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:3  I knew about the Pokemon Gathering, but I thought it would be fun to make one sort of Conquest Specific, since it's a touch different from the main Pokemon theme.  >_>  I went to the Pokemon gathering at AX and was the only Conquest warlord there which made me quite sad.  ^^;;;
Kimu~  You know I'm in for TB in 2013!  :3  I  might be Seth this year though, instead of Helga~  Unless Lord Cain will be making an appearance?  XD
Just wanted to gauge the interest in a Pokemon Conquest gathering for the next Fanime~  I know of quite a few people who are interested, but I thought I'd open the group to the rest of Fanime~  :3
XD  I'm already looking forward to this gathering~  :3
^_~  Lord Cain will be there.  I'm sure Abel will be preoccupied enough~  I call for EPIC sibling fight scenes~  XD XD XD
@ Duo~  I don't mind being poked  :3  I'll see you at both gatherings then, yes?  XD

It's good to finally see you rise to the occasion, Magier.  ~_~  Having AX and the Empire against me was just a tad daunting.  Although with Lord Cain there, I doubt we shall have anything to worry about.

@Inoli~ Expect fangirling.  ~_~  I can't seem to help it.  The giggles...the giggles are coming~  XD
The tonberry will have to be a random encounter.  ~_~  IDK if I'll finish it in time
I won't be able to come to this one D:  Trinity Blood is also on Sunday around this time~  and my cosplay for that is completed.  :D  But I'll still be around the con as Princess Serenity~
I have officially decided to come as Smile!Ciel~  I'll see everyone there!  :3
Manik's in Kuro too.  :3  I'm restraining fangirl right now to focus on cosplay but holy wow it's really hard considering how close the con is~  XD

Kimu, depending on when we finish, I might do that, but really, switching from one cosplay to the other isn't going to be that bad...I don't think.  :3 Ciel is simpler because of the lack of armor.  And we're staying in the Fairmont, so not too far to travel either.
Finally sat down and made Oichi wearable and tested her out at DAICon~  :3  Now it's time to make a few changes and she should be done well before Fanime  XD
*glomps torarin~!*  YAAAY~!  XD  Finally!  Lord Grumpy will be there~  Now we can do the Easter/Western Army photoshoots~  :D
Hm.... Maybe hairspray against a box corner?  Lol, I need to remake Helga's bangs, actually.  >_>
Lol~  Hairgel aside, I use hairspray to hold shape~  I curled around a toilet paper tube, pinned it in place with hair pins and hairsprayed the H out of it~
SUnday will be crazy too, because of all the big groups.  Maybe Sunday morning?
Lolololol, Isaak~!  You've been raiding my hairgel?! *_*  //takes out Winter Maiden//
Quote from: koolcalcat1 on April 11, 2012, 11:25:47 PM
Man I want to make some goofy coment...but its the the truth how hard can it be to find a guy to cosplay with. For me there iter gay. Or taken. I have no luck.

On another note that sat thing I need for my Kuroshitsuji Cosplays are Angela's boots...why is it always boots.

D:  It would be nice to have a cosplay partner~

And as for Angela's boots, I haven't looked at them, but could you do boot covers?
O_O  The oriental 4-in-1 weave doesn't look nearly as bad as the European 4-in-1, which is the one I tried.  Hm... I think I have both the jump ring sizes (the 1/4" and 1/8") ones, but IDK if the 1/8" ones are in the right width.... Have to go check.

That is a great resource, btw.  :D *bookmarks page*
Btw, if you wanna make it yourself, I have some links that I bought with the intention of making chainmail that I'm not using anymore.  ~_~  I made a choker, bracelet and belt set, then decided I was too lazy to do more.  :3

Ah, cosplay work aside, I meant to share this with everyone~