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...anybody know how to make one? I can't really think of anything but boxes and staples, I just want a few other opinions on this box-like cosplay.

[please note I didn't put this in the sticky because it wasn't cloth, so I didn't really know. ;-;]

Yeah, it's not Anime, but it damn well should have been. :D
About Us!

The Elevator Ninja's are attacking the Elevators of Marriot. :O Well, not really. We're just ninja'ing around. Being an Elevator Ninja is really simple, and only requires a hat and an extra shirt / medium sized article of clothing. Any average Joe with an extra shirt and a hat can be an Elevator Ninja!

Small Side Note About Our Existence:
We do not own the Fanime Con in any way, that's the OFNC's job. We just own the Hotel... unless Staff is like 'lol, froobz' and make us go back to our room. :(

- - -

How to be an Elevator Ninja GUIDE!

~ Grab your hat [this will be your name HAT NAME Ninja, if your hat has no name, go off of what it looks like]
~ Please remove your shirt, your ninja headgear should be under your prime shirt.
~ Grab your article of clothing, and wrap it around the bottom half of your face, make sure it doesn't fall off! Being an EN is a dangerous job!
~ Put your shirt back on, as well as your hat!
~ Post here your Ninja Name! If you don't have a BB account, it's okay, I guess I'll just see you at the con.
~ Now go onto floor three during Fanime, in the Marriott, start hopping on elevator's, and converse with everyone on the elevator. NINJA STYLE!~ [think Ask A Ninja (youtube it)].

- - -

Elevator Ninja Brigade Members!

# : BB Name : Ninja Name :
     [if avail.]
1 : Ekac        : Prinny Ninja :
2 : Shappai   : O RLY Ninja :
3 : Denkou   : Suicidal Kitty Ninja :
4 : . . .         : Blue Winged Ninja :
5 : . . .         : Catscratch Ninja :
6 : Shimu     : Chicken Ninja :
7 : MistRCaboose : Urahara Ninja :

- - -

Elevator Ninja Brigade Gathering

May 29th 2007: Added Poll about where the Gathering should take place! If you feel the need to vote, please do so!

Also, The Elevator Ninja's are going to the Ninja Gathering and we're planning to have our own seperate gathering, but since we're brand new out of the box, this is to be discussed, we hope to see you next year, on the street, in a cloud, anywhere ~  !

- - -

Rules && Guidelines to being an Elevator Ninja

Because of one incident regarding O RLY Ninja, I have decided to implement rules and guidelines onto this thread. If you don't follow these if you are an Elevator Ninja, do not expect to be one much longer. If you aren't an Elevator Ninja, and break these Elevator Ninja Rules, an Elevator Ninja will speak with you and probably kung-fu your ass. :)

(Rule)1. Please DO NOT press all the buttons on the elevator, if you see someone pressing them all, please pursue and ask them not to continue this childish behavior. If you engage in kung-fu battle, retreat down the stairs, not the elevator.
(Rule)2. DO NOT rapidly press the close door button on the Elevator! Be considerate! If you see someone running towards the elevator, press the open door button to try to let them in! Just because you're a ninja, doesn't mean you have to be evil and shadowy to those in need. :)
(Rule)3. If anybody asks you to stop annoying them with your Ninja Questions or find them offensive, please cease the discussion, get off on the next floor, and retreat to the 3rd floor if you are to repeat your run.
(Rule)4. We are peaceful, and friendly. Answer all questions honestly [unless they are NINJA questions, say if someones lost or something] and do not fool around in times of serious matter.
(Guideline)5. As we are Elevator Ninjas, you may find all the elevators full, and you will give up on your run, it is recommended you do not wait so long for an elevator, and continue your fun at the Con, where you are more than welcome to cause some Ninja Mischief. :)
(Guideline)6. If you wish to protect the innocent, stand on an elevator to protect it from MBPers (Mass Button Pushing), if anybody asks what you are doing, introduce yourself and activate your Elevator Ninja skills!
(Rule)7. If you see an Elevator Ninja break one of these rules [not a GUIDELINE!], please report it to Prinny Ninja [Ekac] or O RLY Ninja [...that's ironic, but he's Shaippai on BB] immediately, and consequences will follow with the action.


First Offense:
1. Temporary Removal from the Brigade.
Second Offense:
2. Expulsion from the Brigade.
Third Offense:
3. Glomp Bounty (but still friendly!) placed on head.

- - -

Miscellaneous Goodies

If you're going to be a Elevator Ninja, you should have this user bar!


- - -

Ekac ~ Prinny Ninja
Heh, well. This was my first year, and I met a lot of interesting people in the three days I spent there. >_> They're apparently so interesting, I want to continue talking with them. Woot. So, I decided why not try my luck and find out if they browse through here/anybody knows who they are.

So, yeh. This can be just for me, or for everyone. :o I didn't really figure out where this belonged, so I set it up here. >_>;;

Here's my list, ne:
Fork Maiden [she was in the Fanimaid Cafe on Saturday [27] and she gave me a fork. >_> She's cool, just because she understood I wanted a fork. :D]
Some Glompurr [I saw this guy today, 28th. I was walking into the dealers room when he said "Hey, did you see this?" and the sign read "Glomp Me" and me being gullible, I said it out loud, and got pwnd. . . yep. He had a guitar case with no guitar in it though. >_>

If anybody was looking for me [doubt it] I was the dude who wore basically the same outfit everyday. Gray overshirt, Gaia Online Red undershirt. Blue jeans, and I'd wear Catscratch / Prinny / or my White Goggles.

...yep. HALPLZ. :D [lessthanthree]