Hello I 'm going to japan very soon (about 3-4 weeks).  Me and some friends had this plan but knowing us we are rushing to plan it out more.  We have our tickets but WHAT TO DO there, what to see, and what to visit.  When i actually thought about it i got a headache! Because just going to japan is awesome! and thats all we ever thought! lol... PLEASE i really would like your thoughts of fun cool places u'd liek to see. If you can give a link if possible.  ALL information or IDEAS are welcomed! This is the only place i know BEST where japan lovers would be haha please help!! We're pretty much all the same (cars gamerz anime girls just a hyper bunch haha)
General Anime Chat / Been a while from anime
February 03, 2004, 07:51:24 PM
I been out of the Anime life for quite sometime... and i just watch onigai twins cause my brother .... I'm trying to come back to anime but i don't know how to start all over again.. whats some new good anime series that came out over the time? Whats some that are the MUST watch...IM GOING CRAZY TO WATCH SOME BUTT I DONT KNOW ANY NO MORE...can you guys help me out?