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Im a vice organize and you gotta to deal with it
Hey! so glad someone is organizing an official gathering! i helped make an unofficial gathering last year but now we are going to be legit! I will be going to the gathering as Book 1 Armor Zuko. I suggest we do the gathering on sunday again around 2. Sunday wont be as crazy as saturday and 2 gives everyone enough time who partied too hard on saturday to make it to the gathering
Hello to anyone who is interested in the avatar gathering! The gathering will be Sunday 2:30! Welcoming both last airbender and legend of korra cosplayers to come!

Set up is going to be

Water Tribe

Earth Kingdom

Air Nomads


Then we can do mini group shots and a final big shot of everyone


would this aang cosplay count as an asian type formal?
Stage zero was a fun place to go and relax. It was entertaining and i love how they were playing games and giving away prizes. I think it is time to move stage zero into a Bigger room with more chairs so traffic in the halls can flow smoothly
It was ok but fun. Biggest issue i had was the SMELL. It was rly bad there should be deodorant spray stations..Also i wanna hear stuff i like mixed with a dubstep or rave beat. I want to hear mortal combat, pokemon theme song, mario, zelda, ff, etc mixed to dance too!
hopefully be able to do kamina! 8)