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Surprisingly, my friends wants to do a Bleach group cosplay, and well they kinda forced me into the group. so anyways i suck at finding reference pictures. Well for one thing i barely watch bleach, i only watched till like episode 60ish. But don't worry i'll watch more bleach to know more about the person i'll be cosplaying as =D for those who are bleach fans i don't want to dissappoint you guys ya know?

And well i stopped, but my friends really really really want to do bleach, so they stuck me with dressing up as Soi Fong (i believe that's how you spell her name.), just because they say i have hair like her's anyways. so can someone find me good full body reference pictures of her so i can make her costume. i've tried searching but at times like this i'm horrible for searching, and all i see are mostly half body.

if you help me i'll highly appreciate it!! and i'll probably have my boyfriend draw you guys gift art for your help. since i have no clue how i'd repay anyone. >T_T<

this is my hair, this was when i first had the hair cut back in july, but i've been cutting it every 3 months so the tail part has grown to mid back, and the short hair well its always shorter around chin length and the color is pretty much dissappearing too, so by fanime i'd probably have pretty much the exact hair (honestly i didn't even realize that i had the same hairstyle as them since i watched most of bleach in december >^_^<;; )

but anyways yes i'll be cosplaying as her. so i'll need pics of her usual clothes, as well as the captain's jacket she wears. i need all the help i can get!! thank you!

oh btw i might need pictures for my boyfriend's character too. he's going to be kisuke urahara in the group. and yeah i'll mostlikely be making his costume too. sorry for the trouble!! if you want to see our artwork for gift art in return for your help please check it out =D just so u know what we do. DeviantArt

i'll be doing other cosplays but i'm still unsure of which. my other friends wants to toss me into some burst angel costume or yami to boshi to hon no tobibito. but yeah who knows. XD but for now i know i'll be doing bleach with others
General Anime Chat / Anime Downloading
October 20, 2003, 10:01:27 AM
come on i know half of you download anime XD

well anyways i need help.. is there a program where i can dl old anime?? because Bittorrent only downloads recent ones.. i'm talking about old ones like uhhh i don't know?? lol i want to finish angelic layer.. but bittorrent doesn't have it.. i want to complete my vision of escaflowne but they don't have it on bittorrent as well... any downloading program that's so easy to use but also fast? i was requested once before.. but it didn't seem to work.. and i didn't understand what to do after looking through everything.. is it also one where i can download music??

i would dl in Kazaa but i know most of you know Kazaa has problems.. people getting sued and fined a huge amount of money. i didin't want to touch Kazaa after hearing about it. ehh didn't want to bother..

well any downloading programs do you know to help me? >^_^<;;

thank you!!

*~Stupid hyper ChibiSerenaChan~* >^.^<