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Every year I see moogles. I see ones from 9, ones from 10. And I even see those alternative moogles, you know the ones wearing the mini skirts and baby purple bat wings?
However I've never seen them at one of the FF gatherings.
Of coarse when you think Final Fantasy, you think of characters like Cloud, Tifa, Rinoa, and so on. But what about the moogles?

Thus! I'd like to host the official ( or maybe Unoffical) FF Moogle Gathering 2010! First ever gathering, for the moogles!

This will make things easier when trying to capture those cute creatures on camera instead of seeing them from across the dealers hall.

Wha'dya say? anyone interested?

I was thinking, Front fountains, hilton side on Friday around 11?

----So far we have----
FF9 moogle- MikoChika

FF9 moogle- by Tanokai
FF12 moogle- by leic-proxy

Moogle Hat Brigade:

come on people! some cosplayers? I know there are more then plushies out there. lol.
Yo. i remember last year that someone ( their screenname eludes me at the moment) did fourm IDs for everyone who requested one last year for a dollar. Is that gonna happen again this year? If not, anybody interested in one? I might be up to makeing them if enough are interested. I thought it was kinda cool, and another neat little trinket to have as a reminder of how fun that con was.
What exactly is going on with Hellsing the manga? It took a really long time for vol. eight to come out for it to stop once again. Has DarkHorse stoped it again or what?
I have a moogle who is currently in search of a job. A group of people to perform with at the convention. Prefured to be Final Fantasy Characters, however is willing to perform with fellow creatures of the anime and gameing sceen. Please help this Moogle make her first appearance in an organized ( or semi-organized) skit to be performed at the Anime Spectacular or just in the Hall. The fallowing is a Bio if the Moogle in question.

Name: Moogle Minion, aka MikoChika, aka moogle, aka cat thing.
Age: Never ask a female moogle her age unless ye want a pom pom to the face. ( 20 )
gender: Female, though has been thought to be genderless in appearance.
Hair color: White, pompom is red. bat wings are purple
Eye color: Black, squinty.
Weight: Moogle refuses to give up such informaton. Is a cute semi-plushie moogle who is quite huggable.
Height: 5'8" not includeing Pom Pom.
Clothing: Normally her fur sufices as clothing, however has been known to have a messanger's bag in tow and a collar on her wrist, attached to a leash as so she won't get lost.Mainly so she won't bump into anything. The visual feild is rather limited, however she has under gone (plastic canvas) surgery and can see much better, though still feels comfortable being lead around. Has been known to prance around in a hakama. However the hakama will not be brought unless requested.
Likes: cool places, ice packs, lots of water, donuts, and pocky. Enjoys being around others of it's kind, hugs, and long walks on the beach.
Dis-likes: Mean people, hot rooms, People who pull at her bat wings, people who bat at her pom pom.
Enduring qualities: Doesn't talk, so is a good listener. Dances the Macarena(sp?) if paid, either with money or pocky. She is kind to those who are kind to her. likes to be huged and petted. Is a good worker/ minion.

I know it's alittle silly posting a wanted ad like this. However Moogle is hopeing to be able to perform at the convention. She was unable to find anyone in Arizona who will be going to the convention as well and willing to perform with her. So please help her out, even if it is just to gather up at the convention and parade around from game room to game room to hall to hall just to enjoy the convention together.

Also if there is volenteer positions open for a mascot/moogle to help out with the convention, this moogle would be interested as well. Thank you. A picture of Moogle will be posted in the next day or so.