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The choice is yours...

XP lol, jk.
Dealers Room / Cheaper or more expensive?
June 01, 2006, 12:47:11 AM
The dvds did indeed seem more expensive, and only about 2 or 3 dealers sold large quantities of anime dvds, so selection was a little slim.
I loved the import copy of Samurai Spirits. My only real complaint was that there was no console #Reload or GGXX. When I asked the staffers about it they responded with, "We won't set up one since there is a Slash arcade already over there." I offered to provide the game and PS2 for one of the tvs nobady was swarming but they refused the offer, lame. :x
Seconded, missed my gathering... :cry:
the bad:
-no GGXX tourney
-missed the GGXX gathering
-my group and I only wore our GGXX cosplays one day
-got dragged into retarded late night antics, lol :?
-annoying weapon policy

the good:
-Fanime '06 kicked ass overall
-fairly well organized con
-game room had import Samurai Spirits and GGXX/ arcade WOOT! :D
-pretty much zero drama with all my roomies

On a side note, was the stalking issues really bad this year or is this the norm for Fanime? It seems like there are a lot of complaints.
General Anime Chat / Disturbing ANimes
May 10, 2006, 08:40:22 PM
Don't forget Apacolypse Zero and Mahou Shoujo Ai (I think that the name...). If you haven't seen them go watch, and be enlightened. :lol:
Elimeno, I would literally 'asplode if you brought Slash, I'm super duper serial. I'll be a Johnny at the gathering, if you'll be there or at the game room I'd like to meet up with you to play some matches. Been itching to finally play that game. :o
Gaming / Guilty Gear Isuka Station?
April 28, 2006, 12:33:31 AM
My friends got a copy, but just in case you could bring yours. So to clarify things did we want to reserve a spot in the gaming room or in a person's hotel room. Mine again is probably ok but its more of an issue of space and everyone feeling comfortable. input?
Gaming / Guilty Gear Isuka Station?
April 27, 2006, 09:54:27 AM
Got it covered.
Gaming / Guilty Gear Isuka Station?
April 27, 2006, 02:16:32 AM
That could probably work in my room. Pink Panther and I are both cosplaying and were looking forward to the GG tourney. I could run it by him just to get his input or if he minds that we all Isuka it up in our room. Either way, at the gathering we can all meet each other and get some pics and play some GG. :D
Progress report: yay! my jacket for johnny is all finished and tailored to my size. only other mods to do to it are adding the gold thingys and its all set.  :D
General Anime Chat / When I watched (?), I cried...
March 13, 2006, 09:50:54 PM
Grave of the Fireflies-the characters had believable human emotions that made the sad scenes in the film all that much more tearjerking.
End of Evangelion- I didn't cry per se, but I felt really depressed for like a week.
Mezzo DSA. The first movie was pretty cool and the series had really slick looking first 2 or 3 episodes with great visuals. But the episodic feel of it with piss poor animation and running story made me extremely dissapointed.
General Anime Chat / "Disgaea" anime
February 12, 2006, 11:08:22 PM
I hope this game to anime conversion is faithful, then it should kick ass. Hopefully the next episode previews in the show can be somewhat follow the in game character dialogues that conclude each chapter. My biggest fear is that action scenes may jock the atrocious still-frames bullsh*t, but if its done in jest or to create a comedic punchline, then all is well.
Hellsing Ultimate as of now. Damn that fiirst episode blew me away even though 20 minutes of it were cut for a 30 minute television broadcast. Imo its way better than the Gonzo version except for the music, I liked the smooth jazz feel of the first series.
It actually suprises the hell out of me that we haven't had an I-no from the start simply because she is one of the GG cosplays I have seen done a lot. Hopefully Kazuko's friende Alison can do the I-no so we'll be a step closer to the full cast. Oh yea, Panther, we need to get your sister those three huge dinner plates so she can bust out the ballet skillz for her win pose XD.....eeexxxxddddeeeee :lol:
This is a wee bit off topic from cosplay progress but are any of you going to be in the guilty gear tourney this coming Fanime? No real reason why I'm asking, I just am curious if there are GG cosplayers who also play the game competitively other than myself. :P btw I'm Panthers friend whos going as Johnny, not sure if I mentioned that previously. ><;
Mostly seinen style actions, both past, present, and future settings. I tend not to like shows with too much of a shonen feel, but to its credit shows like DBZ got me into anime originaly. I also like suspense/thriller/horror shows and the occasional bit o' hentai.  :wink:
yea, the first two look strikingly like I-no, but I wouldn't know either way so...meh. Last one looks like Millia but i think i stated that in a previous post already. :?
Aaaaaawwww, you didn't have to rain on his parade like that! :(

haha, j/k. :lol: