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The plan looks good to me! ^^ I'll be excited to meet everyone on the west coast.
(Also, the staff will be taking pictures at the gathering? That's so cool! Is this a usual thing that they schedule with different gatherings? ...or just the awesome Basara ones? XDD )
@Nikkiolie - I'm sure your cosplay will be awesome! (WE'RE ALL FRIENDS HERE ANYWAY~!)

@Knight of Infinity - ....Saturday? (thought I don't know...this is my first four day con EV3R. x.x )
Aaaawww, man! So many cool people in one room!
WHAT DO? I don't know if I can handle this!
(as an aside, my terrible spelling of Janken-Poi was modified in my last post. //orz How embarassing.)

Daaaaw. Are all these previous posts my roomies? @A@
I appreciate the consideration and love you all. <3
I agree with armor taking a LONG time to put on! (If Chosokabe at Otakon was any indication.)
And I am totally down for games. Jaken-Poi sounds hilarious.

Hello, everyone. I'm Yukari Kaiba's friend from the east coast (Washington D.C.).

I should be bringing Chosokabe and Kasuga to Fanime.