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Yo everyone. Back from Fanime and had quite a long nap.

This year's Fanime for me wasn't completely the best year. It had it good moments and its bad moments.
One of those bad moments though was a little episode that occurred when trying to enter the B&W Ball and one of the Fanime staff members.

A friend of mine wanted to go to the B&W Ball, so we stood in line to go inside. We've waited about 15-20 minutes in line (we were waiting in the line in the Fairmont hotel that goes up the stairs). At the top of the stairs, the line breaks slightly to allow access to the stairs/escalator and had a staffer there as crowd control. Next to the line was a quick photo booth that took those prom-like pictures for $5, so when my friend and I reached the the top, we agreed to do it. We had our picture done, which took less than 5 minutes.
We tried going back in line but the staff member at the top of it kicked us out and forced us to go to the back of the line. Apparently we couldn't go back since they've according to him "reached maximum capacity for the line", giving us a really bad attitude. We went back down the stairs and saw the end of the line, which extended past the restaurants, which in retrospect was another easy 45+ minutes.
Irritated, my friend and I ended up walking past the line and stayed at the photo booth to wait for our picture to finish printing, with the same uptight staffer giving us an attitude. After we got our picture from the booth, we bailed out from the B&W ball and did other things, but as far as it was concerned, our night got pretty messed up.

(If you were in line going to the B&W Ball and you recall a guy dressed in black Visual Kei clothing and light brown hair and a Stocking cosplayer, that's us)

Now, my friend and I have gone to Fanime many times in the past but she has never went to the B&W ball before. Following this episode, she certainly doesn't want to go back. We never even entered the ballroom and had no intention of waiting in line when we were kicked out for something so small.
Scott Pilgrim cosplays anyone?

Pretty sure there's a bunch of people out there that would be interested in doing this for one or some of the Fanime days. It would be nice to have a mini gathering of a bunch of peeps from the Scott Pilgrim world hanging around the area.

Date and Place to be determined
Activities to be determined

Headcount = 6

Who's Planning What
Jyun = Gideon Graves or Matthew Patel
pSyChOgArDeN = Ramona Flowers
Avairrianna = ???
Chesid = Roxy Richter
(Chesid's Friends = Lucas Lee Stunt Doubles, Matthew Patel)
Jerry = Todd?

Feedback is awesome!
(I didn't realize that we didn't have one of these on here, but hey, might as well start one up and see the response~)


Past years some of the board members have gone to Raging Waters on Tully Road, so why make this year an exception?
Apart from Raging Waters, we also typically raid other places/houses. It is basically a good & fun way to mingle with fellow board members and meet new people.

I'm not so sure about everyone's availability, but I'm looking into either late June/early July. Please post available dates (weekends most likely), likelihood of attending, and ideas/games/things to do

Single tickets = $32.99


Might as well throw this out because it's been going through my mind for a while...

I was walking with my friends around the con. I remember the place, just outside artist alley.
You came up to me, told me "Can I hug you?" and you did. then you also said "I dreamt of you last night."
Afterwards, you ran off. I think it's to your friends.

I stood back wondering. My friends asked me some questions. They were curious as to what has happened.
It was a random glomp, I'm sure. But, it was kind of interesting.

Oh, and the twist to this tale is I was cosplaying Meta Knight at the time. The girl dreamt of Meta Knight xD

Anyone remember this or recall who I was talking about?
(Just throwing out some gasoline to the flames, so to speak)
Gaming / Fanime Texas Hold'em Gaming
April 17, 2008, 12:02:24 PM
(Currently a stub. Will be expanded in the future)

Back once again due to popular demand, the Texas Hold'em gaming/tournaments will most likely return to Fanime.

For what is planned for this part of Tabletop gaming, there will be open gaming as well as occasional tournaments.

Basic rules apply however: NO ACTUAL GAMBLING. Means no buy-ins, cash under the table, exchange of currency, or whatnot. We are not a casino but a part of convention entertainment. Plus I as well as the Fanime staff would not want to deal with these legal issues. Prizes will be given out for tournaments.

Further updates will come.
Any ideas or comments, feel free to PM me.

What's CWL? For my brother Otakuya and myself, it's the Created Wrestler League, using Smackdown versus Raw 2008 as template.

Once again, we've come up with some of the Fanime regulars appearing in the game, aiming with high hopes of attaining the FTW belt. Usually we add who we feel like adding into our rosters...
A word on it though, most of the time, matches we do are simulated to prevent biases. Also, almost all the characters are even in terms of stats. No pickys.

-Current title holder is Richie Likes Maids


This ain't everyone just yet. I'm still uploading more...

Oh yeah, if anyone has any ideas what the FTW should stand for apart from For The Win, let us know.
ISO stands for In search of if you didn't know~

I've made a thread a long time ago where people can post pictures of people they have seen at convention, and might as well start a new one than reviving the old one.

Thus here you go, Fanime attendies.

If you have pictures of people who want to have identified, or you know some information about a certain someone, post it up here and hopefully/eventually someone will respond and identify.

Happy hunting!
Gaming / Official Texas Hold'em Tournament
May 23, 2007, 07:20:50 PM
Fanime Texas Hold'em

"Two tables, twelve individuals, one hundred and four cards, six thousand chips, six winners, one convention. What does this equal? Six thousand twenty five things."

*Oswald copyright King of Fighters and SNK

Sign-ups for the Texas Hold'em tournament will begin at around 7pm. We have a limited amount of players (24 players total) just so we can monitor everyone to ensure no cheating is involved.
Buy-ins are FREE. However, once you are eliminated, you cannot rebuy-in.
If we are to be over our capacity of players, a waiting list will be made, so if someone doesn't show up, the first person on the waiting list will take their place by the starting time. No exceptions.

Fanime Texas Hold'em has been done for the past couple years. This time, it will be a little more organized. The top six players will earn a prize!
At around 7pm, I will host Texas Hold'em workshops until the games begin, where non-players and beginners can learn the basics of gameplay.
At approximately 9pm, games will begin with the people that have signed up (table positions will be pre-determined), two large tables of twelve people each. Each player starts with $500 chips and no, it is NOT real money. Chip values will be determined at convention.
The beginning of the game will have blinds of $10 and $20. Every 30 minutes of gameplay, blinds will increase.

Blind rate (every 30 minutes)
Little blind-Big blind

After players are eliminated, they may leave or watch. After 6 people are eliminated from each table, all the remaining players will come together in one final table with the amount of chips they have. The six remaining players will earn prizes. Prizes will be presented at convention.

Friday and Saturday night, 7pm to 9pm
Friday and Saturday night, 9pm to 2am

Tabletop Gaming room

Rules and Regulations:
-No exchange of money. Period. There is no buy-in.
-No harassing of other players. This will be strictly enforced. If you disrupt gameplay, you will be removed.
-No cheating. If we catch you, uh-oh.
-Have fun! Cmon, that's why we play in the first place!

Contact me, Jyunishinsho/Oswald if you have any other questions.
=This is taken from the father thread=

Sincere apologies from the author if I haven't updated as much as I would normally do.
Right now, I have a small clash of what date should this gathering be in order to accomadate the most amount of people and to probably suppor a few more birthdays in store for the rest of the month.

In other words

In consideration are two dates available.

April 1st
April 7th

I need immediate feedback to which date is much more "accomadative".

I have a big big question.

Where can I get a black and white leopard's mask?

If not...

How can I make my own leopard's mask?
-mind you, no sadistic skinning of animals involved.

For what?
Armor King from Tekken.

Any help is appreciated greatly.
General Anime Chat / When I watched (?), I cried...
February 28, 2006, 03:48:18 PM

In other words;

There are some anime which have strong emotional effects to its viewers. For the authors; they enjoying shring the emotions of their viewers through anime by creating scenarios which makes the viewers cry in sadness such as the death of a character, cry laughing due to intense funniness and irony, and/or cry in happiness by feeling overwhelmed. Or something like that.

So I come to the question...

Which anime had strong emotional effects on you (storyline-wise) and how did it make you feel overwhelmed?
General Anime Chat / Media Play, Great Mall: It's gone
December 10, 2005, 06:57:16 PM
What is the relevance of this being here?

The entire store is on sale. They are closing (wah...). This means everything is a little cheaper than usual. Including the anime goods. How much are the discounts? Not so sure.

Just saying if you want something to blow your money on before the holidays. :D
General Anime Chat / Otaku Population: 60% Perverted?
December 07, 2005, 07:21:33 PM
~Jyunishinsho's thinking rant of the day~

*for poll answering, the question is from the title of this thread*

>AUTHOR'S NOTE, when I use perverted and stuff, I don't mean it in a bad way.

I was told this at school today.

Most otaku are perverted (in their own senses) or just plain weird and unnatural compared to other forms of fandom. I asked like about how many of otaku are, and I was answered with about 60%. Not that it's a bad thing.

After my Spanish test, I got thinking:

Hm. Perhaps it is true. There are a lot of anime that have scantly-clad characters and a lot of flashing. There are plenty with many sexual situations and of course some that truly do go 'all the way' (hentai, hahaha). Not that it's a bad thing.
Then I went ahead and looked at the fan-base, in this case, at what they watch. I noticed a little something in a lot of otaku. I see that most enjoy watching the anime genre said above (the moe older otaku, mind you), but also that some fantasize and dream about it, sometimes a little too hard. Pretty odd, but I recall about 10 people asking me during my anime club if I can show hentai. Obviously I can't or else I'd risk expulsion.
After I thought of what they watch, I went ahead and thought of the people's personalities and actions. Lots of us are very affectionate, and we tend to hug and more toward other people. Also people are willing to pay others to go yaoi/yuri. Heck, I know the feeling. But with this in mind, this sorta shows a somewhat interesting statistic in most otaku. Also gives me an experiment to try out next Fanime.
I have the understanding that some otaku are not perverted. I know some who appear to be normal/innocent/etc. Sometimes when it get to a minor flashy part of an anime I show, they apparently tense a little. I guess it also is based on age, haha.
But this is just me thinking. I do know for a fact that there are otaku who are not perverted or strange. I have nothing against anyone, and I cannot stress that enough. I'm just thinking and all. Not that it's a bad thing.
What do you think?
Ideas and Suggestions / All-Out Con RP
November 28, 2005, 05:57:53 PM
What about this?

An all-out con live action RP-style quest?

How will it so sure.

Just wondering, so discuss.
General Anime Chat / Frys!!!
November 28, 2005, 12:25:05 PM
Hm....Something interesting Otakuya and I found at Fry's yesterday:

-mainly old and stuff, but nevertheless

We found a lot of stuff there for sale. I got Saber Marionette J program 3 for $7!!!
other things we found, Jubei-chans, hm... and a lot of old anime. Guess you can come here if you want to find something to watch, something you're missing, or whatnot. Selections very i guess.

-Just sayin' thread, but what the heck.
General Anime Chat / Longest Anime Title
October 20, 2005, 10:00:46 PM
Hm...I was curious, so I'm wondering:

By your knowledge, what anime/manga has the longest name?

-To make it a little easier, how about one in Japanese and one in English?
General Anime Chat / Character Creation V:2
October 08, 2005, 10:48:07 PM
(because I don't know wheter there is a V:1...- -(i'm lazy))
(Something for you guys to do in your freetime, or just feel like typing and drawing a lot)

Well well....

We're otaku, right? We like anime, right? And sometimes (or most of the time) we wish we were in a certain anime series or we wish we are a certain character or we wish to have our own alter-ego, anime-style.

So I conclude....

If you can make or create your own anime character, in any series; who would it be, which anime would he/she be in and how they will affect the story.
-not only targeted to anime, but to games as well.

When creating a character, also try to give them their own persona. Haha, try and make these as well.

-hair and type color
-eye color
-way of life
-and anything else you'd like to note

and to make things fun, try making a drawing of your character, so we have an idea of what you're talking about.
General Anime Chat / AMV HELL: The Motion Picture
September 27, 2005, 10:43:17 PM
It's here, it's long, I'm tired, so's my bro.

~Spoilers to whoever didn't watch it~

Elaborate. We watched the whole thing in one sitting and we feel very close to dead.

My question to all of you (for those who have seen it)

What was your favorite part of AMV HELL: The Motion Picture?
What will you sing for next year's karaoke, contest or freesing?
General Anime Chat / Guess that Anime Character! ^^
September 25, 2005, 10:07:02 PM
Wanna play a small game? Let's play Guess that Anime Character! ^^

haha, here's how it's played:

Go ahead and post up a picture of a character of an anime, any any anime, and lets see how otaku everyone else is. No prizes, just wholesome anime/game identification fun! ^^

Video Game characters are allowed as well. Makes things a whole lot more interesting anyways.

-Try not to use characters that only appear like in one episode or are generic characters. Saves the trouble.

Try and guess both the character's name and the anime series they came from!

I'll start:

Have fun!
General Anime Chat / Anime "too cute" to watch?
September 17, 2005, 02:30:15 PM
What anime or manga series do you believe is too cute...too much moe, that it sorta hurts to watch. What anime/manga is too cute and sweet you can get a stomach ache watching?

-personally needs only a few words. The words "Snow Fairy Sugar" is more than enough...- -
General Anime Chat / Um....
September 16, 2005, 05:59:50 PM
This is sort of a hard question to ask....but...

Is it me, or does it seem that anime is dying? No offense or anything (just an observation); I don't mean people are losing interest and stuff for it,'s running out of ideas and new trends fast. Everyone is focused on few things now; there isn't much change. It's beginnning to be like Hollywood, just instead of remakes and superhero spinoffs, but more like overused ideas. I like to see something new...something that would be groundbreaking once again.

-Anime such as Midori no Hibi for example of a very original idea. I like the anime. ^^
Cool, looks like Fanime next year will be different. Since it's going to be a new year, lets see what YOU want to buy in the dealers room.

-I understand the earliness of this thread, but, what the heck.

For me, I'll be turning 18, so I'll buy either a rapier or a fencing saber.
Anything bad happen to you?

For me, I broke 3 pairs of getas. (-_-)...
Dealers Room / Fanime Wishlist 2.0
April 29, 2005, 10:42:50 AM
What do you want to buy this Fanime?
-Go ahead, be realistic or unrealistic.

Realistic: For me, I would like to get a wooden sword or claws. (I saw claws last year. I want it this time 'round). Also, more manga, anime, preferably Negima!, Copic stuff, wall scrolls, more figures and figurines, and I'm set!

Unrealistic: Persocom or anything female that wants to fall in love. Wait, can I buy love? MEh, may depend on the perosn also....